Columbia Megavent vs Drainmaker: Which is better

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Columbia Megavent Vs Drainmaker

Columbia is a company that has been around to offer you years of excellence and comfort in the most stylish way possible. Two of its most favorite shoes are Megavent and Drainmaker.  

Here’s an in-depth guide that breaks down the real difference that makes their customer loyal to each one.

If you are looking for a water shoe that can break all the barriers between your favorite water sport and your feet, I’m sure you have stumbled upon Columbia Megavent and Drainmaker at least once.

If you are unsure between the two, here’s a complete comparison – Columbia Megavent vs Drainmaker -of the fundamentals and advanced features of these two well-known water shoe companies to help you come up with the decision.


So, let’s get started.

Columbia Megavent vs Drainmaker

About Columbia Megavent Water Shoe

Columbia Men's Summertide
Columbia Men's Summertide
Columbia Men's Summertide
  • CASUAL STYLE: A casual water shoe that tells a sustainability story and is functional enough for any kind of summer activity, you’ll love the Columbia Men’s Summertide shoe
  • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Made with sustainable materials and construction methods, the upper includes recycled materials and eco-friendly practices — a neoprene collar with mesh bootie for comfort and fit, and synthetic overlays for durability
  • MIDSOLE COMFORT: OUR Bloom Foam midsole with discreet vents for airflow offers all-day comfort your feet will appreciate
  • WET SURFACE GRIP: Our signature Omni-Grip non-marking outsole is made from recycled content rubber with an optimal wet surface tread pattern
  • BUILT TO LAST: Columbia’s attention to detail is what sets our apparel apart from others We use only the highest quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and durable stitching This is long-lasting footwear you're sure to enjoy for seasons to come

The tech lite midsole of the Columbia Megavent sets it apart from most of the water shoes. One of the most concerning factors of walking on wet surfaces is the fear of slipping and injuring yourself. Megavent is armed with shock absorbency features and EVA to offer you complete comfort and protection against anything related to water.

The Cast PU cade is combined with a breathable and ventilated open mesh to aid proper airflow to keep your feet dry and healthy at all times.

To make it even better, these pairs of shoes also come with strategically placed drainage water ports to ensure no water outflow and block any sand and debris from entering inside the shoe. As if this wasn’t already enough, the Omni-grip non-marking rubber outsole is the signature gesture that Columbia is known for to offer improved traction and anti-slip grip.

About Columbia Drainmaker Water Shoe

Columbia Women's Drainmaker Iv Breathable Shoe Water
Columbia Women's Drainmaker Iv Breathable Shoe Water
Columbia Women's Drainmaker Iv Breathable Shoe Water
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Columbia Women's Drainmaker IV Water Shoe features our signature Techlite footbed and frame for superior cushioning and impact absorption
  • ADJUSTABLE FEATURES: The adjustable laces make this water shoe versatile and customizable
  • MATERIAL: A synthetic upper and a non-marking wet traction rubber outsole make this water shoe durable and comfortable from wet rocks to boat decks
  • HIGH-TRACTION GRIP: Our signature high-traction grip helps prevent slipping on wet and dry surfaces
  • OMNI-GRIP: This multi-terrain traction system matches specially formulated compounds and treads to specific environments. A dual-zone winter tread pattern ensures solid footing on surfaces such as ice and snow

Nothing can beat Drainmaker in its versatile design and superior frame that can make the whole process of your water activities more enjoyable. The synthetic upper and non-marking traction of the shoe helps keep your feet comfortable in boat decks and other slippery surfaces.

The adjustable feature like the elastic closure can make it effortless to put the shoe on and off while you are on the go. Other than that, the dual-zone winter tread pattern ensures your feet stay planted on surfaces like ice and snow.

Therefore, if stability and security are your bet, you can definitely count on Drainmaker to offer you exactly what you need to rock each day.  Columbia Megavent vs Drainmaker Comparison

Columbia Megavent Review

Columbia Megavent is the epitome of an amalgam of advanced technical performance with the google ol’ comfort to give both worlds the best. I loved the polyurethane cage designed to keep your foot connected to the robust outsole. It is treated with Blood ‘n Guts™ to make it stain and water-resistant for that ever-needed convenience.

pro n con 1


1. Breathability

Where wet shoes pose the highest risk of fungus in your feet, the premium quality materials used to make the shoe ensures you get maximum air ventilation in and out of the feet to keep it healthy at all times.

2. Versatile

The style and aesthetics of Megavent make sure to allow you to rock this water shoe on the streets of your favorite city as well as the water.


1. Doesn’t keep sand and gravel out

Although the manufacturers claim that the shoe is designed to keep water, sand, and gravel out, some customers have experienced that it does an incredible job at keeping your foot dry but isn’t great enough to keep sand, debris, and gravel out too.

What Customers Have to Say About Columbia Megavent

Just like every other shoe, Columbia Megavent also comes with a variety of opinions. However, one of them that stands out from the rest is how the shoe has the ability to keep your feet cool even after standing in the sun all day long. They dry up quickly, which makes it easier to move around in these.

Columbia Drainmaker Review

Drainmaker is one of the most durable options you can find in the market today. If you have tried other water shoes, you can certainly see how this shoe offers comfort and convenience like no other.

The thick outsole ensures to keep your feet protected against solid pointy rocks, and the spacious inner can keep the air ventilation going as well.

pro n con 2


1. Comfortable

Considering how you will be wearing water shoes all day long and carry out intense foot movement, you will need a shoe that can keep your feet healthy by the end of the day. Drainmaker does an excellent job at providing everlasting comfort and protection that is second to none.

2. Quick Drying

The drainage holes allow you to keep your feet dry and healthy at all times. According to a few Drainmaker customers, it dries faster than tennis shoes but not as fast as flip-flops.

3. Design

The signature technology used to construct this incredible shoe is what sets Drainmaker apart from most of the shoes you can find today. The advanced traction outsole works its magic to keep your feet firmly planted in any environment to prevent injuries.


1. Poor shoelaces quality

There have been a few complaints of poor shoelace quality since it breaks if you tie them too hard.

What Customers Have to Say About Columbia Drainmaker

Regardless of what a company claims to be, nothing can hide from the reviews of their customer. The detailed experiences can help you understand the true side of the product and connect on a deeper level before purchasing. To make sure you don’t hassle with reviews, here is what a verified customer of Drainmaker has to say about the shoe.

According to a review written by Wyatt Maktrav’s Adventures, the shoe allows excellent airflow that keeps your feet from sweating during your favorite outdoor activities. Although it still had a little moisture, the shoe’s breathable material made use to keep it as seamless as possible.

The shoe holds up well against loose soil and other steep climbs, especially on rocky mountain peaks. Besides this, it also makes the transition from water to land high easy to add convenience.

Columbia Megavent vs Drainmaker Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing your Hard-earned Money

You will never be delighted with a purchase unless you carry out the research yourself. Therefore, before buying the ideal pair of water shoes, here are some of the things you must keep in mind.

1. Price

The great thing about water shoes is how affordable they are. However, some expensive shoes offer a better one-time investment to last you for as long as you want.

2. Secure Grip

You will realize a shoe has a secure grip if it has a rubber material and comes with a threaded design. I would also recommend you try it and walk around after purchase and ask for a return if the experience is unsatisfactory.

3. Comfort

If you plan to keep your feet submerged underwater, it is important to go for shoes with insulation that can keep your feet warm even in cold temperatures.

Besides that, extra cushioning can also play a major role in offering the ever-needed comfort for the entire day. It is also great for boating and sailing as it requires you to be on your feet for long periods of time.

4. Protection

Walking on wet surfaces exposes you to a lot of health risks. Here, you may need to spend some extra time searching for shoes that come with added traction and technology to help keep your feet sturdy on any surface. This is highly needed if you live in cold regions with frequent rains and snowfall.

Features & Benefits – Similarities & Differences

Benefits of Columbia Megavent vs Drainmaker


Nothing can beat water shoes in offering glove-like fit to your feet. They hug nicely to your feet to prevent bloody scrapes and bruises that are inevitable if you’re carrying out the outdoor activity.

No More Smelly Feet

Unlike your regular sneakers, water shoes don’t absorb water. This means it acts as a shield between your shoe and bacterias that can eventually build up to cause the embarrassing odor. On top of that, the breathable material also ensures your feet don’t sweat as they would normally do.

Superb Traction

The traction of water shoes is similar to hiking shoes. Its design allows you to walk comfortably on slippery floors and prevent stubbing your toes on pointy surfaces.

Columbia Megavent vs Drainmaker: How Are They Different?

Megavent is a hybrid shoe that is armed with upper stain resistance and a professional angler for providing unprecedented outsole grip. At the same time, Drainmaker is usually known for its quick-drying breathability to offer great comfort and water drainage.

All in all, both of them are great for serving their own purpose for people with individual needs. If you are keen on style and versatility, Megavent is great at transitioning and allowing you to wear it as sneakers. Drainmaker, on the other hand, is known for better air ventilation and water drainage.

Columbia Megavent vs Drainmaker: Are They The Same?

Truth be told: Columbia Megavent and Drainmaker have more in common than differences. They are both lights as a feather, and the mesh body construction has no-sew overlays for support. The waterproof material can make both of them an ideal choice to take water aerobic and other recreational activities.

Besides that, since they are from the same brand, both of them are armed with Techlite and OmniGrip for excellent traction with razor siping and high energy return.


Now that we have come to the end of the comparison, I’d like to leave the final verdict to you. If we look at Columbia Megavent and Drainmaker from afar, we can barely see any difference. However, after continued use, you can see how one shoe takes the upper hand over the other in certain features.

Therefore, reflect on your requirements and weigh all the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision.

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