Columbia Drainmaker II Review

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This is a complete Columbia Drainmaker II review with all the features and honest pros and cons of the shoe, including an unbiased comparison to the alternatives to help you make an informed decision.

Water shoes are the safest ways to discover your passion for aquatic activities and get outdoors without having to worry about getting bumpy feet by the end of the day.

What gives Columbia Drainmaker II a competitive edge over the Drainmaker 3 and the rest is how it offers excellent traction and protection against rocky surfaces while keeping your feet healthy at all times.

But is Columbia Drainmaker II really what it claims to be? Well, let’s find out!

About the “Columbia II” Brand

When we specifically talk about the brand, the Columbia II is based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1938, the value-gear of Columbia comes with raving reviews and offers one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the world.

The global outdoor company has prevailed its name to craft active lifestyle gear that leverages industry-leading technologies to offer you highly efficient and protective footwear.

Their shoes are known for innovating quality water shoes that are made to combat any problem you may have with your regular shoes. Think of a problem that makes it impossible to indulge you in your favorite activities. Columbia already has a line of water shoes that comes with the exact features to help get past any obstacle.

Columbia Drainmaker II is armed with air-flow and water-drainable midsole ports, synthetic upper, and open mesh to aid breathability. It plays a big hand in keeping your feet dry at all times.

To make sure you don’t injure yourself during intense activities, it also features a high-energy return Techlite midsole that offers superior cushioning and great stability.

Best of all, the Omni-Grip non-marking wet grip outsole of the water shoe adds to the list of perks that Columbia Drainmaker II has stored for you.

Strengths (Pros) of Columbia Drainmaker II

1. Versatile

You can feel free to flaunt this highly versatile shoe in the water and the land. Considering how most of the water shoes share the same features as hiking shoes, it allows you to wear them and take them on the rocky terrain for hiking.

2. Keeps your feet dry

The Columbia Drainmaker II’s quick-drying ability can enhance the airflow and keep the water and debris out for added comfort and safety during travel.

3. Great grip

ِA common concern many people have about a walk on wet surfaces is how slippery it is and let’s not forget the point rocky that can come at every unexpected turn of kayaking. Luckily, Columbia Drainmaker II eliminates this problem with its enhanced cushioning and traction that can keep your feet secure at all times.

It protects you from pebbles in the rivers to allow you to enjoy an excellent grip with no risks of hurting your feet whatsoever.

Drawbacks (Cons) of Columbia Drainmaker II

1. Bit Squeaky

Although the shoe offers exceptional grip and has proved its capabilities as advertised, some people noticed slight squeaking noises while walking in wet shoes.

Columbia Drainmaker 2 Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Shoe

Conspicuously, buying water shoes is a lot different than purchasing your regular running or Zumba shoes. Regardless of how unique or advanced a water shoe may be, you will never be able to distinguish its flaws and perks from the rest unless you know what an ideal water shoe is supposed to look like.

1. Price

Pricing is without a doubt the most important factor to consider before opting for any product in your life. However, when it comes to water shoes, you also need to consider the shoe’s quality, durability, and comfort.

A cheaper one can surely get the job done but won’t last for more than a year. Simultaneously, a good investment will likely provide complete benefits, all while lasting for as long as you want. This, instead of investing money on cheap water shoes everywhere, eventually adds up to be more expensive than making a one-time investment.

2. Safety

In general, safety is one of the most compelling reasons why we opt for water shoes in the first place. Most water covers your entire foot and has thick soles, which act as a protective shield against any potential sharp objects that can totally ruin your fun day out.

Therefore, look for shoes that come with a built-in toe shield, which also prevents stubbed toes. This is especially important when you are kayaking and can expect to ditch the bat and swim to your destination. Here, the unpredictable rocky water surface can pose a risk to your health and can end up leaving your feet bleeding and full of blisters.

3. Traction

Water shoes designed with threads are meant for utmost traction, which is highly needed to add stability to slippery surfaces. Some of the water shoes are also easy to slip on and offer great rubber outsoles with better grip and traction.

Benefits of Columbia Drainmaker 2


If you have been wearing your regular shoes to the beach every day, wait till you find out how lightweight can instantly elevate your experience.  The lightweight body of water shoes can aid easy movements and ensure your feet stay relaxed even after one hectic day at the beach.

Offers Flexibility Underwater

Columbia Drainmaker II’s benefit is highly needed when you are struggling with sensitive joints or a medical problem that is made your bones more fragile than normal. It makes it easier to jump not only underwater but on land as well without putting your ankles in danger.

What Others Are Saying About Columbia Drainmaker II

According to a review posted a few years ago, Columbia Drainmaker II works exactly how it is advertised without breaking your bank. Although you may have to pay a good sum at first, you will get to realize how worthy it was in the long run.

 Columbia Drainmaker II  Alternatives

SHoes are one of the products that require close personalization to offer your desired results. Whether you like Columbia Drainmaker II or not, it’s never a bad idea to compare the best alternatives out there to make an educated decision.

1. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes

Merrell, in general, believes that whatever you do should resonate with your wishes and make you feel good. Here, an uncomfortable shoe can totally ruin your best days of water activities by giving you blisters and swollen feet by the end of the day.

This footwear goes to great lengths to ensure you get the ideal functionality and comfort that works well together to offer you high performance. The multi-sport technology allows you to carry out a wide variety of water-related activities and hiking for added convenience.

The material used to manufacture Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes absorbs the odor from the shoes to save you from the embracements in front of your friends.

2. Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe

Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe is specifically constructed to suit the foot requirements of women who love to indulge themselves in exciting water-related activities. The synthetic mesh and upper offers great breathability and quickly dries your feet within a few minutes.

The textile lining and removable cushioning on this Ryka shoe are made to allow you to insert any medicated insole for people who struggle with arthritis.

As if this wasn’t already enough, the compression-molded EVA midsole, Chlorine-resistant materials, and draining port only add to the great list of perks of this incredible water shoe.

3. DLGJPA Women’s Quick Drying Water Shoes

The unique and anti-slip rubber sole provides a superior, cool, and healthier environment for your feet. DLGJPA Women’s Quick Drying Water Shoes is armed with elastic straps if you are someone who struggles with getting the right shoe size.

These straps not only offer adjustability but make sure you don’t have to put up with the annoying shoelaces while carrying out your favorite water activities. Slip-on the shoe, and you are good to go!

The full-coverage design and good toe protection are what sets this pair of shoes apart from most of the shoes you can find out there. The glove-like fit allows you to evenly wrap your feet in these shoes to keep them protected even on the bumpiest and most slippery wet surfaces.


If you think any water shoe would do the trick in the water, think again. The unmatched features and functionality of Columbia Drainmaker II have left many of its customers speechless in its performance.

However, before you go on to make a purchase, I’d highly recommend you to weigh all the pros and cons of only Columbia Drainmaker II but its alternatives too. This will help you understand what’s really “out there” and find the one that fulfills your requirements.

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