Meet The Team

This is some of the team behind Aerobics Stepper. If you’d like to know more about our brand visit this page, and if you’d like to get in touch.

The Editorial & Marketing Team

The editorial team at Aerobics Stepper handles the primary task of researching, writing, reviewing, publishing and fact-checking Aerobic Training guides and reviews into easily digestible guides.

Alveena Khalid – Writer, Product Researcher

Running and listening to music are a few of the many things I love doing along with Aerobics Stepper. I like to play around with words and come up with impactful marketing strategies to make sure you don’t make the wrong fitness decisions.

Alveena is an avid runner, experienced social media marketer, and helps Aerobics Stepper strategize and develop concepts that resonate well with its audience.

Alveena Social

Nelson Joseph T. Editor-In-Chief

Nelson is a digital nomad who loves fitness and a few other subtle nuances in life.
He recounts several years as a gym freak where he learned the art of cardio and aerobics training.
He’s an Arsenal fan. And his favorite type of adventure usually ends in the woods or in the park reading with squirrels and foxes.
His world consists of the God factor, fitness or travel and Google…sometimes all at the same time!
When he’s not sweating it out in the gym, he’s definitely cooking compelling content that Google loves and best of all – improves the lives of his readers.


And yes, there are 3 other freelancers creating and curating amazing experiences one way or the other for your reading and viewing pleasure. We say kudos to them too.

Cheer guys.

Happy fitnessing….

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