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Newton Ridge Plus

Nothing can beat Columbia Newton Ridge Plus in advanced features and comfort that is second to none. The shoe allows you optimum flexibility underwater as well as on land.

However, isn’t that what all water shoe companies claim to do? Here is an in-depth Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Review to break down the real facts and features of the shoe to see what distinguishes this incredible shoe from the rest.

So, let’s get started!

About the “Columbia” Brand

The Columbia has been around since 1938 to produce what is known as one of the most sturdy and high-quality footwear. Regardless of whatever you pick from the store, you can certainly expect it to offer ever-lasting comfort and style.

Their first-grade shoes and hiking gear has made a name for their wide variety of options so that everyone can use their products. By that I mean, each of their shoes comes in normal and wide sizes for added convenience.

During outdoor activities, it isn’t quite surprising to ruin your day with sweat-soaked feet that make it harder to take each step. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus is armed with breathable material that allows adequate air ventilation in your shoes to eliminate this problem,

Strengths (Pros) of Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

1. Excellent build

This shoe is made up of premium quality waterproof material that can keep your feet dry and well supported at all times. The D cap lace closure can firmly keep your feet planted on the ground without making it feel awkward.

It can be wrapped all the way to the ankles which means that is something you can use to keep your feet safe against any potential sprains and injuries.  Besides that, the padded tongue is soft and comfortable enough to help you be in these for the entire day without feeling much pressure and pain.

2. Thick EVA foam

EVA is one of the most crucial features of a water shoe. If you don’t know about it already, it is a spongy, cloud-like foam that gives this shoe a glove-like fit that can easily be used for orthopedic purposes.

3. Adjustability

The lace-up closure and flexible upper material make sure that the shoe is suitable for all kinds of people. Whether it is hiking or water-related activity, you can count on Columbia Newton Ridge Plus to give you the ever-needed comfort and support through thick and thin.

Drawbacks (Cons) of Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

1. Not suitable for heavy-duty use

Although the shoe is durable overall, if you are continuously wearing it on rough surfaces, you can expect some parts of the shoe to rip off.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Buyers Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Shoe

Now that you are clear about the fundamental concept of this underwater show through our Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Review, it time we talk about what is exactly needed to make an ideal water shoe. To help do your side of the judgment, here are three of the things you must consider before buying a water shoe.

1. Price

Budgeting should be the biggest factor regardless of what you buy. For water shoes, it is alright to spend around $100 on comfort and advanced features of the shoe. If you find anything more than that just know there is always a better and affordable option available.

2. Easy to put on and off

We all know the struggle of putting on a shoe when your feet are wet. Thankfully, water shoes remade to combat this problem in the smoothest way possible. The upper mags of the shoes are highly important to make sure the shoes are easy to put and off on wet surfaces.

Other than that, the upper mesh also has the potential to quickly drain off any water that touches the body of your shoes.

3. Comfort

Let’s be real: how many times have you come home barefoot after a hectic day at the beach? Remember the lightweight and breathable body of the water shoes shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort. During the water-related activities, you will be expected to carry out intense foot movement which is impossible to carry out in uncomfortable fitting.

Therefore, ensure your water shoes come with padding and soles that come with cushioning and rubber. However, it is completely alright if you are finding your shoes harder to adjust for the first few days. They usually open up after days of wear and tear.

Benefits of Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

Keeps you safe

If you are planning to join a water aerobic membership or perhaps are thinking of having a holiday, just know you are opening doors to many health risks. Some of them include feet fungus because of wet shoes, tripping over pool tools, slipping, and getting your feet pierced because of pointy stones in the water.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus is armed with thick soles, sufficient grip and excellent breathability to eliminate any problem that comes in the way of achieving your fitness goals or ruining your recreational activity. This even includes simply walking around the sides of the pool and spraining your ankle.

Aids mobility

Due to the heavyweight of the water, you are naturally less flexible underwater and in situations like this, regular shoes can only slow you down and thus reduce your performance.

Here, you need a state of art shoe that comes with lightweight features and flexibility that can help not only stay mobile underwater but instantly improve your performance as well. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus lets you enjoy the freedom of water by offering shoes with grippy yet lightweight outsoles.

Eliminates foot odor

For some reason, wet shoes also tend to get more dirty and sticky than regular ones. This is mainly because the wetness of the shoes makes them more prone to leach onto bacteria and germs which can build themselves up to make your favorite pair of water shoes appear dirty and smelly.

Luckily, this shoe comes with highly breathable material that makes sure nothing stays trapped inside the shoe with its breathable material.

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Alternatives

By this time, I’m sure you already have a decision in mind. However, regardless of whatever your decision maybe, I’d highly urge you to compare the best alternatives available to validate the value of Columbia Newton Ridge Plus in the market.

Instead of regretting a purchase, it’s never a bad idea to do your side of the comparison to make an educated decision about investment.

1. Mountain Warehouse Rapid Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

These outstanding water shoes are specifically designed to provide everlasting comfort for women. Its waterproof membrane allows the foot to breathe properly and keep it dry at all times.

The molded foam footbed adds extra comfort especially on areas like the arch and toe to drive away from the pressure from your sensitive body parts like the knees and ankles.

As if this wasn’t already enough, the deep lugs of the shoe are excellent for adding extra grip and stability to your footwear and the adder rubber refinement at the toe and heel can increase the lifespan of the shoe.

2. Mountain Warehouse Women’s Waterproof Boots

Here comes another woman’s shoe with a Vibram sole which is used for world-class outsole performance and unprecedented durability. The traction can make sure you don’t slip or injure on wet surfaces and its waterproof body prevents the water and moisture from getting inside and causes foot problems.

The suede upper makes this shoe lighter than Columbia Newton Ridge Plus but it lacks the right adjustability offered by Columbia.

3. The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 Waterproof

The North Face has prevailed its name to manufacture some of the best active footwear in the fitness industry. This specific The North Face Men’s Ultra 109 Waterproof shoe can make it impossible to take off!

It comes with a large variety of sizes and conditions for improved options. The Ultra 109 WP feature comes with a Dry Vent membrane which is robust eight to offer maximum protection. It also keeps your feet dry in middle and wet trails that are inevitable to come your way in outdoor activities.


To sum it up, Columbia Newton Ridge Plus is a shoe that provides flexibility and sturdiness like no other. It focuses on targeting the most common problem of any water shoe and arms itself with features that can combat exactly that.

If you are on a search for something like that, I’d suggest you consider the alternatives. You can compare all the pros and cons before making a purchase.

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