What Are the Different Types of Aerobics Training? [MUST READ]

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Different Types of Aerobics Training

Are there different type of aerobics training?

Staying fit, healthy, and active is the key to a good life, and aerobic exercises are here to save the day with well-balanced workout routines to take care of your psychological and physiological health.

These exercises are designed to reduce the amount of stress, enhance cardiovascular activity while offering a good combination of strength training and core training at the same time.

Aerobic exercises are highly important and beneficial for taking care of blood pressure issues, heart and lungs functioning, and endurance. Here are the topmost types of aerobic exercises.

What Are the Different Types of Aerobic Exercises?

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The most appropriate aerobic exercise routine depends upon your current fitness level.

Since these routines are intense and push more oxygen through your organs than normal, it makes sense to understand the different types of aerobic exercises before jotting down a daily schedule for yourself. Here are the different kinds of aerobic exercises.

1. Low-Impact Aerobic Exercises

Low-impact aerobic exercises are among the most common and widely used form of aerobic exercises. These are designed for those who cannot easily participate in high-intensity workout regimens but want to stay active and fit with aerobic exercises.

These exercises rely on rhythmic movements rather than intense workouts and are perfect for people with poor health conditions.

In general, senior citizens, pregnant women, and obese people stick to low-impact aerobic exercises and slowly make their way towards high-intensity workout sessions.

These aerobic exercises help them get started with a gentle fitness routine, get themselves in shape, and slowly move towards more rigorous workouts.

Low Impact Aerobic

These are also good for people who are only looking to take care of their weight and calories and are not looking to get buffed up.

Therefore, low-impact exercises are most commonly used for weight loss programs. These also help senior citizens regain their joint movements and flexibility, as these use body’s natural movement for the workout.

In general, low-impact exercises consist of slow movements where the foot is always in contact with the floor.

You do not have to jump, leap forward, or run around excessively, and your feet are always in contact with the ground.

These exercises can help enhance your cardiovascular health, elasticity, and joint issues and help tone the muscles for more rigorous workout sessions in the future.

Moreover, low-impact aerobic exercises also help raise energy levels and get you through the day without any issues.

You can do these in the morning and get through an exhaustive day without showing any signs of fatigue or lethargy.

2. Water Aerobics

You must have heard this term at least a few times in your life. Well, water-based aerobics help take care of your body but are also suitable for the hot summer season.

It may look like people are merely splashing around in the water, but water aerobic exercises are specifically designed to uplift your immune system, cardiovascular health and allow you to have fun during the hot season.

Water Aerobics 3

Water aerobics can help burn any excess weight from the body and also help you build inner strength while moving around in the water. According to health professionals, water aerobics is perfect for people who have arthritis or joint-related issues.

Some people often think that water aerobics is only limited to swimming, but they are wrong. This form of aerobic exercise is a head-to-toe workout for extreme fitness and can help you burn excess calories while building your inner strength simultaneously.

The reason behind doing these exercises in water is because water places less pressure on your muscles and body. This way, you can make the most of your workout sessions without having to place any intense pressure on your body.

One of the best things about water aerobics is that a professional can help you develop a tailored plan for your unique requirements.

While some people perform water aerobics with water up to their neck level, others like to go for these exercises with water up to their waist or even knees.

The different exercise routines can be jotted down according to your requirements, and you do not have to stick to any traditional form of water aerobics.

Water aerobics range from jogging and running around in the water to going for underwater swimming sessions.

These exercises help you tone up the muscles in your legs and hips, which can also help enhance your cardiovascular fitness and cardiorespiratory health.

According to health professionals, only 30 minutes of water aerobics can help you burn more than 300 calories.

3. Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is a relatively younger form of aerobic exercise, and it may be the most fun as well. Step aerobics is performed along with music, and you move your hands and muscles around according to the music to burn any extra fat from your body.

step aero

Moreover, in these exercise routines, the workout usually moves in a vertical position rather than a horizontal one. In step aerobics, people usually stand on steps of five to ten inches in height and perform their activities against gravity.

However, professionals recommend using a step of only four inches in the beginning, to stay safe and away from any injuries.

As you progress and learn more about step aerobics, you can start increasing the height of your steps from four inches to ten inches depending upon your balance and coordination.

You perform dance steps and move up and down on the step against gravity and slowly burn your excess calories while moving your muscles around in the air.

This way, you imitate walking up and down the stairs while performing dance steps to enhance your cardiovascular health and respiratory fitness further. This is the perfect combination of stair climbing, dancing, and aerobic exercises.

4. Dance Aerobics

Dance aerobics is for those who hate mundane workout sessions and want to add a touch of elegance, flair, and panache to their exercise routines.

As obvious from the name, dance aerobics consists of dance movements and exercise routines that perfectly match the music. This way, you can burn excess fat, take care of your cardiovascular health, and still have fun.


Additionally, dance aerobics are also aimed at the development of muscles and strength training. You can choose from ballet, jazz, or disco dance forms to use in your dance aerobics exercise routine.

If you decide to go with the low-impact aerobic dance form, you will be able to enjoy fat-burning aerobics with slower movements, and you will never have to take your foot off the ground.

These exercises are perfect for senior citizens looking to regain their mobility and flexibility while simultaneously taking care of their joint problems.

One of the best things about dance aerobics is that you can perform these indoors and at your home without the need for a professional trainer.

Furthermore, you can do these exercises throughout the year without any season restrictions.

Professionals recommend patients with orthopedic problems to indulge in dance aerobics to slowly regain their lost flexibility and move towards highly intense workout sessions.

These sessions can also help you enhance your endurance and stamina and uplift your cardiorespiratory fitness without any issues.

5. Sports Aerobics

Sports aerobics is the perfect combination of aerobic movements and gymnastics elements. Sport aerobics offer less risk than gymnastics without sacrificing the integrity of the aerobic exercises.

Therefore, these exercise routines are perfect for kids and preteens who are looking to get into gymnastics but are afraid of getting hurt in the process.

sports 2

These workout sessions will help them get fit and active and train them to move towards gymnastics in the long run.

Sport aerobics is considered a high-intensity movement as it involves a lot of jumping around and dancing to music.

Average sport aerobics include continuous movement in horizontal and vertical directions and using all your muscles throughout the process. These exercises can help you enhance your flexibility, strength, and core movement without adding any risk of injuries.

Sports aerobics is also a fast-paced exercise routine that can help you build your inner strength while maximizing your flexibility and joint movement.

Another benefit of investing your time in sports aerobics is that it is aesthetically pleasing to watch, and you can participate in international championship events if you are good enough.

You can dance around to your favorite music, perform your chosen gymnastics movements, and enhance your endurance at the same time. Additionally, these exercises are performed in groups and are considered to be highly social.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

The different types of aerobic exercises are designed to cater to a wider set of audiences and can help people of all ages, groups, and backgrounds without any issues. However, all the different forms aim to boost your cardiovascular health, cardiorespiratory fitness, and flexibility.

If you are a senior citizen or an individual with joint-related issues, you can use low-impact aerobics to regain your movement and build your muscles.

On the other hand, if you are young, fit and active, you can invest your time in high-intensity aerobics to take your flexibility, fitness, and endurance to the next level. It doesn’t matter who you are; you will always find a fitting aerobics exercise routine for yourself.

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