Belly Fat Exercise for Man at Home. Everybody Can Do!

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Belly fat exercise for man at home

Everyone wishes to have a perfect body shape which means any extra fat in the body becomes a nuisance.

Depending on the food we eat, what we drink, especially if it’s alcohol, we become susceptible to the accumulation of fats in our bellies.

The phenomenon is also brought about by varying levels of sex hormones in our bodies while aging.

When this happens, simple activities like watching the television set while lying flat on your back or tying your shoelaces become strenuous.

It, therefore, calls for one to exercise more often or eat healthy to tone down the accumulation of fats in their bellies.

When one chooses to go the exercise way, you ought to prepare yourselves to persevere. Exercises require endurance and consistency to yield desirable results.

You can pick a belly fat exercise from any of the following and exercise at home.

Belly fat Exercise for you can Do at Home

1. Bicycle exercise

This exercise is named bicycle because it is derived from the motion one makes when cycling. It can be done at home in the following steps;

Spread a mat on the ground to lie on. Lie flat on the ground while facing the ceiling.

Place your hands behind your head, resting it on the palm of your hands.

Raise your legs moving your knees towards your chest. Simultaneously raise your head and hands just a little off the ground.

While in that position, bring your left elbow to your right knee and your right elbow to your left knee in turns.

At the time of contact of your knee and elbow, the other leg should be held in a straight position.

Repeat this for several turns and you realize you are simulating the pedaling motion.

Do several sets of these and you will be guaranteed desirable results.

2. Mountain climber

This exercise can be done at home. This exercise mimics mountain climbing motion. It is an effective belly fat exercise.

It takes the following steps:

One has to get into a push-up position. Your wrists should be directly under your shoulders.

Your body should be straight. You should not bend at any point.

While in this position, you should draw your knees towards your chest. Do this for each knee in turn.

Continuously alternate the knees until you reach your highest limit of sets you can do.

3. Flutter kicks

This is yet another type of exercise that can be done easily at home.

The steps for doing it are straight and easy to follow:

First, you lie flat on the floor while facing the ceiling.

Put your legs together. Rest your arms just next to you.

You can now slowly lift your legs off the ground. Once your legs are in the air ensure they are perpendicular to your torso.

Slowly lower your legs towards the ground but ensure they do not come into contact with the floor.

Repeat this motion as many times as you find it possible.

4. Reverse crunches

This type of exercise requires one to follow these steps:

  • First, you lie on your back, your arms resting by your side.
  • While in the initial position you are supposed to move your legs while holding them together into the air. Ensure your legs are positioned perpendicularly to your torso.
  • Then slowly move your knees towards your chest.
  • Repeat this motion as much as you can for desirable results.

5. Dumbbell overhead walking lunge

Lunges can be performed solo. The inclusion of dumbbells only increases their effectiveness.

The steps followed in carrying out this exercise are as follows:

Hold a pair of dumbbells in your arms. Ensure the weight of the dumbbells does not strain you.

Raise your arms in the air while still holding the dumbbells. Ensure you place them in a position such that the palm of your hands face each other.

Step forward while bending one of your knees towards the ground. The position is referred to as a lunge position.

Bring up your feet together and stand upright. Move the other knee towards the ground as well while moving forward.

Do as many lunges as you can or to the extent that the space you have at your disposal allows you to.

6. Hollow body hold

By now you must have realized that most of these exercises start from a lying position. This is no exception.

The steps are;

Lie on your back. Stretch your arms straight behind your back while your legs are equally held together.

While still stretched out raise your arms in the air while simultaneously raising your legs. Your body should make an angle at your waist.

This angle can be varied depending on the amount of pressure you can hold. Hold this position for starters 30seconds and the more you do this exercise you can increase the number of seconds you hold this position.

7. Plank

Plank has several variations. You can do a standard plank, a forearm plank or a knee plank.

The variations brought about by the parts of the body touching the ground. For the standard plank, only the toes and palm of your arms touch the ground.

It’s done as follows;

The first step is to place the palm of your hands on the ground and raise your whole body off the ground in a straight position.

Time yourself so that you can monitor the progress you make while holding this position.

For forearm plank, your elbow will also touch the ground and for the knee plank, you will ensure your knees touch the ground as well.

All the above exercises can be done in the comfort of your home. Belly fat exercise is sought out by many people and they also wished to get answers to the following queries.

#How can I lose my gut in 30 days and does lying on your tummy flatten it?

The truth is weight loss is a journey. Though many websites talk about working on the belly fat in a record four weeks, I can promise you that it is not as easy. Take your time therefore and exercise.

#Does lemon water burn fat?

Yes. Lemon burn belly fats but you will need other additives alongside it.


I guess you’ve heard the ultimate advise for reducing abdominal obesity is to ” BREAK-FAST like a KING and LUNCH like a BUSINESSMAN and DINNER like  a PAUPER”

What’s your take on this golden rule?

Are you struggling with losing belly fat? Or you just want to share your experience…

Let’s hear how you conquered and reduced your belly fat.

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