Best Adjustable Exercise Step Platform

Why break your bank by buying expensive and bulky gym equipment when you can amp up your fitness game with an adjustable exercise step platform that carries all of your workout regimes in one place?

A heavy-duty stepper is only an all-in-one aerobic stepper, and thanks to its body, you can easily use and store it out of sight for that ever-needed convenience.

As unique and straightforward as these exercise steps are, it can also make it challenging to weigh all the options and choose the right one. Well, don’t tire yourself out一we got you covered!

Here’s an in-depth review of the top 10 best exercise steps, along with a buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision for your fitness.

Best Adjustable Exercise Step Reviewed

  1. Giantex Workout Equipment Stepper TrainerBest Overall
  2. The Step Original Aerobic PlatformBest for Durability
  3. Reebok Step Home Gym WorkoutBest for Popularity
  4. Goplus Step Platform FitnessBest for Adjustability 
  5. Best Choice Products 30in Aerobic Step PlatformBest for Versatility
  6. Escape Fitness Fitness Station DeckBest for Multi-Purpose
  7. Tone Fitness Aerobic Step PlatformBest for Affordability
  8. Yes4All Adjustable Aerobic Step PlatformBest for Construction
  9. KLB Sport Adjustable Workout Aerobic StepperBest for Durability
  10. EveryMile Workout Aerobic StepperBest for Sturdiness

 Best Adjustable Exercise Step Compared

1. Giantex Workout Equipment Stepper Trainer – Best Overall

This excellent exercise step has everything you need to kick start an aerobic journey. Be it sturdiness, traction, or convenience, Giantex Workout Fitness Equipment Stepper Trainer is made with high-quality material and exceptional features to give you full control over your health.

With this, you can intensify your workout by increasing the level of height in 3 risers. It allows enough stability to stay rigid to the ground so you can safely carry out your exercises.


  •     Provides excellent traction
  •     Non-slip
  •     Lightweight
  •     Easy to carry and assemble


  •     Some customers received faulty pieces

2. The Step Original Aerobic Platform – Best for Durability

This Step Original Aerobic Platform, made with recyclable high-density polyethylene, offers a no-fuss stepper to aid sturdiness and top-quality materials for maximum support during aerobics.

You can adjust the height for up to 4 inches. Besides that, this stepper can endure around 275 pounds of weight, which indirectly proves its high durability for every user.  


  •     Can go up to 4 to 6 inches using risers
  •     Non Slip platform
  •     Prevents sliding or scratching floors


  •     The size is too small for some people

3. Reebok Step Home Gym Workout – Best for Popularity

To aid confidence in your intense burpees and lateral jumps, this Reebok Step Home Gym Workout has prevailed its name to create an excellent non-slip workout surface and efficient storage to save you space at home.

The exercise step features a bubble textured surface to increase grip and positioning. Other than that, it is resistant to sweat and easy to clean, which is why it deserves a place on our top 10 list of best adjustable exercise steps for 2021.


  •     Compact
  •     Stackable
  •     Adjustable to three heights


  •      Some customers received faulty pieces

4. Goplus Step Platform Fitness – Best for Adjustability

Goplus Step Platform Fitness is efficiently crafted with recyclable polyethylene and can support weight for up to 500 pounds. The unit is durable and easy to carry lightweight material, making it an epitome of a perfect exercise step. 

The four risers allow you maximum adjustability with 4.3, 6.3, and 8.3 inches additional risers. The slip-resistant pads are fantastic to plant the step on a surface, including wood.


  •     Can support up to 500 pounds.
  •     Portability
  •     Known for its high-quality construction


  •     Not durable

5. Best Choice Products Aerobic Step Platform – Best for Versatility

The Best Choice Products Aerobic Step makes it 5th on our list with its outstanding ability to allow you to use it anywhere, anytime, all while staying under your budget. Thanks to the extreme durability of this step, you can expect this to support weight for up to 550 pounds without a break apart whatsoever.

The three risers with the height of 3, 6, and 8 inches feature a shock-absorbing rubber top to ensure you don’t injure yourself while carrying out a functional aerobic workout. All in all, with this exercise step, you have the freedom to not only training indoors but outdoors as well.


  •     Easy storage
  •     Non-slip and non-stick surface


  •     Unsatisfactory size
  •     High shipping fee

6. Escape Fitness Fitness Station Deck – Best for Multi-Purpose

If you’re looking for an all-in-one at-home gym, Escape Fitness Fitness Station Deck is just the right one for you. Be it a plyometric box, weight bench, step or ramp一it has got it all!

The step allows you to carry out 16 different workouts to help you reach your fitness goals. As if that wasn’t enough, the equipment is highly affordable and can be stored awayーmaking it ideal for home gym equipment.


  •     Features a built-in storage
  •     Allows strength training
  •     Used by top trainers


  •     It doesn’t provide neck support for tall people

7. Tone Fitness Aerobic Step Platform – Best for Affordability

What distinguishes the Tone Fitness Aerobic Step Platform from the rest is its high ability to carry out functions of a high-end aerobic stepper like steady grip, lightweight, easy to use, and flexible usage while being under your budget.

The two adjustment risers come in 4 and 6 inches to help you customize the height of intensiveness.

Besides that, since the steppers feature a lightweight and compact built, you can easily store it away anytime you want.


  •     Non-Skid feet
  •     Available in a wide array of colors
  •     Functional


  •     Not sturdy

8. Yes4All Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform – Best for Construction

This aerobic stepper has prevailed its name to provide great risers of 4, 6, and 9 inches of height to help challenge your workout regime. Its durable material allows up to 300 pounds of weight for cardio or high and low-impact workouts.

Other than this, it offers a wide array of colors to suit the theme of any house. That said, unlike many other steppers out there, Yes4All features a highly smooth top surface to make it comfortable for you to place your hand or feet on while doing cardio.


  •     Constructed of recyclable materials
  •     Supports Xtreme Hip Hop step classes
  •     Maneuverability
  •     Durability


  •     Risers don’t snap into place

9. KLB Sport Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper – Best for Durability

Although this stepper is relatively smaller than the rest, that doesn’t compromise with the KLB Sport Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper’s quality and durability.

It comes with four adjustable risers and four extra rubber feet to yield convenience and help you completely customize your fitness routine. Along with the non-slip feet, it also features a compact body to make it effortless to carry around when you’re on the go.


  •     Shock absorption
  •     Adjustable height
  •     Lightweight yet sturdy


  •     Flimsy
  •     Can expect the little rubber pieces to fall off

10. EveryMile Workout Aerobic Stepper – Best for Sturdiness

The EveryMile Workout Aerobic Stepper is known to provide excellent support for heavy-duty workouts at home. The fantastic plastic material is meant to give a non-slip top to allow you to carry out a wide range of stepping exercises.

The stepper’s feet offer a non-skid material to keep the stepper sturdy on any surface and keep you safe throughout the cardio. Best of all, its shock-proof risers and advanced stability make this stepper one of our favorites.


  •     Easy to carry
  •     Built from durable plastic material
  •     Can endure up to 220 pounds of weight.


  •     Not enough support in the middle

Best Adjustable Exercise Step Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying an Adjustable Exercise Step

Although most steppers offer the same features, there are a few things that distinguish an excellent aerobic stepper from a bad one. To find out just the right one for you, here’s a guide buyer’s guide that can help you make informed decisions for yourself.

2. Type

There are two types of risers used for different purposes in an aerobic stepper: boring shock riser and concrete plastic risers. Whether shock-absorbing risers are made up of flexible material to help prevent injuries during low-impact workouts, concrete, plastic risers are used for anything else left.

3. Adjustability

The key to having a good workout every day is to challenge your body to push further with time. If a stepper doesn’t allow you this adjustability, you’re depriving yourself of getting outside your comfort zone and amping up your fitness game.

Therefore, opt for steppers that provide the maximum adjustability and enough durability to accommodate users of all weights.

4. Safety

A safe stepper must come with a textured (usually bubble-like surface) platform to aid better grip and sweat-resistance. A non-skid aerobic stepper will likely stay planted on any surface regardless of how intense your workout is.

Other than that, go for steps that offer balanced legs to make sure you aren’t damaging the floor’s surface from scratching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#How frequently should you do Aerobic exercises?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, you must do aerobics such as running, bicycling, swimming, and step workouts at least 20 t 60 minutes a day for around 3 to 4 days a week to gain maximum results.

#What should be the ideal height of aerobic steppers?

As a general concept, a height that requires you to bend your knee joint to more than 90 degrees is unhealthy for your body. Therefore, depending on your skill and intensity level height of 4 to 10 inches is usually enough for many people. However, decrease the size if you experience any knee pain during workouts.

#Should pregnant women use steps to workout?

Yes, of course, they can! Adjustable exercise steps are known for their incredible low-impact workouts, which are perfect for pregnant women.


All in all, you never go wrong with your fitness routine if you opt for the right aerobic stepper that allows functional workouts and helps you work out anywhere you want.

Suppose we have to round up the guide with the best exercise step for 2021. In that case, it undoubtedly has to be Giantex Workout Fitness Equipment Stepper Trainer due to its excellent customer recommendations and adjustability that is second to one.