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A non-chiropractor’s take on Dr. Eric Berg’s Practical Keto – A Healthy Skeptic’s Review.

Hello, fellow health enthusiasts! Today we’re delving into Dr. Eric Berg’s Practical Keto, a much-buzzed-about approach to weight loss. Who is Dr. Berg? Is he the Keto Yoda we’ve all been looking for? Let’s find out!

First Impressions and Credentials

Now, the first thing you might think when hearing “Dr. Eric Berg” is “Oh, another MD giving us diet advice.” Well, spoiler alert – Dr. Berg isn’t an MD. He’s a chiropractor. Cue the gasps!

But hold your horses, skeptics. Even though Berg didn’t spend years studying biochemistry or internal medicine, he’s been immersed in the world of weight loss for a good long while. His client list boasts senior government officials, multinational corporations, and even medical doctors (yep, he’s taught the teachers). And with affiliations with the Endocrinology Society and the Health Science Institute, he’s not exactly a stranger to the world of health and wellness.

So, for those asking, “Is he qualified?” – the answer is a resounding “yes!” But let’s move on to the meat of the matter.

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The Berg Keto Paradigm

In his Practical Keto lecture, Berg talks about keto diets like a story with peaks and valleys. It’s not a straight downhill ride. The weight-loss isn’t linear, and this, he says, is where folks get disheartened.

What’s his answer? Change your mindset. You’re not just looking to shed pounds; you’re aiming to get healthier. And that’s a journey, my friends, not a one-time marathon.

Say No to the Scale Obsession

Berg raises a major red flag about calorie reduction and the dieting-by-deprivation mindset. In his view, if you starve yourself, your metabolism might just go on strike. And boy, do we not want that!

Instead, he suggests a shift in focus from weight loss to increasing energy, losing belly fat, reducing carb cravings, and suppressing hunger. Basically, it’s not all about what the scale says. It’s about how you feel.

The Keto Mantra: Burn Your Own Fat

Sounds revolutionary, doesn’t it? According to Berg, by tapping into your own fat reserves for energy, you’re looking at a host of benefits – appetite suppression, reduced oxidative stress, and more.

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Some Practical Keto Tips (Or Should We Say Berg-isms?)

  1. Keto and intermittent fasting: Berg tells us that combining these two can work wonders, especially for stubborn weight loss cases.
  2. Eat only when you’re hungry: Seems obvious, right? But most of us are guilty of eating just because the clock says it’s mealtime.
  3. Get enough sleep: Less sleep equals more stress, and stress is a notorious weight-loss saboteur.
  4. Keep stress in check: This includes ditching negative influences and tackling issues like anxiety. Mental health, people, it’s crucial!
  5. Exercise – but not too much: Overdoing it can slow your metabolism and induce stress.
  6. Don’t ignore your electrolytes: A lack of potassium, for instance, can lead to fatigue.
  7. Beware the Keto flu: It’s real, folks! But with some extra sea salt (check with your doc first!) and trace minerals, you can fight it off.

Dr.Eric Berg Practical Keto – “The most important thing a person can do to improve their health is to use their own fat as fuel”

The advantages of the above process are as follows;

  • You get more energy as you’re running on ketones
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Tumors cannot consume ketones
  • Reduce oxidative stress
  • Reduction of Insulin

Dr.Eric speaks about the insulin index. A list of nutrients that can cause hyper insulin levels in blood. He emphasizes the importance of having lots of fat as it reduces the insulin spike.  He says eating a whole egg is beneficial in weight-loss than egg white alone.

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Keto and Intermittent Fasting according to Dr.Eric Berg Practical Keto

During the lecture Dr. Berg talks about the “GIP” Hormone secreted by the small intestines which stimulates the release of insulin irrelevant to the content consumed. Therefore, intermittent fasting along with keto seems to have a greater benefit especially in resistant weight-loss cases.

Why Keto diets fail?

Keto diets fail in majority due to non-compliance. How much ever you’re committed to the diet if you break the carbohydrate barrier you will not lose weight!

Eat only when you are hungry

If you suffer from plateu in a weight loss reduce the frequency. Don’t eat until you are hungry. If it is two meals or one meal provided that you take adequate essential nutrients go for it.

Sleep enough

Low sleep pushes your body to a stress drive. It will increase your cortisol levels. Your diet cannot do marvels unless you make at least 6 hours on bed.

Stress beats keto

Work, relationships, money and mainly associations can add significant stress to life. Dr.Eric Berg talks about the negative effects of having negative people especially people who are passive aggressive, no matter what you do keep those people away. Stress is a real issue when it comes to Practical Keto.

Individual traits too contribute towards obesity one such problem is Anxiety. Learn more about GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) or BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Regular persistent exercise

Dr.Eric Berg Practical Keto lecture explains the the importance of the right amount of excerice. Too much exercise you will rapidly slow your metabolism and induce stress. Do the right amount of exercise alomg with your keto. You will feel it right away.

Dr. Eric Berg Practical Keto & Potassium

Pottasium is one of our key electrolytes that manages the cell membrane potential. A voltage difference that aids in contraction of muscles and signaling of nerves. Ketogenic diet is has low potassium levels which in turn will cause tiredness and fatigue. To alleviate this take high potassium supplements or greens.

Keto Flu in Dr.Eric Berg Practical Keto

Keto Flu is flu like symptoms, lethargy and reduced energy. It is mainly caused by reduced sodium and chloride. Dr. Eric berg advices to take increased amount of seas salt.

Note by Health Review Global Team: Please be cautious about increasing the intake of salt as it is already connected increased blood pressure. We advise you to get your blood pressure checked and talk to your family physician

Take adequate trace minerals and Vitamin B1

Iron, Zinc and Selenium are essential for your body. Make sure to supplement your self with food or external supplements while you are on keto. Vitamin B1 is also a great healer when it comes to protecting your nerve sheaths. So if you are suffering from diabetes and neuropathy make sure to try Vitamin  B1 as supplement. It might take a while to show results in reversing peripheral neuropathy.

The Verdict:

After thorough review, here at Health Review Global, we think Dr. Eric’s Practical Keto has some real nuggets of wisdom for those practicing keto or thinking about it. It’s not just about the science of dieting – it’s about the practical, day-to-day aspects of leading a healthier lifestyle. And for that, we tip our hats to Dr. Berg!

Hungry for more? Check out the full lecture on YouTube, and keep exploring with us!

There you have it, folks. Our take on Dr. Berg’s Practical Keto. Let us know what you think!

Until next time, stay healthy and keep questioning!

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