Where Are Ryka Shoes Made?

Where are Ryka shoes made from?

You may ask.


You’ve probably tried several brands and recommendations. But to no avail. None of them work. Some are fine but most are inferior. Where exactly are these shoes made? That could also be a factor.

So, you are tired of having the same foot problems over and over again?

Ryka may be the solution to your shoe problem.

Regardless of whatever the branding says, you never seem to get the right fit and comfort that you crave from your footwear.

Ryka specializes in making excellent footwear for women. They help them amp up their fitness routine and make it effortless to carry out long hours of standing duty.

With Ryka’s versatile collection of shoes, you can rest assured that your comfort is in good hands.

Ryka understands that.

Individuals have unique feet that need extra care to endure the hectic day-to-day movement. And if you happen to be a little more active than the rest, I’m sure there isn’t a single day you slept with pain-free feet.

Well, not anymore!

Be it narrow feet, vast, or any other foot problem, Ryka is armed with a unique cushioning and footwear structure specifically made for women to best suit their muscle movement, foot shape, and build to give you the ever-lasting comfort that you deserve.

So, why is Ryka so hyped up? Let’s find out!

What Are Ryka Shoes?

The name ‘Ryka’ refers to the meaning as bellowed, desired, or wished for一and this what Ryka always strives towards.

Founded in 1987, Ryka manufacturers athletic shoes that have set a benchmark to the best shoes for women by women. With Ryka, you can upgrade your kicks game in sport, hardcore workout, and training gears to give you the freedom o carry out anything you desire without worrying about your sore foot.

Their brand has prevailed in its name to become every women’s go-to footwear brand that makes aesthetically appealing and practical shoes for all seasons and sports. Besides that, it also specializes in matching activewear to make sure you get all of your gym shipping from one place.

Various Ways to Use a Ryka Shoe

What sets Ryka apart from its competitors is its wide variety of shoe collections. You could be thinking of joining a recent activity and would be there, right by your side, to give you the most fabulous shoes for every occasion and activity.

Too general for you to grasp the idea? Here are some of the best varieties that Ryka offers to its women.

1. Walking Shoes

Only because your feet are different from his, Ryka provides the easiest to wear and gorgeous walking shoes for women to flaunt while they walk across the streets of the city. The women-specific approach helps them stay ahead in practical benefits like comfort and flexibility.

Be it standing for hours for your job or every day casual morning walks; their sneakers cross off items in your list of perfect walking casual footwear.

2. Zumba Shoes

Zumba shoes have, however, a different approach to all the shoes out there. It can be hard to find shoes that endure the heavy-duty wear and tear f the extensive footwork you do on the Zumba dance floor.

Thankfully, Ryka also specializes in making dance-specific shoes for Latin dance, samba, Zumba, hip-hop, mambo, salsa, and soca dance moves, so you can totally indulge in the epiphany of dancing.

Their Zumba shoes feature pivot points that allow 360 movements, breathable mesh that makes sure to have air ventilation and keep your feet sweat-free at all times. What’s more, the highly durable material used to make Ryka dance shoes also allows you to have a long-term investment in their outstanding footwear.

3. Running Shoes

Where Zumba shoes require high flexibility, running shoes need more tractions and sturdiness to allow forward movement instead of 360. Therefore, the running shoes from Ryka are equipped with breathable mesh with upper leather to aid support and enhanced movement while running.

Their second density heel crash pad and TPU shank provides extra cushioning and gives you a cloud-like feeling while you take it every step towards victory.

4. Cross-Training

The low-top arch and dual impact insole make sure to keep you safe while you are carrying accident-prone cross-training workouts. Their incredible cross-training shoe line also features padded collars and tongue that protect your feet and give you the ever-needed support and comfort while working out.

The N-Gage EVA energy return also adds an extra layer of safety and flexibility to their already perfect cross-training kicks.

Benefits of Using Ryka Shoes

Ryka is one of the very few companies that provide exceptional shoes for women with a wide array of colors, styles, heel sizes, and padding options to meet your needs. The support they provide makes them ideal to be used for every type of exercise routine.

But, isn’t this something athletic shoe brands claim? What really distinguishes Ryka from the rest of the athletic shoe brands out there?

If these swarming questions are making it hard to make your first Ryka purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the benefits you can avail of if you opt for Ryka’s fantastic shoes.

Disclaimer: They may sound similar to the rest of the footwear companies unless you put these on and actually see the competitive edge.

1. Lightweight

As someone who has devoted more than half of his life to fitness, I can say that lightweight is probably the most important factor to consider when buying your ideal pair of shoes.

All Ryka footwear have an outstanding lightweight structure that makes sure to take each step without draining your energy whatsoever. This is especially vital in sports activities like Zumba and running, where heavy shoes can cost you a great deal of low performance.

2. Great Support for Wide Feet

Since Ryka claims to make shoes for all foot types, it also has emerged a name to design shoes that provide utmost stability and comfort for wide feet.

However, every company claims that unless you go through the comments section in any e-commerce store. And you guessed it right, I spent a whopping 3 hours only observing, analyzing, and interacting with Ryka’s customers to dig deep down to its fundamentals.

And turns out, yes, Ryka has created a separate fanbase of customers who specifically rave about the qualities its shoes provide to wide feet people.

Reportedly, people with wide feet can effortlessly stand for 6 to 8 hours a day without hurting their feet at all.

3. Affordability

When a brand as excellent as Ryka brings these many unbelievable features on the table, it won’t be much of a surprise to assume they come with a golden price tag as well.

But not in this case. To make sure their high-quality shoes are accessible to every woman Ryka has kept all of their shoes under the range of $100 while most of them come in the category of $50 to fit in your budget.

Indeed, with Ryka, you never have to be hesitant to flaunt your sneakers for casual or sports events without breaking your bank.

4. Grip

Some sports activities like running and HIIT workouts require shoes with maximum grip; activities like Zumba require relatively more minor of a hold.

Ryka is known to be backed up by knowledge of which sport requires the correct amount of grip to give you just that when in times of need. Their outsoles are also extremely durable to take care of the intense movement of your feet.

Why Do People Recommend Ryka Shoes?

There is no doubt that Ryka has made its name to be one of many fitness experts’ favorites. This is because it offers more than just surface-level style and comfort. As a general rule, you could be working out for various reasons. Some of them could be to gain peace of mind and improve physical and mental health.

But think about: What’s the point of doing all that when you come back home with more physical pain than you were in before? Ryka eases this major problem by specifically designing shoes meant to enhance your performance and help you achieve your fitness goals.

What Does the Research Say?

According to research gate, because most athletic footwear brands base the design structure of shoes on men and general audience, 60% of the women suffer from footwear-related foot problems. And that’s where Ryka comes to the rescue.

By taking the customer reports and the unique shoe designs, I can definitely say they have eliminated this problem at an unprecedented rate.


However, an important thing to consider before buying is its shoe size. Ryka shoes are prone to running small for many people. Make sure you always opt for a half or one full size bigger to get the right fit.


We all know how important it is to stay fit at all times. If your foot problems have been depriving you of indulging in your favorite activities, it’s high time you fix this excuse and jump to buy the best Ryka shoes that can exactly meet your demands.

Before your first purchase, it’s never a bad idea to conduct thorough research about finding the right Ryka shoes and being knowledgeable enough to understand the different shoe choices out there and choose the one that stands above the rest.