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Columbia running shoes are known to bridge the gap between a good and great shoe, filling up the difference from 99% to 100 to provide complete satisfaction. Put on a shoe and you will see how your dreams come to life with its excellent cushioning and robust outsole that can shoot up your growth bar in no time. 

By simply adding all-terrain coverage coupled with innovative OutDry™ functionality, the brand has managed to emerge from nothing to bring you expert-level running shoes that are both modern and practical.

With 72 hours of rigorous research and testing research by our lead reviewers, here I’ve thoroughly researched and compiled a list of the top 7 best Columbia running shoes to make this arduous process a no-brainer for you.    

Best Columbia Running Shoes Options

  1. Columbia Montrail Mojave Trail II Outdry
  2. Columbia FKT
  3. Columbia Caldorado III OutDry
  4. Columbia Men’s Ivo Trail Breeze Walking, Hiking & Running Shoes
  5. Men’s F.K.T.™ Lite Trail Running Shoe
  6. Women’s Trans Alps™ F.K.T.™ III Trail Running Shoes
  7. Columbia Montrail Caldorado II Shoe

Best Columbia Running Shoes Options Compared

Columbia Montrail Mojave Trail II Outdry – Best Overall 

To make you feel like yourself, these incredible running shoes are designed with expert craftsmanship that leaves no stone unturned to provide everlasting comfort and satisfaction. The shoe helps to cross all the features that a runner would need to focus on practice and let the shoes take care of the rest. 

It comes with a waterproof and breathable mesh which is key to making sure you don’t just get external protection but keep your feet dry and healthy from the inside too. It’s superior cushioning is great for absorbing shock and using its grippy outsole for better traction and support to help you keep your feet firmly on the trail. 


  • Great for all weather 
  • Waterproof
  • Durable to wear
  • Recommended by most of the customers 


  • Comfort could have been better 

2. Columbia FKT – Best for Fit

Looking for something that can offer all-terrain protection and support? The Columbia FKT takes the lead by implementing optimal durability and making sure no water can penetrate deep inside the shoe. The maximum cushioned midsole helps to give you the support you need in tough times. 

Besides that, you can certainly count on Columbia FKT to be a full package that offers a featherlight platform, stability and excellent exterior to work together and improve your overall running performance, what else could you possibly want. 


  • Snug fit 
  • Stable performance 
  • Extremely lightweight to prevent slowing you down 
  • Shock absorbing for improved safety 


  • Its slight stiffness can restrict certain foot movements

3. Columbia Caldorado III OutDry – Best for Flexibility

Designed for a seamless experience, with this you get to explore a better version of yourself that can make you feel invincible. Its reliable waterproof body allows you to prevent slipping, sliding and enduring yourself on the wet terrain. 

One of the things that helps Columbia Caldorado III OutDry stand out from the rest is its exceptional FluidGuid technology that motivates you to go out there and be the most flexible version of yourself. The reinforced toe cap offers better manoeuvrability and comfort to make your running days a lot more bearable. 


  • Can be worn on wet, muddy and dry surfaces 
  • Has been recommended after days of rigorous research 
  • Versatile 
  • Excellent traction 


  • Breathability could have been improved

4. Columbia Men’s Ivo Trail Breeze Walking, Hiking & Running Shoes  – Best for Versatility 

The perfect amalgam of style and practicality, Columbia Men’s Ivo Trail Breeze Walking, Hiking & Running Shoes makes running a breeze! The Techlite lightweight will ensure nothing can ever slow you down and come in your way of achieving your goals. It offers plenty of flexibility and a great deal of cushioning to add layer efficiency to your regular training. 

The high functionality of the shoe and retro style will satisfy all your needs before you know it. With this, you can not only ace trail running but can casually roam around urban sidewalks as well. Lastly, thanks to the Omni-Grip non-marking traction it equips you with the ever needed agility and superb stability at the same time.  


  • Incredibly breathable 
  • Can keep your feet sweat-free
  • Solid construction 
  • Comes with quality components
  • Better airflow 


  • Can feel slightly flimsy to wear 
  • The toe ara lets in sand and gravel into the shoes 

5. Men’s F.K.T.™ Lite Trail Running Shoe  – Best for Men

You would be surprised to feel the snug fit and minimal design of the shoe that helps you to lift up the excess show weight and run in full freedom. Everything from the initial design to the directional lugs are built cohesively to complement your high performance and daily wear and tear to help stick with you through thick and thin. 

The structure and strength are what will keep your feet planted on the ground properly and offer excellent manoeuvrability to let you carry out the complex twists and turns on the rough surfaces of the terrain. Best of all, the shoe is known to do all without compromising with the remarkable appearance and durability for added convenience. With these, you can rest assured to not feel anything under your feet while running on sharp rocks. 


  • Perfect fit
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Superb comfort 
  • Great for jogging too 
  • Lightweight 


  • The shoe stinks 
  • Poor customer service 


6. Women’s Trans Alps™ F.K.T.™ III Trail Running Shoes – Best for Women

Starting off with the upper, its designed kit goes the extra mile to make sure the upper is strong enough to ensure your every intense training. The comfortable shoe is covered with utmost protection and breathable material that allows proper air ventilation in and out of the shoe and provides the ever needed support to help you ace any run you participate in. 

Its midsole is made of foam FluidFoam which are multiple layers of melt that blend together to complement the entire comfortable style of the shoe and provides you just the right amount of support to give you the freedom to experience with your movement and hold you back every time you are about to hit your feet hard on the ground. The rock plate featured in the shoe sends the absorbed energy back to the shoe and protects against all sorts of rocks and pebbles on any sort of terrain. 


  • Great for wet weathers 
  • Lovely fit
  • Worth each penny 
  • Great midsole cushioning 


  • Poor sole and tongue padding 

7. Columbia Montrail Caldorado II Shoe – Best for Style 

If you have been struggling with heavier shoes that only drains down your performance, then this outstanding Columbia Montrail Caldorado II Shoe is what you need to eliminate these struggles and emerge better than ever. You would be impressed by the overall design that can seamlessly mix well with your city as well as outdoor life.

The high-density EVA offers unmatched comfort and the heel-toe drop is on just the right sweet spot to make it the ideal running shoes that you need to amp up your regular performance. For added benefit, you can flaunt these in all sorts of terrain ranging from rock to dirt, snow to water and dry surfaces to ensure there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your favourite outdoor activity. They may not be the best shoes for people with wide feet, but for the rest, you can totally count on these to embark on a new successful journey of trail running. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Flexible to wear 
  • Stylish colors and design 
  • Stays in good condition for long periods of time 


  • Little narrow from the toe box 

Best Columbia Running Shoes Options Buyers Guide. Things to consider before buying a running shoe

Now that you are equipped with the right knowledge about the best Columbia Running shoes out there, you will never be able to find a pair that perfectly matches your needs unless you know what to look for. Here are some of the factors to consider when you are in the market for the best Columbia running shoes. 


In general, trail running shoes have a more aggressive thread which distinguishes them from ordinary road running footwear. They have deeper lugs or cleats on the outsole to help you give a better grip on rocky terrains. However, these deep lugs won’t be ideal if you run in dirt or pavement. Therefore, if you are running on both trails and roads, it’s best to go for short and wider lugs that can work well on all kinds of surfaces. 

There are also outsoles with sticky rubber for people who run on rocky and gravel trails to help them have improved grip without having a piercing pain at the bottom of their feet. 


Cushioning can play a major role in determining how your next performance is going to go. There are many heights and feels of cushioning that do more or less the same thing. If you are planning to run on both trails and roads, it’s best to go for slightly higher cushioning as it can offer extra support and boost up your performance. However, it may now be good for sprints where you only need to focus on grip and speed. 

The best part about cushioning is that it’s not just a great choice for runners but people who struggle from physical restrictions like arthritis and or other knee pain to make it impossible to follow their dreams. Just put on a pair of high cushioned running shoes and you are all set to go running on any trail you want!


If we keep footwear aside for a minute and think about purchases in general, price definitely has to be something that not only determines whether it fits in your pocket or not but places a value on the product as well. 

That’s the same rule with trail running shoes. The advanced features used require a few additional bucks that can yield exceptional results in the long run. So you can either invest in a good quality trail running shoe and enjoy these everlasting benefits or go for a cheaper one and invest in a new pair every six months to build up the cost. 

The choice is yours…

Rock Plate

Wearing trail running shoes requires you to have better built-in protection to help keep up with the rough trails and eliminate all the worries you may have regarding your health. Thus, go for trail running shoes with a rock plate to help you run on rock and technical trails with ease and ensure you don’t pose a health hazard in case you happen to take an uncomfortable step. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Trail Running Shoes Should I Buy?

I get it, it can be daunting to find the right trail running shoes when you have thousands of options out there. Before you begin the hunt, make sure to measure your feet to help shortlist shoes according to your feet’ width (narrow or wide) and ensure you don’t have to keep up with any sizing problems. 

After that, look for a specific reputable brand and compare and contrast the best one among them to find your best match. 

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

How long-running shoes last depends on how frequently and how many miles you run. If you run for 10 miles per week, expect it to last for a solid month and stay in excellent condition. However, if you run more than that, say 20 miles per week then shoot them down to 6 months. Other than that, the maintenance and upkeep of your shoes also play a key role in determining the life of your running shoes. 


Wrapping up the guide, a general rule of thumb that distinguishes a good shoe from a great one is its right fit and personalized features. The more a shoe specifically triggers the problem you are currently struggling with like joint pain, speed, or sizing, the better overall results you’re going to get. If you find out what you want in the first place, even the most expensive shoe won’t be able to satisfy you. 

Therefore, begin this hunt by contemplating your requirements, save this post and come back here right before you are about to make your purchase. 

Until then, good luck!

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