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Interested in getting your hands on Columbia Montrail shoes? Here are all the options you can consider to yield the same results. 

Ever wondered how runners can run for long hours straight yet stay in good shape? Shoes like Columbia Montrail Shoes are usually the reason behind these runners’ high performance to help them stand above the rest. 

However, there is never a single shoe that can work well for everyone. That’s where guides like this one shine through to make this journey completely seamless for you. 

Here are the best Columbia Montrail shoe options that you surely need to consider right now. 

So, sit back, relax because you have a long ride ahead!

 Best Columbia Drainmaker Montrail Shoes Reviewed

  2. Columbia Montrail Men’s F.K.T. Performance Trail Running Shoes, Breathable
  3. Columbia Men’s Montrail F.k.t
  4. Columbia Women’s Montrail F.k.t. Lite Sneaker
  5. Columbia Montrail Trans Alp F.K.T. III
  6. Columbia Montrail Women’s Bajada Iii Sneaker
  7. Columbia Montrail Men’s Mojave Trail Ii Outdry Sneaker

 Best Columbia Drainmaker Montrail Shoes Compared


Designed for both everyday wear and for supporting you in your outdoor adventures, the high qualities used to ensure that this shoe is your go-to shoe for every event. Its Outdry property is the epitome of the right function a good Columbia shoe should have. 

The shoe ensures to offer optimal protection all while remaining lightweight to make it easier to flaunt anywhere, anytime. The advanced traction can prevent slipping and the superb breathability can prevent all the bacteria from building up and cause the embarrassing odour in your feet.

As if this wasn’t already enough, you can never go wrong with its irritably stylish looks that can also serve as your casual statement shoes with your everyday wear. 


  • Ideal outdoor footwear
  • Uniquely contoured for added support 
  • Comfortable  
  • Thermo moldable sandal and insole


  • Create slightly noises as you walk with them 

2. Columbia Montrail Men’s F.K.T. Performance Trail Running Shoes, Breathable  – Best for Fit

Nothing can beat Men’s F.K.T. Performance Trail Running Shoes in its advanced breathable features that help them gain a competitive edge and make it easier for you to make a decision. It is a perfect blend of traction, breathable, and support that makes it a favourite for many people who crave having a pain-free foot when they get back home. 

The EVA and rubber outsole is specifically designed with directional lugs to help lock in your feet with endless comfort and support that will inevitably help you gain confidence to walk on any surface you want. 


  • True to size
  • Durable 
  • Directional lugs for smooth manoeuvrability 


  • Can be too tight in the toe box 

3. Columbia Men’s Montrail F.k.t  – Best for Breathability 

This incredible Columbia Men’s Montrail F.K.T comes with a soft layered mesh upper to allow proper air ventilation in and out of the shoe and ensure you have no trouble keeping your feet secure at all times. The external TPU heel can unlock the doors of the new Tri-density Trail Reaction System song with directional lugs for maximum traction on the trail and great support on gravel, stones, and slippery surfaces. 

That’s not it, the shoe has been widely known for its seamless textile upper that is used for its power mesh and unmatched fit to hug your feet just perfectly. 


  • Superb breathability 
  • All-terrain traction 
  • Sock-like fit 
  • Offers a wide range of colour options 


  • Women sizes aren’t right

4. Columbia Women’s Montrail F.k.t. Lite Sneaker – Best Lightweight

If you enjoy the rush of speed with your adrenaline kicking in from the back of your head to make you unstoppable, this can be your best bet to go. Specifically designed to suit the unique feet of women and ensure they never hold themselves back when it comes to reaching their goals. 

These sneakers are known to be fast-paced without sacrificing the looks and traction of the model. The Mid-density EVA is integrated with a TrailSHIELD protection plate that is highly responsive to damages and can easily absorb anything that is in your way. Its stable footing can be used to offer comfort across a wide range of maximum kinetic energy to boost up your performance. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Can keep your feet secure 
  • Comes in a wide range of colours 
  • Optimal traction 
  • Makes it easy to run on uneven terrain 


  • Usually runs small

5. Columbia Montrail Trans Alp F.K.T. III – Best Overall

Be it the rough surface of the terrain or the sharp stone in the wild, Columbia Montrail Trans Alp F.K.T. III stands above the rest with its improved stability and robust outsole that has to withstand anything that comes in this way. Although it has a daily low stack height, it makes it easier for people who struggle with high and bulky shoes. 

Whether it is a performance that you are looking for convenience, Columbia is packed with ridge support and a stylish look to fulfill all your needs. For years, the brand has been known for making improved shoes for better ground traction for better support and sturdiness. However, there have been free issues with the sizing. So make sure you get you to refer to its size chart before making a purchase.

The rock plate of the rubber outsole is known for offering ample protection from sharp obstacles to yield a smooth journey. Its larger lugs are designed for utmost traction on any sort of terrain you could think of. One thing to bear in mind before you begin with this specific shoe is that even though it may not be the best water shoe available in the market, it is water-resistant enough to protect you against the slippery wet surfaces of the hikes.


  • Excellent for mountain runners 
  • Improves performance 
  • The adaptive terrain offers added support 
  • Full-length rubber with trail shield for traction 


  • Runs narrow
  • Comfort could have been improved 

6. Columbia Montrail Women’s Bajada Iii Sneaker – Best for Women

Nothing can beat a good retro-style shoe that comes with a wide range of features to make the outdoor city a lively experience for you. It lets you break through the restrictions and live life on your own terms by giving you the ever-needed flexibility to enjoy each moment of your day. 

Columbia Montrail Women’s Bajada Iii Sneake is everything an avid hiker may want to give their best every day. The versatile shoes feature a lace-up closure to perfectly match your foot size and yield a comfortable journey. The waterproof mesh comes with a durable tongue to not only support your feet during hikes but can keep your feet away from potential foot diseases.

Where many people find peace in going over the edge and being adventurous, there are some people who love to keep it simple and need something that can make their everyday life a lot more enjoyable. It is great for walking and trail running so you don’t have to switch up shoes with events. All in all, this Women’s Bajada III truly exemplifies a cutting-edge outdoor footer to resonate with your calm and sporty personality.  


  • True to size
  • Versatile 
  • Well known brand 
  • All-day comfort 
  • Convenient lug sole
  • Roomy toe box
  • Excellent insole
  • Better traction on wet rocks


  • The durability could have been improved 

7. Columbia Montrail Men’s Mojave Trail Ii Outdry Sneaker  – Best for Quality Construction

This multi-terrain system of Columbia Montrail Mojave offers a low-top arch that perfectly matches specific every surface for hiking. It can make any day worry-free using its waterproof mesh and excellent construction that is second to none. 

You can always count on its signature protection technology to ensure your feet stay dry and healthy regardless of how intense your workout may be. 

The durable air mesh upper gives enough space for your feet to breathe with the excellent bounce-back ability for extreme protection during heavy wear and tear. The optimum cushioning present in the shoe allows effortless manoeuvrability on all sorts of terrains. The quick-dry and stretchable fabric can fit your feet like a glove and let you land on the ground perfectly.  


  • Waterproof 
  • Awesome construction
  • Soft 
  • Comfortable 
  • Can go well with or without socks
  • Good value for money
  • Gives a barefoot feel
  • Exceptional tractional


  • Only suitable for hilly terrains 

Best Columbia Drainmaker Montrail Shoes Buyers Guide. Things to consider before buying a running shoe

Whether you are a beginner or expert level athlete, where a good pair of running shoes can play a big hand at enhancing your performance, a wrong one can be the culprit behind most of the physical injuries. To prevent that, here are a few of the things you must consider before buying a running shoe. 


Okay, I get it. Who doesn’t know that right in fact this is the first thing people look for when they buy shoes. But how come people always end up buying the wrong sizes of shoes and blame it on the brand? 

A “good” fit means the upper part of the shoe should feel snug while the toe box should be roomy enough to let you wiggle your toes. Remember if your shoes are too big they will let your feet slide inside the shoes and smaller ones can leave with a foot filled with blisters or worse, bone injury by the time you reach home. Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to take your time, check out the brand-specific sizing guides and buy your shoes.


The cushioning of the shoe when it comes to running solely depends on your preference. Where ample cushioning can absorb shock, prevent injury and push you to move forward; there are some runners who claim minimal shoes with no cushioning have proven to work better for them. Therefore, try out different styles to find your best match. 


As they say, you get what you pay for and this couldn’t suit anything more than your footwear choices. As your shoes need to endure the long hours of wear and tear, it’s best that you invest a little more to make it worthwhile. 


Believe it or not, colours not only affect the aesthetics of the shoes but their functionality as well. As a general rule of thumb, black soles are made of carbon rubber which can also be seen in car tires to make them super durable and strong. However, white and other coloured soles are made up of brown rubber that contains more air and less weight to reduce its durability and increase its lightweight property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Columbia Montrail shoes good?

Columbia Montrail shoes excel at providing luxuriously, soft and powerful features to make each kilometre comfortable. From excellent cushioning, traction to support, these incredible will never disappoint regardless of how intense your workout is. 

Are Montrail shoes waterproof?

The Montrail Badrock OutDry trail-running shoes come with a waterproof membrane to make it effortless for you to come in and out of water whenever, wherever. This means although they aren’t completely waterproof to eep your feet a 100% dry it is armed enough to offer you a relatively drier experience. 

Do Columbia running shoes run small?

Yes, Columbia running shoes do tend to run small at times. So always aim to go a size or half up for the best fit. 


In a nutshell, as you can already see here, Columbia Montrail never fails to come up with a shoe that solves potentially all of your footwear problems. The impressive part about them is how they design shoes with the most powerful features without overwhelming your feet.

Therefore, you can feel free to pick any of the options mentioned above and if you ask for a specific shoe that perfectly exemplifies what I mean here, then it definitely has to be COLUMBIA MONTRAIL CALDORADO III to alleviate your worries in no time. It is supportive in harsh weather, lightweight, and makes sure that you have don’t have to put up with the embarrassing shoe odour in front of your friends and family. 

Let me know how it goes!

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