Best Dance Sneakers for Zumba 2021: Top Picks and Tips!

Zumba is undoubtedly the most fun exercise to not only shed stubborn pounds but also indulge yourself in something you love every day. However, the most concerning problem is when you come back home with excruciating sore feet and are drowned in sweat.

If that’s your life then the problem has surely had to do with sneakers.

Yes, believe it or not, wearing shoes that are specifically made for that particular sport/exercise can make a tremendous difference in your health which, in turn, allows you to focus on the actual Zumba rather than whining in pain.

Here is a list of the top 10 best dance sneakers for Zumba you can find in 2021. And don’t forget to stay tuned till the end to get expert tips to make your Zumba classes an effortless and pleasant journey.

Best Dance Sneakers for Zumba Reviewed

1. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-training Shoe

2. Asics Women’s GEL-Fit Sana

3. Nike Men’s Free 5.0+

4. Bloch Dance Women’s Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Split Sole Dance Sneaker

5. Ryka Women’s Devotion XT MID Cross Trainer

6. RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

7. Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers

8. ASICS Gel-Fit Sana

9. Zumba Women’s Flex II Remix High Dance Shoe

10. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer

Best Dance Sneakers for Zumba Compared

Now that you’re aware of the top 10 best Zumba sneakers, how will you select the best one amongst these?

Well, worry not! We’ve done all the research for you. Here’s thorough comparison between the best Zumba shoes available on the market.

1. Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-training Shoe –


This incredible pair of sneakers has everything you need to ace your Zumba classes. Be it comfort, cushion, support, or perhaps grip, Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-training Shoe is specifically designed to give you utmost satisfaction so you can fully indulge yourself in training.

During extensive dance steps, the flexible rubber sole reduces the force of foot strike一providing ease and balance while dancing.

Made with high-quality fabric, this shoe comes with an outstanding insole that increases the ever-needed cushioning effect to provide support and eliminate any chances of soreness in the long run.


  • True to size
  • Has a medial post under the arch for further support
  • Constructed with welded overlays which gives it a lightweight structure
  • N-Gage material in the midsole returns energy to provide more shape-retention than the ordinary EVA


  • Customers find it too “sticky” to wear

2. Asics Women’s GEL-Fit Sana 3 – BEST BUDGET

What every other Zumba dancer wants is a shoe that gives them the feel as if they’re dancing on the clouds. And the Asics Women’s GEL-Fit Sana 3 is specifically meant for that.

With its breathable mesh upper and Rearfoot Gel cushioning material, these pair of shoes make it seamless to absorb shock back from jumps and increases multidirectional bendability. The rubber sole allows the right type of grip, making it easier to perform every step.

What differentiates this from the rest is its aesthetically appealing solid colors and designs that entice many Zumba dancers to opt for one.


  • Improved flexibility
  • Extremely lightweight to wear and dance
  • Comfortable to reduce muscles soreness at the end of the sessions


Doesn’t have enough arch

Would have been better if it had side support for additional flexibility

3. Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ – THE BEST FOR MEN

Unlike many other Zumba sneakers that are mainly made unisex or are made with having women in mind, these pair of awesome trainers are packed with Zumba specific features that make them one of the best choices for Zumba and cardio exercises in general.

What makes it better than the rest is its sleek and masculine design that suits men’s feet quite well.


  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Has just the right grip
  • Sleek and masculine style


  • Pricey
  • No pivot point

4. Bloch Dance Women’s Boost DRT Suede and Mesh Split Sole Dance Sneaker – BEST SUPPORT

Bloch Dance Women’s Boost sneaker has incredible features to help you elevate your skills and improve your overall Zumba dance performance.

If we just talk about the Bloch brand alone, it has successfully prevailed its name in dance apparel for many years. These breathable and lightweight shoes give you all the comfort and support you may need to do such extensive dance training.


  • Comes with a built-in arch for support
  • The pivot point in the sole allows 360-degree movement during training
  • DRT cushion present in the heel allows short absorption and maximum flexibility


  • Not true to size
  • Uneven cushioning inside
  • Only comes in the color black

5. Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainer –


If your feet feel numb and the stiff material of your current shoes is making it impossible to dance, this one is for you.

Ryka Women’s Devotion Xt Mid Cross Trainers are exceptional at protecting your feet against pain and comes with well-cushioned support to increase maximum flexibility and comfort一making it easier to enjoy every single second of Zumba.


  • Lightweight
  • True to size and width
  • Low-top arch for people who have trouble wearing high top ones
  • Will avid sweaty feet during training


  • Limited color options
  • Has a narrow toe which can be uncomfortable to wear

6. RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe –


The arch and ankle support provided by RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe makes them ideal for Zumba and Aerobics exercises.

These shoes come with a high ankle top and lace-up to give the snuggest and comfortable feel throughout the workout. In addition to that, the pivot point on the sole gives these shoes an upper hand towards flexibility and comfort.


  • Provides an extra layer of support with strap
  • Offers a wide range of metallic colors
  • Relatively affordable to buy
  • High durability


  • Although a high ankle is provided for additional support, some people find it claustrophobic to wear something this up to their ankle.

7. Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers –


Zumba Women’s Fly Fusion Athletic Dance Workout Sneakers are the epitome of ideal Zumba sneakers that offer protection for lower limbs and joints, giving you a pain-free dance experience.

Made with high-quality fabric, these athletic dance workout sneakers are highly recommended for women who suffer from sharp knee pain during Zumba training.


  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbing
  • Great mid arch support
  • For advanced convenience, it comes with a removable insole to allow extra orthotic insoles


  • Not durable
  • Complaints about fabric ripping

8. ASICS Gel-Fit Sana – best for narrow feet – BEST FOR ADVANCED FLEXIBILITY

To improve cross-training during Zumba, this GEL-Fit Sana 4 SE comes with a crisscross pattern to allow effortless multi-directional flexibility and give a natural and smooth overall experience.

The seamless upper gives tight support to enhance your skills and give maximum comfort.


  • Rubber sole
  • Seamlessly built
  • Uses mono-tock technology system


  • Loose laces
  • Can be too narrow for some people

9. Zumba Women’s Flex II Remix High Dance Shoe –


Your ankles have to bear a lot when you’re in your world dancing and training for your favorite exercises. To take care of your sore ankles, Zumba Women’s Flex II offers extra ankle protection and a high-top design to let you enjoy your dances to the fullest.

Besides that, to eliminate sweaty feet, the XUmba Women’s Flex II comes in cool and dry 100% synthetic material that allows precipitation to evaporate一so say goodbye to annoying sweaty feet!


  • Cool and dry
  • Dual bounce
  • Extra ankle support
  • Extremely durable for Zumba dances


  • Heavy to wear
  • Too narrow to slip your foot inside

10.  New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer – BEST FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS

There is no better sneaker construction than this one. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer comes with fantastic cushioning to improve stability and reduce any complications you may have with plantar facilities.

The state-of-art design of the shoe makes it lightweight and flexible to wear. All in all, with its excellent pivot point you can rest assure to rock your Zumba dance classes anytime, anywhere.


  • Easy to wear
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Provides long-lasting comfort


  • They may not be suitable for flat or wide feet

Best Shoes for Dance Cardio Buyers Guide

As we all know, it’s the worst idea to wear the same everyday shoes to your advanced workout or sports sessions. So how will you know the trainers you’re about to buy will reduce the complications you have with your feet rather than further deteriorate them?

Well, in a few minutes you’ll have the answer to that.

Durability and flexibility

Since Zumba requires extensive dance training, you need to make sure the shoes you’re buying offer excellent flexibility and are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of intense activity.


This specifically applies to people with flat feet. It’s essential to opt for Zumba sneakers that have arch support to make it easier to jump around and land on your feet hard. Other than that, a high ankle is vital to avoid sprinted ankles while training.


Clearly, we’ve mentioned the availability of pivot point numerous times in this guide, but do you even know what does it mean to have a good pivot for Zumba sneakers?

During Zumba, you’re required to do lots of quick smooth dance movements and pivoting. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a slightly slippery outer sole for increased flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Typically, the standard gym trainers that you buy are meant for forwarding movement, whereas in Zumba, you need to do many complex back and forth movements. Hence, the shoes that are slightly slippery allow you to dance around with ease.


Yes, of course, you can! However, bear in mind that sneakers that are narrow in shape will make it difficult to add an extra orthotic insole inside the shoe. Thus go for rather wider Zumba sneakers.


All in all, considering the intensive physical movements of Zumba dances, it’s essential that you try your best to avoid any sort of injuries, and investing in a good pair of Zumba sneakers is just a tiny proportion of it.

Other than that, regardless of how experienced you’re, there is no way that you’re dancing one more day without these dance-specific trainers, so pick the best one from the list above and make your Zumba experience more enjoyable!

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