The Ultimate Guide to Buying Ryka Shoes

The stylish shoes by Ryka never fail to support any woman, from athletes to simple fitness enthusiasts who like to go for a casual jog in the park. Their unique features like supportive cushioning and traction help you to outplace your competitors on the track.

Ryka has always stayed upfront by bringing out new innovative, and outstanding pairs of shoes that would fit feet of all types. They call all the fitness queens to indulge themselves in ever-lasting comfort and sturdiness that would help them achieve their fitness goals instantly.

The fabulous footwear by Ryka is undoubtedly raved by every workout enthusiast; perhaps this is why you see many fitness trainers wear these at the gym. Ever wondered what got Ryka to where it is now? How can you avail the amazing benefits of Ryka?

Well, look no further!

Here’s a complete buyer’s guide to help you see the nitty-gritty of Ryka and amp up your fitness game before you know it.

Where Can You Find Quality Ryka Shoes?

1. Amazon

There are numerous ways you can get your hands on quality Ryka shoes. The proven method of obtaining authentic and well-fitted shoes is to buy them off

If you find yourself in the dilemma of choosing the right pair, you can always check out our thousands of reviews for each shoe category or even actively engage with Ryka customers on Amazon to see what it’s like to be in Ryka kicks.

If you aren’t satisfied with the quality or the fit of the shoe, feel free to exchange it wherever you want.

2. Ryka Official Website

Well, this is another credible source to buy Ryka shoes. However, here you might not be able to avail the discounts available on Amazon. Furthermore, there are not many reviews by customers.

3. Walmart

Another way to look for your favorite Ryka shoes is to find them at Walmart. However, the site may not have a huge variety of these shoes available. This makes it difficult to find the perfect pair of shoes, something that you have been looking for.

What Is a Ryka Shoe?

Founded in 1987, Ryka has prevailed its name to become one of the best athletic companies for women in the world today. Their shoes come in a wide array of attractive colors and styles and provide additional comfort and support needed for every sport to carry out smoothly.

Where many athletic brands focus on the general audience, Ryka understands women’s needs to craft specific pairs for them.


As a general fact, although the feet of women and men may appear the same, a female foot has a 5 to 7 degree larger quadricep angle than men. This means women are more likely to get a sprained ankle or, worse, fall more often than everyone else.

Therefore, females require extra support and stability than male fitness enthusiasts do.

To give maximum protection and fit for women, Ryka specializes in actively researching and coming up with new and better shoes every few months to excel at what they do.

The company claims to manufacture specious, secure footbeds and using high-quality lightweight material to increase your overall performance.

Other than that, Ryka also offers apparel for people looking to buy all of their athleisure from one place.

Are Ryka Shoes Good for Aerobics?

The colorful and robust trainers are packed with re-zorb footbeds along with excellent cushioning to help you move your body effortlessly during aerobics. Their lightweight shoes are specifically made for every type of feet like plater facilities, feet, and narrow feet.

Some of the aerobics shoes by Ryka come with great pivot points, which is a small rubber section near the toe box. A correctly-built toe box will likely help you have 360-degree body movement to yield the ever-needed flexibility for your body.

During aerobics, it is not surprising to have sweaty feet. This poses the risk of feeling exhausted and even falling hard on the ground. Shoes by Ryka are made with excellent breathable mesh to allow ventilation and keep your feet sweat and odor-free at all times.

Can You Run with Ryka Shoes?

The women-specific footwear of Ryka features a narrower heel and a roomier mid and forefoot design that gives a natural glove-like feel to the shoe. Many customers praised their shoes for being outstanding for running, thanks to their sturdy shoes that also cover a good amount of traction.

Best of all, since Ryka is a firm believer in crafting shoes to meet every individual’s needs, it also comes in a huge wide and narrow feet option for each of their models for the utmost personal touch.

All of their kicks are loaded with EVA midsole to yield high flexibility and cushion to make it effortless to give your maximum performance during running.

Besides that, their shoes are made with a good quality rubber outsole and precise footbed along with TPU midfoot shank to give stability and durability for long periods of extensive footwork. They work perfectly fine for outdoor running on the rough road as well as indoors on the treadmill.

Benefits of Ryka Shoes

Just like every brand that comes with its own unique features and specialties that distinguish them from the rest, Ryka is also armed with some of the fabulous features that can turn any one-time buyer into a Ryka loyal.

1. Comfort

I get it; who doesn’t like to claim their shoes are comfortable. However, here I’m not talking about what Ryka claims on their website; it’s the one-to-one interviews with customers and their satisfaction rate that speaks for itself.

Considering the thousands of varieties of shoes available on the market, it can be hard to distinguish a good shoe from a great one. You’re always satisfied with the one you’re currently wearing until you try out a pair of shoes that clicks the feel to your body. This is what Ryka is for many of its customers.

Their highly comfortable shoes allow you to stand your feet effortlessly for the whole day. As the company evolves, people are noticing the quality and comfort level of the shoes increasing too.

By the time you read this post and opt for a good pair of sneakers, you can certainly expect to get nothing but the best pieces of footwear you can find on the market today.

2. The Sole

Three layers combined make the sole of a shoe. The bottom layer (also known as outsole), midsole, and a layer directly under the foot. The first layer outsole of RYka shoes is made with carbon rubber to make sure you can have the support from your favorite through the extensive wear and tear of your workouts.

It’s segmented for flexibility and patterned for traction to help you reach your running and aerobic goals faster, all while being safe at all times. Their squishy midsole is known for its adequate cushioning, which varies according to the type of workout you do. For instance, aerobics require more of a higher foam cushioning than running to provide more comfort than traction.

This midsole also features a shock-absorbing foam with a girl or air sacs that would protect you from any injuries that you may encounter from working out. Other than that, the last layer that is directly under the foot (also known as sock liner) provides additional shock absorption and arch support to pull the whole shoe together in the most effective way possible.

3. Style

There are times when you have to take your fashionable sneaker on the street to amp up your entire look. It is presumed that stylish looking sneakers perform less than shoes that solely focus on providing comfort and stability.

This is not the case with Ryka.

Their stylish shoes with a wide array of color options and styles also feature the same amount of practical benefits as the not-so-fashionable ones. Therefore, with Ryka, you can rest assured of your class and comfort all in one place.

Why Do People Recommend Ryka Shoes?

Many injuries can occur if you don’t wear the right shoe made specifically for the activity you’re doing. Ryka understands that.

Therefore, all of their shoes carry specific features for each activity and the foot. For example, the cross-training Ryka shoes are designed with the right parts to yield stability to help you move around in all directions. In contrast, running shoes are centered around traction and cushioning to support forward movement.

What people love about Ryka is its excellent ability to keep your comfort all while being under your budget. This gives them an upper hand over many other brands since its price factor always makes it accessible for all fitness enthusiasts. Besides that, thanks to its cloud-like feel to all of its footwear, people can never get enough of their fit and lightweight body during extensive workouts like aerobics and Zumba.

After going through the research done by Better Health Channel about the proper criteria that make suitable footwear for every sport, I can indeed check off the boxes from the checklist and vouch for the fact that Ryka is undoubtedly one of the best female athletic shoe brands out there.

Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself.


All in all, coming to the end of the guide, I only have one task for you: if you’re willing to give Ryka a go, make sure to recheck your foot size, reflect on all your foot problems and the things you require from your ideal shoe.

Once you have a clear picture in mind, start your hunt to find a shoe that would just hit the bullseye and give you the comfort and high performance you always longed for.