Is Columbia a Good Brand for Shoes?

Is Columbia a Good Brand for Shoes? If you are a fitness enthusiast and you’ve heard that you need to get yourself Columbia water shoes, yes, the recommendation is spot on however, the real question: is Columbia a good brand for shoes?

Your shoes get to endure most of the wear and tear for the day. If you happen to buy the wrong shoe, you will inevitably unwind the day with a few excruciating blisters, aching feet, an unwanted morning with the same struggles, and the cycle continues.

This is where the importance of familiarizing yourself with the brand comes in.

Regardless of what the marketing says, the reputation of a brand gives it all. You might be thinking about Nike, Reebok, or Adidas because they are the top brands for hiking or running shoes.

Here are my two cents: While all the above-mentioned brands have a good reputation, they lack certain features that you should look for, especially if you are looking for specs like water and weatherproof protection and stability and traction.

You will be surprised to learn that Columbia is, in fact, one of the top brands that offer amazing waterproof shoes in competition with brands like The North Face, Timberland, and Vessi.

Therefore, after days of research and testing, here I’ve curated a guide that answers your question: Is Columbia a good brand for shoes in the most honest way possible.

So, here we go!

What Are Columbia Shoes?

Columbia shoes offer advanced features at affordable prices, which gives them a competitive edge over the rest. Among the sea of premium brands, you get to see Columbia shining through its way and making sure you are amping up your performance while being under your budget.

They are widely amiable on and off the web, making it easy to buy and get them in just the right sizes you want.

About “Columbia” Brand

Portland, Oregon, Columbia Sportswear was founded in 1938 as one of the best outdoor apparel and footwear companies. They specialize in developing innovative and highly functional items that set the benchmark high in the market.

The brand reflects on the Pacific Northwest heritage and indomitable spirit, which helps countless customers resonate and become part of the Columbia overs. The main reason why its footwear is now a leading brand in the industry is that they offer out-of-the-box features, but they are pretty stylish.

That’s not it; the captivating history behind the brand and the undying zeal for adding value speaks volumes for Columbia and adds value to any ordinary sportswear brand.

It started as a small hat company by two German immigrants and remained a family-owned business run by Tim Boyle, the son of Gert Boyle, also the founder of Columbia.

This factor helps to add character, trust, and more weight or their motto, “It’s perfect, now make it better.”

What Are the Different Types of Columbia Shoes

If you think Columbia only specializes in one type of shoes, think again.

Columbia offers a wide range of shoes that center around a specific purpose to ensure you are equipped with just the features for your intensive foot movement. Here are some of the different types of Columbia shoes the brand offers.

1. Hiking Shoes

The hiking shoes by Columbia are known for their Omni-Grip traction sole that helps you plant your feet firmly on the rough trails. Most of them are armed with ankle support that makes it effortless to carry out the extensive foot movement while you are having the life of your hiking.

They are also a bit stiffer than your regular running shoe to help you walk on rocky and wet surfaces. Another thing that gives Columbia a competitive edge over the rest is its lightweight and breathable material, making it easier to walk for hours on hiking.

2. Water Shoes

Buying water shoes is more critical than the rest. All fitness enthusiasts around the world have praised water shoes by Columbia. It is one of the comfier options as it’s high lightweight and comes with added traction and a stable outsole to help you get the ever-needed stability while working out in and out of water.

They have appreciated their grippy outsole and excellent quality, which set them apart from the rest.

The self-draining functionality can make sure you don’t add extra weight to your shoes to deteriorate your performance underwater. They also offer well-built ventilation for fast drying and making sure to keep your feet dry and healthy at all times.

However, the lack of arch support for people who suffer from foot pain means these water shoes may not be the best choice.

3. Winter Boots

Columbia offers a wide range of shoes, but their winter boots are the most specialized ones. They come with different amounts of insulation which come with different temperature ratings to suit your needs.

This helps you personalize your shoes for both men and women to protect you against the slippery snow and cold weather. Like the rest of the Columbia shoes, their winter shoes also feature their signature Omni-Grip to provide outstanding traction in icy conditions.

Benefits of Using Columbia Shoes

If you think that’s enough, wait until you find out what other benefits Columbia shoes offer its customers.

Superb Protection

Without protection, considering the extensive foot movement, you expose yourself to unprecedented risks that can make it difficult to go through every day. They feature shock absorption and energy return to back you up every time you stumble upon an obstacle.

It also allows you to go beyond your comfort zone, challenge yourself in water and hiking activities, and ensure nothing comes between your passion and physical restrictions. The best part? It offers superb protection, all while giving you the ever-needed sleek and sporty look for city wear.

Omni Grip

Omni-Tech is one of the signature features of Columbia. This is what gives your shoes waterproof seam-sealed membrane bootie construction that helps you walk effortlessly in mud terrains like gravel, wet, rocky, and dirt surfaces.

The Omni grip is formulated in threads for cross terrain stability and grip, making it the best choice for your water aerobics and hiking.

Stability and Traction

If you are an adventurer, you must know how important stability is for smooth experiences. Where a rigid and stable shoe can save your life while walking on slippery and rocky surfaces, flimsy shoes can drive your focus away from your favorite activities or, worse, cause serious injuries which can have a lifetime impact.

With Columbia shoes, you get to maximize surface contact with multidirectional lugs while train running, fishing, and cold conditions. It is highly responsive on unpredictable terrain to equip you with any upcoming challenges that come your way.

They are engineered for an optimal balance of traction and durability to make sure they stay with you through thick and thin.

Perfect Blend of Style and Tech

Columbia exemplifies tech and elements of style. Designed to handle slippery surfaces, it makes your transition between your hiking looks to an afternoon coffee with your friends. The quick-drying feels comfy and light to wear and is completely stain-free to add to its long list of perks that make you easier than ever.

Columbia’s fishing-friendly Omni-Shield Blood n’ Guts treatment fluids can help you plant your feet ankle-deep in fish guts.


The durable waterproof shoes are built to give you the flexibility to do whatever, whenever. Therefore, Columbia is the go-to choice for anyone who likes to indulge in easy-to-wear shoes with waterproof material to help you cut.

Why Do People Recommend Columbia Shoes?

If you are new to Columbia, let me tell you that I’m not the only one praising this incredible brand. Columbia’s HUGE fan base is happy to talk about the long success stories of how Columbia elevated their outdoor activities.

According to Big Sky, if spending time wading through the deep snow is a pain, you can never go wrong with Columbia winter shoes armed with warm material and a durable outsole to make walking on snow a seamless journey for you.

That’s not it, another review posted by Outdoor Gear Lab  “This Columbia model [Columbia Redmond] does have a sunny side. It was one of the most breathable models reviewed. The manufacturer got their proprietary waterproof and breathable membrane right, which achieved both goals and helped keep costs down”.

In a nutshell, if advanced tech and stylish shoes that fit your pocket are what you prefer, Columbia takes the lead in offering unique features to help you stay ahead in your outdoor game.

What Does the Research Say?

Studies have shown that hiking shoes are engineered to protect you from harsh surfaces using a stiff rugged outsole. This also helps prevent your feet from stepping on sharp rocks that fiercely pierce through your shoes and cause serious damage to your feet.

Hiking boots also offer adequate ankle support that can be an excellent choice if you have a personal injury history. In fact, the higher the boot ankle, the better support it provides for quick twists and rotation of the ankle.

However, regardless of how much protection these shoes offer, they never guarantee a 100% injury-free journey with the boots. Therefore, along with shoes as supportive as Columbia, you also need to go the extra mile to ensure you are taking precautions to keep yourself secure at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All in all, now that you are fully equipped with everything Columbia is and isn’t, I’m sure you must have hundreds of swarming questions in your mind right now. Here are the top burning questions answered regarding Columbia to help you make an educated decision.

#Do Columbia shoes have good arch support?

A – Columbia shoes are armed with just the right arch support to help divert the pressure off your knees and spread across the entire foot to dilute it. Therefore, people who have arthritis are recommended to go for shoes with good arch to help them overcome any physical restriction they may have while carrying out their outdoor activities.

Best of all, it is important to have the perfect amount of arch support that isn’t too high nor too low to suit your needs, and this, Columbia understands.

#Is Columbia a good brand for shoes?

A – If you are looking for hiking boots in the market, Columbia is recommended by over 11,000 Amazon customers who can’t get enough of its advanced features like lace-up closure, lightweight, and ankle support to provide a comfortable journey with your shoes. This isn’t just true for their boots; they also offer a wide range of shoes packed with specific features to make your outdoor activities even more enjoyable.

#Are Columbia boots comfortable?

A -Nothing can beat Columbia in its comfortable style that never fails to leave you feeling warm and comfy at the end of the day. They come in a range of sizes, so regardless of how wide or narrow your feet are. They feature a lightweight cushioned midsole, high breathability with a self-draining system for water shoes, and increased durability and sturdiness for hiking boots.

#Are Columbia shoes waterproof?

A – whether you are hitting waterpark, water aerobics, or going through slippery sidewalks, waterproof Columbia shoes are known for their heavy-duty performance and versatility that is great for walking and carrying out your regular workouts.

One of the best things that helps the brand set it apart is its fashionable aesthetics and practicality, making it easier to transition between swimming pools, trails, and regular walks. My years of experience with the brand can certainly vouch for that.


The reason why you spent some solid minutes reading Columbia’s review is because of its increased support and high adaptability that can tackle any challenge you may have with your feet.

They hug your feet just right and come with excellent mid-foot support and structure to do some trial and aqua workouts without changing your shoes whatsoever.

All in all, if I have to sum up the image of Columbia in a few words, it is one footwear brand that you have been longing to break through all the barriers you have to indulge in your favorite outdoor adventures, all while making sure it fits your pocket just right.

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