Columbia Montrail Caldorado III Review

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The Columbia Montrail Caldorado III is designed as an all-around water shoe that features highly responsive cushioning and comfort to give you everlasting support underwater and thus improve performance.

Tired of keeping up with wet annoying shoes that only drain you by the end of the day? Your worries end here.

This shoe is the epitome of an ideal water shoe. The upper is made up of seamless abrasion-resistant foam material that is used to enhance your performance in water-related activities. If you’re unsure of making this purchase, here’s an in-depth guide – Columbia Montrail Caldorado III Review – that can help you make up your mind in just 5 minutes.

So, let’s get started!

About the “Columbia” Brand

Columbia is known for being packed with lightweight footwear that gives a cloud-like feel to your overall feet. The large array of colors, sizes, and designs are what makes it stand out from the sea of other shoes out there. Do this particular Columbia  Montrail Caldorado III, you can surely see the company going the extra mile to bring out the most lightweight and roomy shoe for all the aqua loves.

The seamless design and excellent support add no compression to the shoe and nor does it have a strange breaking pattern to make you feel uncomfortable after a long day.

Although this is the streamlined version of many of the Columbia shoes, the heart and soul of the shoe still remain the same. It can easily accommodate any type of foot structure in a glove-like fit without making you feel claustrophobic at the same time.

The midfoot is perfectly created with a secure wrap and heat and moisture maintenance to keep the water and debris out of your shoes.

Other than that, the premium quality material for the shoe allows it to stay dry and warm without taking much effort from your side.

Strengths (Pros) of Columbia Montrail Caldorado III

1. Speed

Regardless of the surface, Columbia Montrail Caldorado III has prevailed its name to be one of the fastest shoes out there. After rigorous tries and tests, many fitness enthusiasts have vouched for its lightning-fast speed that lets easy turnover without feeling chunky.

Therefore, you can count on this pair of shoes if you want something that can pick up the pace in an instant.

2. Fit

The shoe offers an excellent secure fit considering how flexible it is. According to its customers, it hugs your feet like a glove and the shoelaces stay put throughout the day, you can effortlessly take this to terrain or perhaps sandy beach and still expect it to work just fine.

3. Responsiveness

Responsiveness is one of the most important features of a water shoe.  Even if you fall, it makes sure it absorbs the energy and keeps your body safe.

Thanks to the EVA foam and FluideGuide of Columbia Montrail Caldorado III, the shoe is functional enough to keep up with the uptempo of any water-related training and absorbs impact from rocks all while keeping its springiness.

The marshmallow-soft midsole also gives an overall energetic and lively feel to your shoe

Drawbacks (Cons) of Columbia Montrail Caldorado III

1. The aesthetic appeal needs to be improved

Although the shoe can fulfill your needs with its design there are a few customers who are unhappy with the colors and style of this shoe. Therefore, this shoe definitely would have made it to a perfect pair only if it had better color combinations.

Columbia Drainmaker III Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Shoe

Now that you have weighed all the pros and cons in the Columbia Montrail Caldorado III Review, it’s time we look at the generic concept of water shoes and find out whether this shoe falls into the category of rough water shoes for your requirements.

1. Price

Luckily. You don’t have to break your bank buying water shoes. When we compare these with the rest of the shoe types, you can surely see a significant drop in the price range. Considering how your shoe needs to ensure heavy wear and tear, go for a high-quality shoe even if it means paying a couple dozen more dollars.

2. Size

A common question many people have about water shoes is whether the right size should be a bit tighter or loose for your foot. It is advisable to go for a size that exactly matches your foot size. This is because a loose one would slip right off your feet whereas a tight one has the potential to cause painful blisters.

If you are unsure of the fit, make sure the place you are buying it from offers a refund or return. This will give peace of mind that you can always return in case if anything goes wrong.

3. Soles

Having thick soles is crucial because they can protect you against harmful pointy stones and ensure the wear and tear of walking or even running on rough surfaces every day. Try to look for shoes that come with built-in toe shields to prevent stubbed toes.

Benefits of Columbia Montrail Caldorado III

1. Agility

The Columbia-Montrail Caldorado III’s lugs and structure have been praised for its unmatched agility that can help you improve your performance in water-related activities and workouts. The lugs are a mix of flat-sided squares that goes through the middle channel. This helps to make rapid turnovers and run smoothly on any surface.

2. Support

Columbia Montrail Caldorado III comes with a specially designed tread for maximum traction and support on slippery surfaces. The rubber outsoles make sure you don’t encounter any mishaps and enjoy each moment of your holidays without worrying about injuring your body.

What Others Are Saying About Columbia  Montrail Caldorado III

According to Believe in the Run, the upper material of the shoe is highly comfortable and stretchable to aid more flexibility in your movement. It fits in your feet nicely and provides enough height to make sure your feet don’t feel cramped inside.

This eliminates one of the most concerning problems of water shoes by being breathable and dries faster than any other shoe out there. However, the only problem with the shoe is that the outsole isn’t thick enough to protect you against big pointy rocks that can feel uncomfortable at once.

The writer concludes that this is the result of fabric as the thickness is suitable for apparel rather than a shoe. Overall, Columbia  Montrail Caldorado III is surely one of the best shoes from Columbia.

Columbia Montrail Caldorado III  Alternatives

If you are still having trouble making up your mind, here are the top 3 best alternatives of Columbia  Montrail Caldorado III that can allow you to compare and make an informed decision.

1. ROCKROOSTER Newland Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

The lining mode of the spectacular ROCKROOSTER Newland Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boot is what distinguishes it from most of the water shoes you can find on the market today. It is packed with excellent water and air permeability and is windproof to make it an ideal option for any outdoor activity.

These 4inch high shoes are extremely lightweight and easy to wear to allow you to move easily underwater and carry out your workouts. The sole mimics the anti-skid tire and enhances the anti-skid groove to ensure your feet are planted on the mountain and ice-covered roads.

What’s more, its temperature resistance properties can allow the show to stay in its original shape with no crack bottom for years. If you are someone who struggles with foot fatigue during winters, you can surely count on the high-impact absorbing features of this shoe to help you stay energized at any time throughout the day.

2. Columbia Men’s Drainmaker IV

This Columbia Men’s Drainmaker Iv uses the signature Techlite footbed and superior frame for better impact absorption and cushioning, this one takes an upper hand over the Caldorado III with its enhanced adjustability and convertible heel that can make it truly versatile and customizable.

Best of all, the synthetic upper and non-marking reaction adds to the great list of perks of this incredible pair of shoes.

3. MAINCH Women’s Hiking Water Shoes Quick-Dry

If you are scared of injuring yourself due to the intense movement of water activities, this one’s for you. The anti-collision rubber toe cap prevents foot injuries and the synthetic ribbons on either side are excellent for providing stability on wet surfaces.

Thanks to its easy take on and off and shock absorbing properties you can count on this pair for surfing, swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling purposes.


Columbia is one of the very few brands that has made its name by providing great value to its customers. It can easily endure the heavy wear and tear of intense outdoor activities to offer you complete satisfaction for as long as you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your requirements straight, know what’s really out there, compare the best options available and take your pick!

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