Are Columbia Shoes Good for Hiking?

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The thrill of hiking is not easy on your feet, so equip yourself with robust Columbia shoes that go the extra mile with their advanced features to help you get the most satisfaction. But the real question is: are Columbia shoes good for hiking?

Let me touch upon the worst nightmare for all the good hikers out there: After months of planning with your busy friends you are finally ready to burn some solid calories off during the adventurous hiking in a convenient trail location only to come back with blisters, foot aches and worse, bleeding to make it impossible for you to carry out with the next day.

Here it isn’t just an injured foot that left you in pain but the passion for your once favorite outdoor activity has also died. That’s where Columbia shoes for hiking come into the picture.

They have been raved by all of their past customers and years and decades of experience resonate confidence in all of us. But are Columbia shoes good for hiking and most importantly, is it better than other brands?

Read on to find out!

What are Columbia Hiking Shoes?

Columbia Hiking Shoes

Columbia hiking shoes are everything an outdoor adventurer would ask for to make hiking journeys seamless and more enjoyable. They are armed with a high-quality membrane that keeps water and points rocks out and proper air ventilation coming in.

If you think that’s enough, wait till you find out how versatile they are to give you the freedom to walk on any terrain with no struggle whatsoever.

The fact that the manufacturer has kept the costs low makes it easier for anyone to browse their favorite hiking shoes and get them outside their door right away! Other than that, the superb traction, comfort, and support allow you to indulge in hiking without worrying about injuring your feet on rough surfaces.

Top Columbia Hiking Shoes

Columbia Men's
  • Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof hiking boot
Columbia Women's
  • Columbia Women's Crestwood Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe
Columbia Men's
  • Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot Shoe

About “Columbia” Brand

Columbia Sportswear was founded in 1938 and became home to one of the best outdoor gear, apparel, and footwear are known today. It is famous for its innovation, quality, and family-centered reputation which helps give trust and security to its millions of customers out there.

That said, Columbia started as a family-owned hat distributor by Gert Boyles parents, Paul and Marie Lamform who fled from Nazi in 1937 and bought a Portland hat distributorship. Later, it became Columbia Hat Company situated near Columbia River which is where they got the name from.

After it became widely popular among outdoor adventurers for its quality product and affordable price, the company started diversifying its products to be what it is now. This history of the brand alone holds a special place in the hearts of its customers and on Columbia’s website so you get an idea of its worth.

What Are the Different Ways to Use Columbia Hiking Shoes

Ways to Use Columbia Hiking Shoes

Columbia offers unmatched stylish and practical hiking shoes which are packed with versatile features to help you flaunt them wherever you want. Here are some of the different ways you can use Columbia shoes.


Columbia hiking shoes are designed for classic mountaineering gear that is stylish and rigid at the very same time. One of the most valuable features of a hiking shoe could have fantastic energy return which not only protects you against any sort of injuries but keeps you energized throughout the journey as well.

The outsole sole offers excellent traction for most challenges that supply an incredible midfoot cushion while hiking.

Therefore, Columbia is the best choice you could think of if you love to go beyond limits and challenge yourself in severe weather conditions on technical hikes. Their hiking shoes are specifically equipped with up-to-date advancements that are the epitome of comfortable and specialized features for hiking.

Water Shoe

Considering how they are armed with waterproof material and exceptional breathability you can rest assured to take them on wet surfaces and still be safe at all times. Their OutDry™ walking boots collection seals out water completely and is recommended for damp fields where regular shoes will weigh you down and make it difficult to take every step.

However, this doesn’t mean you count on their hiking shoes for aqua Zumba, they’re sturdy outsoles, shanks (pieces of metal), and aesthetics are meant to be suitable for hiking but are versatile enough to walk around wet trails too.

Walking (Hybrid Hiking from CIty ot Trail)

The water-defying versatility is excellent to walk on light to medium snow while you are traveling from the city to the trail. Their Adapt Trax™  feature is one of the most advanced two-part systems that is meant to improve your hiking performance. This includes using a tread pattern to provide enhanced traction and keep your feet planted sturdily on wet and dry surfaces.

Another thing worth noting is that you surely won’t take any other tack, ugly and too sporty-for-every day wear shoes in cities. Luckily, Columbia understands that.

Therefore, the brand made sure to level up its’ aesthetics to help you wear their hiking shoes anywhere you want, even in cities!

Benefits of Using Columbia Hiking Shoes

The long list of perks doesn’t end here! Here is a glimpse of a few benefits (out of a sea of advantages) that you can expect to experience once you put on one of their shoes.

Benefits of Using Columbia Hiking Shoes

1. Comfort

When it comes to hiking shoes, comfort has to be the biggest factor to consider. While you are striving to reach your goals on-mountain trials, anything that provides slight discomfort can ruin the whole journey and that’s where Columbia comes to your rescue. It is easy to move in and out and offers a snug fit to prevent blisters or slipping off.

The thick, durable material means their hiking shoes are excellent with insulation so make sure it keeps you warm even in freezing and snowless subfreezing temperatures. Your feet sink in just right in the heel box and ensure you don’t feel anything during hikes.

This isn’t something that I say without backing it up. After hours of testing on hiking, I can certainly say their hiking shoes made sure to keep me energized throughout the hike.

2. Water Resistance

The mesh and wide variety of materials ranging from synthetic to leather, all offer excellent water resistance properties to help you carry out complex foot movement anywhere you want. Considering how they all have thick insulation they also ensure to keep your feet warm and healthy at all times.

Unlike most hiking boots I tested, Columbia took the lead in retaining its shape and quality regardless of how many times you take it in and out of the water. This means rain is no more an excuse to skip a day of hiking!

3. Traction

One thing Columbia is specifically famous for is its non-Vibram sole that offers impressive performance. My own personal experience in walking on fishing decks and rough hiking terrains has shown notable improvement in my performance.

4. Stability

Stability inevitably comes from ankle support. Here, this depends on which shoes you are going for. Although all Columbia shoes provide nylon shanks in their heels if you opt for hiking boots, this is where you can expect to get maximum stability and ankle support. This is needed for hardcore ankle protection for people suffering from physical limitations.

Why Do People Recommend Columbia Shoes?

Now, this is just the image I have presented to you. This is what a senior reviewer from SwitchBack Travel has to say about Columbia hiking shoes “No matter what marketers say, making a boot waterproof inherently impacts breathability.

By keeping water from entering from the outside, less moisture (your sweat) can quickly and easily escape from the inside, which means all forms of waterproof footwear can run warm in the summer months. There are, however, big differences between boot models in their ability to ventilate.”

Columbia is known for not just its excellent high performance and aesthetics, they are also industry-leading in providing convenience to their customers. The fact that you get to 0find Columbia on and off-web at relatively affordable prices, it is completely suitable for beginners as well as more experienced hikers to opt for Columbia rather than any other bands.

What Does the Research Say?

Numerous studies have been done on hiking shoes to prove how they instantly take away the pressure from your feet to offer endless satisfaction and more enjoyable hiking journeys. Research done by PubMed indicated that although footwear isn’t associated with musculoskeletal injuries like joint sprains or chronic pain, and muscle injuries, it actually has a significant impact on long-distance hikers to make hiking safer and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best shoes to hike in?

As a general rule of thumb, low-cut models with flexible midsoles are ideal for backpackers for trail running or long journeys. Here the shoes that can help you do exactly that are Columbia Newton Ridge For Men and Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boots for women.
This is because they supply a full-grain leather, an Omni-group non-marking rubber outsole, and multidirectional lugs for added traction and stability during wet and dry weather conditions.

Is Columbia a good shoe brand?

Columbia Sportswear was founded in 1938. It is one of the quintessential authentic outdoor apparel and footwear companies that design with innovation, function, and quality. They provide good value for the gear that they supply and do so for all seasons and most outdoor adventures.

What are the best shoes for walking and hiking?

Topo Athletic Vibe has to be the best shoes for long runs. This is because they fit your feet like a glove and have a luxuriously soft mattress-like feel to help you while traveling.
The cushy Ortholite footbed features a wave pattern that gives a gentle massage to your feet to take away the soreness from walking. Other than that, just like Columbia it also features a durable Vibram outsole for solid traction on just about any surface.
As for hiking, Columbia Fairbanks takes the lead with its lightness and top-notch breathability with zero break-in period to help you make the cut.

Are Columbia shoes really waterproof?

All of Columbia’s shoes are treated with a water repellent finish that helps keep them lightweight and dry in water to help breathable material do its job effectively. This can be a huge benefit to prevent bacterias and fungi that form in moisture residing in your shoe.

Do Columbia hiking shoes run small?

To be honey with you, Columbia has more complaints about being smaller than larger. This is because they are generally made for feet with average foot sizes.
If you have wide feet, you may need to go for a size bigger for the best results. Remember, your shoe is vital to make sure you stay blister-free in the entire blister journey.

Do Columbia hiking shoes run true to size?

In most cases, yes. However, since you are buying online and every brand has slight differences in sizes it’s best you are already aware of the Columbia sizing chart to measure your size again and ensure you always get the right pair of shoes. Remember hiking shoes should fit snug with no tightness and must have enough room in the toe box to let your toes wiggle.


If you are serious about hiking, getting your hands on a “The Perfect” hiking shoe can be tricky. Therefore, before you dive in headfirst and opt for any other Columbia hiking shoes that look great, make sure you are mindful about the trail, the protection you need, any physical limitations, and whether there are specific perks or drawbacks that can influence your decision.

Once you have the answer to all these, it’s time you stop stressing out and go for hiking shoes that offer rigid outsoles and maximum protection to make your hiking journeys even more memorable.


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