10 Fun At-Home Aerobics Videos For Kids You Never Thought of!

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Aerobics Videos For Kids
Aerobics For Kids
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Whether your kids are stuck inside because of the pandemic or you simply need something fun to get some quality time off screens, at-home aerobics videos are indeed the #1 way to spice up your workout routine. 

Finding good videos isn’t too hard, but getting your hands on easy, fun, yet effective videos can take things to a whole ‘nother level! But there is so much to choose from, and let’s not forget that not all of them provide an actual beneficial workout for your little bundle of joy.

Here, SH1FT Fitness is the most realistic video that can pump your kids up with motivation and enjoy the easy yet effective workouts by Rach. It’s great for struggling teens too.

Besides that, here I’ve packed all the top 10 best aerobics videos for kids to give them a boost of extra energy and enjoy family time with our kids. 

Best Free Aerobic Videos For Kids 

  1. SH1FT FITNESS – Best Overall
  2. NEO Kids – Best Premium 
  3. Emi Wong – Best for Fitness Inspiration 
  4. Family Fun Trolls Dance Workout – Best for Families 
  5. Les Mills – Best Themed Video
  6. Debbie Doo – Best Music 
  7. Walk 15: Family Mile With Nick – Best for Walking 
  8. No-Equipment At-Home Workout With Kids | The Mamatrainer – Best No-Equipment Option 
  9. Born to Move – Les Mills – Best for Community 
  10. Home Exercises For Kids with Stephen Trussell – Best Professional 

Best Video Review 


Sh1ft trainer takes a highly realistic approach to your regular aerobics. Rach takes her two boys through an intense HIIT workout that your kids can easily follow. What I love about the video is how easy yet practical it is. There is no doubt that the enthusiasm of her boys will get your kids’ hearts pumping in no time. 

The best part? Each move takes her two boys through a great and intense HIIT workout that your kids can follow along at home. Rach also offers text under each exercise so your kids can begin to memorize names and even learn more about them. 

2. NEO Kids

Fun and safe, you can never go wrong with NEO Kids on-demand aerobics Videos to help you create a proper workout schedule for your kids. This way, you can make sure you’re sticking to a good routine without compromising their ‘fun time.’ 

The trainers at NEOU bring out the best energy to the team and use their highly functional aerobics dance steps to help your kids make the most out of the sessions. In addition, their classes are broken down into three age groups: 4-6 years old (The Minis), 7-9 years old (The Smalls) 10-12 years old (The Bigs) to ensure you never overwork your kids. 

As you will now be able to follow a complete series of workouts, it will help them stay consistent with the routine and find something more productive. 

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3. Emi Wong

Emi Wong is a Canadian YouTuber who helps 4.6 million people achieve their fitness goals. This specific video is aimed at kids which involves using the trainer’s cutest girl partner to help inspire your little ones. 

If you are also a fitness lover like your kids, you can count on Emi Wong’s other workout videos to improve your workout routine. 

4. Family Fun Trolls Dance Workout

Kickstart an energetic day with Family Fun Trolls Dance Workout with blasting music to make the workout a chore-free option for your kids. Not only is the aerobics dance uplifting, but the instructor also lets you take frequent peaceful breaks to fuel your energy. 

5. Les Mills

Are you tired of seeing your kids in front of their screens all day long? Play Les Mills piping aerobic videos for kids in front of them and watch how they get up to dance!

This 5-minute short video requires no equipment and advanced techniques to get started. The best part? *drum rolls* This video is Marvel-themed!

This means you will get to see your kids all ready to kill some solid hours dancing with their favorite Avenger Superheros and fitness legends like Bas Hollander and Diana Mills to keep their interest throughout the workout. 

6. Debbie Doo

Here come the industry-leading YouTubers who never fail to pique your kids’ internet with their fun dance moves and songs like 5 Cheeky Monkeys, Roll Your Hands, and much more!

This will ensure that your kids perceive this as their daily dancing session rather than a workout that they need to stick to each day. Additionally, this 30-minute video is packed with color graphics and costumes that will excite kids of any age group!

7. Walk 15: Family Mile With Nick

Craving some family time? Well, Walk at Home has got your back!

Regardless of how busy your family is, you can surely take 15 minutes out of your life and enjoy aerobics together. Nick leads this awesome one-mile walk to keep your kids laughing, moving, and thriving beautifully. 

And who knows what this could lead to, right? For me personally, spending time with your family and having a blast can quickly become the most important thing I look forward to each day. 

This will not only help your kids use their time productively, but it will easily become something your entire family enjoys together. Coming to the YouTube channel, it is home to one of the best at-home fitness videos with over 3.66 Million subscribers. 

Later, you can even incorporate their other engaging videos into your life and reach your fitness goals.

8. No-Equipment At-Home Workout With Kids | The Mamatrainer

To have a fantastic workout with your kids, you need to set realistic goals, which the video can handle. 

It is a perfect example to motivate you and your kids to create a healthy atmosphere with your kids and instill positive emotions with aerobics. With Mamatrainer, you get to cut down on distractions and focus on having the time of your life. 

9. Born to Move – Les Mills

This video has been uploaded to their main YouTube channel to invite people to join the Leisure World in Colchester and take classes. Although you can opt for their membership website and begin your first free trial, you can also get an idea of their workout style through this video. 

I recommend making your kids watch their videos several times a week. If it works, you can take things to the next level and join the community. If not, you have the rest of the nine videos to count on. 

Just like all of their videos, they have classes for every age group. From 8-12-year-olds to 11+ years, they have something for everyone!

10. Home Exercises For Kids with Stephen Trussell

Stephen Trussell, who is leading the video, is a Personal Trainer at Nuffield Health Crawley.  He excels at improving his clients’ lives and promotes cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength level, which perfectly equips him to plan out an aerobic dance session for your kids. All of the workouts are quick and well-balanced to help you follow along with ease. 

Most adults also enjoy working out with their kids by watching the energy boost aerobic moves of Stephen. 

Advantages of Aerobics For Kids

Children have fascinating hobbies, and not all of them involve being physically active. Whether our kid is interested in reading, drawing, or toys, you need to force your kids to do some kind of physical activity every day. 

Sure, playing sports can be an excellent option to get them to socialize and build physical fitness, but this seems rather hard when you are under a global pandemic. So here is why you should try aerobics videos for kids. 

1. Keeps weight in check

As a general rule of thumb, weight gain is the result of eating more calories than you burn. Here, doing HIIT workouts like Aerobic dance can eventually speed up the process of burning those calories. 

Therefore, you can build a solid foundation for your kids and start teaching the importance of physical activity in their life and prevent chances of being obese in the future. 

2. Good Immunity

Let’s bring some science here. When you have more oxygen in your lungs, you increase your stamina. And when stamina grows, so does your body’s ability to absorb more and better nutrients. This will lead to a significant boost in your kid’s strength and immunity. 

3. Academic Performance

If your child struggles to have a deeper focus in studies, encouraging her to indulge in aerobic can help. The oxygen-rich blood can also help improve brain health which will eventually benefit the rest of the nervous system.

Things to Consider Before Doing Aerobics With Kids

Is never too early to get your kids to stay active indoors. But before you do that, there are a few things that you need to consider before doing aerobics with kids. Here are some of them. 

1. Age

The American Red Cross recommends letting your children work out as much as their capacity. 

Now, what does that mean, I hear you ask?

It’s OK to introduce water to your baby when she has reached 6 months. But she will be ready to begin learning to float, breath control, and basic strokes at 4 or 5 of age. As she grows older you can feel free to incorporate basketball and soccer to get them interested in fitness-related activities. 

Regardless of how old your kid is, make sure your aerobic dance doesn’t lead to overuse injuries (like heel pain or stress fractures) which can be harder to recover for your little one. 

2. Time & Intensity 

Young people from 13 to 17 should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. As long as there is something for a maximum of 3 hours, you can rest assured that they are in good shape (mentally and physically). 

3. Warming up and cooling down

Ever felt stiffness and muscle aches after workouts? If yes, you must have missed warm-up or cool down before and after the workout. Warming up helps soften your muscles and ensures you have the right amount of blood pumping in your body. 

You can warm up by:

  • Going for the slow job
  • Stretch all your muscles for 5-10 minutes 
  • Practice a skill like catching or throwing if you like to play any sport for a workout. 

As for cooling down, here are some of the things you can do: 

  • Reduce the speed/intense of the workout before coming to a stop 
  • Stretching again 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q – How much exercise is right for adolescents?

Adolescents from the age of 13 to 17 should include a variety of workouts into their fitness schedule for at least 60 minutes. If possible, you can begin working out for a maximum of 3 hours to use up the right amount of energy. 

When I say variety, I mean switching up between aerobics, weightlifting, circuit training, and any other organized sport. However, you don’t have to do 60 minutes to 3 hours in one go. Here, simply walking to school or the grocery store also burns significant calories. The goal is to get up, ditch your (very comfortable) couch to get moving. 

Q – Can children exercise too much?

Just like adults, children also have different fitness levels. Here, it isn’t their prior fitness activities that you need to consider to make the most out of their workouts. You also need to look into their age and interest. Here are some of the signs that your children are exercising too much: 

  • They are exhaustive all the time
  • They struggle recovering from workouts
  • Fatigue 
  • Irritability 

If your child is showing any of the signs mentioned above, give them a few days (or even weeks) off to fully recover from the burnout. 

Q – What exercise burns the most belly fat at home?

Crunches make up the most effective way to burn stomach fat. You can simply start off by lying flat on the ground with your knees bent and feet touching the floor. Now, gently lift your hands behind your head and start pushing yourself to the knees. 

So, What’s Next?

It is never to learn to build healthy habits with your kids. If you are struggling to get your kids on the routine, start dancing with them! This will help build a healthy foundation for your kids and show them the importance of having quality time with family. 

Aim to stay consistent for at least two months. After that, you will notice your kids naturally taking an interest in improving their fitness at home. 

Good luck!

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