41 Delicious Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast [MUST READ]

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If you’re reading this, let’s face it: you’ve probably got fat in places you just don’t want it. Now, that’s nothing to be ashamed of! We all have problems with fat!

After all, we as a society are constantly surrounded by foods and drinks that are practically made of fat.

A Slimming Start

Things like fast food, sweets, and even your favorite beverages may be delicious and seemingly more affordable than fresh foods, but they are unbelievably costly to your health.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 41 fat-burning foods that are also delicious and versatile! We want YOU to shed those extra fatty pounds without having to sacrifice flavor!

So come on! Let’s dig in!

Fat Burning Foods


Of course, there are hundreds of foods out there that can help you lose weight and burn fat. Some contain special properties that boost your metabolism, while others simply fill you up, preventing any unnecessary, potentially detrimental cravings throughout the day.

But, before we begin, there is one thing you have to know. There is NO food out there that can make you lose fat on its own. The foods we will be discussing MUST be coupled with both moderation and a healthy exercise routine.

If you aren’t willing to do the work that goes into being fit, overeating these 41 foods won’t help you at all. Moderation is the key to everything when it comes to health.

Animal Products

When it comes to animal products, you’re going to want to limit your intake. Although they contain vital nutrients and are chock-full of fat-burning protein, they do contain some not so good things, as well.

Many animal products contain cholesterol and saturated fat, which are both dangerous to the body when eaten in high amounts.

So, as with all things, try to consume meat and other animal products in moderation.

Studies such as one by JAMA published by the Harvard School of Medicine purports that only eating “3% less animal protein and replacing it with plant protein was associated with up to a 19% lower risk of death from any cause.”

Try adding the following foods to your diet, while eliminating things like processed cheese, animal milk, and yes, even heavy amounts of red meat.

Not to mention, our world’s vast empire of animal agriculture is adding to the terrible effects of global climate change.

So, although these foods are excellent at keeping off those pounds, you shouldn’t overdo your intake of them, both for your own inner environment as well as the outside one.

food 1

1. Eggs

If you’re looking to lose weight and burn fat fast, you really can’t go wrong with eggs. That’s why we’ve put them at the very top of this list (keep in mind, besides eggs, the rest are not in order of best to worst)!

Not only are eggs a reference protein – meaning they contain all 9 amino acids the body requires for healthy functioning. Eggs are packed with protein, and we all know that protein is the king of keeping you satiated.

Whether in breakfast omelets topped with fresh herbs or as a component of a hearty lunch or dinner, adding eggs to your diet has been shown to aid in fat loss.

In fact, a study performed by the International Journal of Obesity showed that those who ate eggs for breakfast instead of bagels showed a “65% greater weight loss, a 34% greater reduction in waist circumference, and a 16% greater reduction in percent body fat.”

That’s why we suggest enjoying up to three eggs a day, both yolk and white. However, the white has just as much protein as the yolk, so feel free to limit your egg yolk intake if you’re watching your cholesterol.

2. Chicken

Now, let’s be clear about this one. I’m certainly not telling you to go out and have yourself a fried chicken feast. The only thing that’s gonna do is _add _fat to your body. Fried foods are gonna be a big no-no on this list.

When I say chicken, I mean fresh, uninfected meat from chickens raised on an all-vegetable diet. Feel free to enjoy both white and dark meat, too!

They both contain a whole lot of protein and less fat than red meat. Licensed dietician Erin Coleman suggests that, due to its high protein and low calorie-content, adding skinless lean chicken is “beneficial when you’re trying to shed pounds.”

Plus, dark meat actually has more of the all-important B vitamins than does white meat, including vitamin B-6 and B-12. Studies have shown that both of these vitamins actually help boost weight loss by burning fat for energy and preventing anemia, respectively.

3. Grass-Fed, Lean Beef

Now, you’re going to want to make sure to be extremely sparing with this one. Lean beef can be an excellent addition to your diet in moderation. It contains a ton of protein and iron – which is super important to your circulatory system – and the lean cuts contain almost just as little saturated fat as a piece of chicken!

According to investigative journalist Jo Robinson in his book Pasture Perfect “when you switch to butter, milk and cheese from grass-fed cows, you are restoring to your diet nutrients factory farming took away.”

He reports that if you make this switch and don’t do anything else, you’re going to save a whopping 17,733 calories every single year!

However, as it is red meat, you really shouldn’t consume more than a palm-full of beef every week. That’s right folks; no going out every night and ordering the 8 ounce Filet Mignon to impress your friends.

4. Pork Tenderloin

Although you’ve probably heard that staying away from pork is in your best interest when trying to lose weight, that’s not entirely true. Yes, certain cuts of pork are very fatty, and therefore, not so good options for burning said fat.

However, the tenderloin is now a much leaner cut of meat than it once was.

According to the researchers at WebMD, “today’s cuts of pork tenderloin are 31% leaner than 20 years ago.”

That means you won’t have to worry about ingesting too much fat from your pork! You’ll get the same great protein-packed benefits without the extra pounds!

5. Yogurt

I know some of you might cringe at the idea of eating yogurt; sometimes, its taste _can _be a bit of an acquired one. However, you just might want to add some to your diet after reading this.

Studies have shown that eating yogurt not only boosts your calcium levels, but its high protein levels help keep you feeling full!

The International Journal of Obesity published a study that found that those who added yogurt to their healthy diet had “lower body mass index [BMI], lower body weight/weight gain, smaller waist circumference, and lower body fat.”

But, don’t feed into the fat-free craze; those tend to have high amounts of added sugar!

Plus, yogurt is unbelievably versatile. Feeling like you need an extra bite to balance out the creamy? Just add some healthy, protein-filled nuts!

Want a sweet kick to your yogurt?

Add a teaspoon of organic honey; honey is shown to suppress the appetite and even burn fat during the night! Hey, look! You just got three food tips for the prince of one!

Fiber-boosting yogurts are also very helpful in burning excess fat! Fiber not only keeps you regular, but it also keeps you full! No hunger, no extra fat gain!

If you’re lactose intolerant, like 65% of the world’s population, try almond, coconut, or oat-based yogurt instead!

6. Salmon

Salmon, like most fish, is a great option for fat loss. Not only is it high in protein, but it contains the only kind of good fat there is: Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These are vital to your body’s ability to function properly, and some studies have found that Omega-3s may help boost your metabolism, helping you burn fat faster!

But one thing is clear. Protein has been shown to help you lose weight when paired with carb cutbacks and exercise. And salmon has a ton of it!

Studies such as this one published in The Journal of Nutrition state that protein is actually a MUST for weight loss and maintenance!

However, again, make sure to limit your intake of salmon, and the next fish on this list, as all fish are known to contain some level of mercury. Consuming too much mercury could be detrimental to your overall health.

7. Tuna Fish

If the smell of this one doesn’t turn you off too much, tuna fish could be another excellent addition to your diet. Now, I should mention, when I say “addition,” I mean more of a substitution.

You shouldn’t be eating the unhealthy foods you already eat and then simply adding even more calories to the mix. You’re going to want to replace things like processed cold cuts and carb-filled pastas with these low-carb, fat-burning foods.

Okay, digression terminated! Let’s get back on track!

Tuna fish has been shown to aid in weight loss very quickly on a restrictive diet. A medically reviewed report on Healthline [] found that tuna will provide you with “rapid weight loss” on a “restrictive” diet.

This diet is not the best, though, since it’s basically just water and tuna. However, the effects can still be learned from. If you maintain a healthy diet and simply replace tuna with a processed ham sandwich, for example, you may be able to retain some of those awesome fat loss benefits!

especially nice when mixed with zero carb, fat-burning mayonnaise.

Yes, I know it contains fat, but mayo is a good way to provide your body with more energy to burn if you’re going to try a low-carb diet. You can’t entirely rely on protein.

Trust me, that’ll make you gain weight and mess up your tummy’s smooth operations, if you know what I mean.


An excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars, fruits are a must for a healthy, fat-busting diet! Plus, they taste wonderful!


Even healthy fruits can cause weight gain if eaten in high amounts. Recall those natural sugars? Any sugar ingested in high amounts can create fat in your body, even if it’s natural or naturally-derived.

food 2

8. Avocados

Yes. Avocados are fruits. I know, I know. They make guacamole and aren’t sweet. But, they’ve got a big ole seed inside them, so they are in fact fruits.

So, why avocados?

These smooshy green fruits are high in fiber, low in calories, and contain those good fats we spoke of earlier, Omega-3s!

A published Harvard Medical School study actually showed that low-fat diets aren’t much better for weight loss than high-fat, and that adding healthy fats like avocados is great for long-term weight loss!

9. Grapefruit

I know that these may be a bit too bitter for some, but if you can manage to get past the puckering, adding grapefruits can be a godsend for your fat-burning goals.

This citrus fruit is low in sugar and high in Vitamin C. We already know why its low-sugar content is good, but what’s so good about Vitamin C besides immune health?

Well, this water-soluble vitamin is able to water-down fat stored in the body, helping it to leave via the renal system!

A Berkley Research study published in PLOS ONE, a peer-reviewed journal, “found that mice fed a high-fat diet gained 18 percent less weight when they drank clarified, pulp-free grapefruit juice compared with…mice that drank water.”

However, as with all fruits, you’re going to want to vie for either the whole fruit or a no sugar added juice, rather than its sugar-filled juice-counterpart. Fruit juice is usually loaded with added sugars, effectively wiping away the benefits of fruit.

10. Pears

At only 110 calories for a medium-sized pear, this grainy little snack is perfect for sweet-tooth’s out there looking to lose fat. Since it has such a high concentration of water ( 84%, for those who were wondering), pears will keep you both hydrated and feeling full!

In addition, the skin is packed with filling fiber and many important vitamins and nutrients, so make sure not peel it off and toss it in the trash!

11. Tomatoes

Here’s another food many mistake for a vegetable due to its uses and non-sugary flavor. But, the acidic, versatile tomato is actually a fruit!

An excellent hunger suppressing snack, tomatoes were found by the Keck Medicine of USC to be a “high-volume’ food, which means they have high amounts of water, air, and fiber.”

So, if you’re feeling hungry throughout the day, just pop some cherry tomatoes or slice up a beefsteak to satisfy those cravings between meals!

12. Berries

Not only are berries numerous and beautiful; these little guys are an excellent sweet snack to kick your fat to the curb.

Instead of grabbing a handful of skittles or leftover holiday candy, clean yourself a cup of nature’s candy! All berries are also high in Vitamin C and potassium, which are both able to burn fat fast in the body!

The Harvard School of Medicine [] also published a study that found that berries, especially blueberries and strawberries, aid in heart health. The study determined that “women who ate the fewest blueberries and strawberries were at increased risk of heart attack.”

And an unhealthy heart usually leads to a fatty body!

But, just like the aforementioned fruit juice trap, steer clear of berry jams and jellies.

Unless you make them yourself or know there’s no added sugars, jams and jellies could do more harm than good. They tend to have a butt-load of added sugar, making them pointless to your fat-loss goals.

13. Hot Peppers

Now, you can also feel free to add regular bell peppers to your diet, as they are an awesome food to burn excess fat and stave off your cravings. But, the reason we’re talking about _hot _peppers specifically is for their added spice.

Studies cited by Harvard Medical School show that adding spicy foods, specifically hot peppers, help your metabolism work much quicker to burn off excess fat. The feeling of “spice” comes from capsaicin, a chemical found in hot peppers that burns fat even when your body is at rest!

So, hot peppers combine the filling qualities of regular peppers with the powerful punch of capsaicin to attack your body’s fat from both angles!


Similar to fruits, vegetables are an awesome food group to incorporate into your diet simply for their overall health benefits. They are high in fiber and many other nutrients that help your body maintain all of its healthy functions!

Plus, (most) veggies don’t have the high levels of sugar contained in fruits, so you can usually go a bit heavier on your intake of them without the worry of excess, fat-building sugar!

food 3

14. Broccoli

This one goes back to the good old days of childhood, back when your parents told you to eat your greens! Well, they were on the right track.

Broccoli is not just filling; it also helps your body digest the foods you’ve already eaten while also helping you stay regular!

Plus, broccoli is one of those all-important dark greens you always hear about. That means, it’ll provide you with important vitamins – such as Vitamin C and K – and minerals – like nerve-protecting potassium and blood-building iron.

A medically reviewed report from Better Me has corroborated studies showing that folks who eat broccoli on a regular basis actually have less dangerous belly fat!

15. Mushrooms

These little capped plants are technically not plants at all, so they’re technically not vegetables, either.

Mushrooms are actually part of the kingdom of fungi. However, as to not just place them in their own little category all by themselves, we’ve put them into veggies for ease of reading!

Mushrooms are not only high in fiber and low in calories; they’ve also got essential B vitamins and chitin, a good carb only found in meats!

Plus, a study published in FASEB Journal found that mushrooms’ low glycemic index has helped young people lose belly fat and stay fit! So, if you’re interested in vegetarian or vegan diets, mushrooms are an excellent, fat-burning substitute!

Mushrooms are also low in sodium, so eating them won’t make your body retain water and appear to gain weight.

Plus, studies show that Vitamin D, which is found in our little fungi friends, actually helps you lose weight, especially if you have a Vitamin D deficiency, which about a billion people all over the world do.

Now, I personally love mushrooms! I could eat any kind all day long, raw or cooked!

But, mushrooms seem to be a bit of a love it or hate it “vegetable,” so if you simply can’t stand them, just mince them up really small and add them to a dish filled with other veggies!

You’ll barely notice them and you’ll still get their awesome benefits!

16. Asparagus

Like many of the foods on this list, asparagus helps your body burn fat because of its high fiber and water content. However, what makes asparagus different is a special chemical it has: asparagine.

According to the NCIB, since it promotes muscle growth, asparagine actually is directly responsible for breaking down fat in the body!

Though this amino acid is found in a few vegetables and even animal products, it is highly concentrated in asparagus. That’s actually where those stick veggies got their name from!

Plus, asparagus has other chemicals housed within its stalks that get rid of the body’s waste, thereby lowering the amount of fat that can be stored!

17. Kale, Spinach, Parsley, and Other Dark Leafy Greens

You’ve certainly heard this one before. We all know how important dark, leafy greens are to the body.

They contain a host of nutrients such as Vitamin C, A, K, antioxidants, calcium, iron, and folate (which is especially good for pregnant women).

However, they are also stuffed with water and fiber, while additionally being low in calories, carbs, and sugar! That makes them the perfect food for your fat-burning wishes!

Studies also show that dark, leafy greens, especially parsley, help reduce inflammation in the body, promoting even more weight loss!

If you wanna knock this whole one out in one shot, just make yourself a nice, big salad! Just don’t add any of those creamy, sugary dressings.

Stick with olive oil and vinegar, instead!

18. Carrots

Not only do carrots contain nutrients that protect and strengthen your vision. They are also low in calories and high in a slew of other fat-burning nutrients!

Plus, according to the non-profit health establishment Fisher-Titus, carrots contain liver-cleansing Vitamin A, so your body will be able to work in tip-top shape to burn that fat away!

I personally love carrots because they’re sweet and also take a long time to eat! I could find myself chewing away on one carrot stick for a couple of minutes!

No other snack can boast such a low-ingest rate, except maybe a very chewy piece of steak (which contains too much fat, so don’t eat that)!

19. Sweet Potatoes

Despite their name, sweet potatoes actually have a low glycemic index.

That means that their sugar levels are low enough to promote healthy blood sugar.

According to studies published in Everyday Health, the low sugar content of sweet potatoes is great for those with Type-2 diabetes! And with less sugar in the blood comes lower levels of fat!

Sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of fiber and water, both of which will improve your bodily functions and keep you feeling fuller longer!

Just don’t start adding marshmallows to them, unless it’s Thanksgiving; you can have one cheat day!

20. Pumpkin

No, pumpkin is not just for the fall! Pumpkin is an excellent carb to add to your diet simply because it will still fill you up without packing on the excess carbs found in things like rice and mashed potatoes.

Consuming pumpkin – and no, pumpkin spiced lattes DON’T count – is also a great way to maintain fiber levels in your body!

According to nutrition expert Caroline Kaufman, “there’s seven grams of fiber in a cup of canned pumpkin. That’s more than what you’d get in two slices of whole-grain bread. “

So, switch out nutritionless white bread for some fresh cubes of pumpkin during your next meal!


Beverages can either be the savior or downfall of your fat loss journey.

If you refuse to believe those caramel macchiatos and fizzy sodas don’t have any calories or carbs, that they simply can’t be adding to your body fat,

I’m sorry, but you are very wrong. Such drinks are FILLED with sugar, and hence, filled with fat-building properties.

However, if you replace those drinks with the following, you’ll find the pounds pour away!

food 4

21. Water

Of course, water is essential for all life.

If you’re not drinking at least 10 cups of pure, preferably filtered (so, non-bottled) water every day, you are doing your body a disservice and – according to many studies, including one from Johns Hopkins University – simply not helping it burn as much fat as it can.

So, although water itself doesn’t contain more than trace amounts of nutrients, it is devoid of calories and carbs. And, it still manages to fill you up!

So, next time you feel a craving coming on, just pour yourself a big glass of water!

22. Lemon Water

Lemon water is not to be confused with lemonade. The latter contains high amounts of sugar and sometimes no real lemon, while the former is fresh lemon juice devoid of all added sugar!

Lemon water, though not all that different from plain water in its fat-burning abilities, is another great choice for a thirst-quenching drink!

However, a study published by The Today Show suggests that lemons’ polyphenol content may actually boost your metabolism!

I personally feel that it’s more filling than regular water, though, _and _it’s got more nutrients, like Vitamin C! Plus, it’s so much more refreshing!

23. Hot Broth

Now, this could be chicken or vegetable broth; both contain helpful nutrients that keep your body working properly. However, I’d stay away from beef broth as it contains high levels of sodium.

Though studies haven’t proven the effectiveness of broth at burning fat, I’ve personally found that hot broth is a great tool for staving off hunger, as are hot liquids in general!

So, instead of eating a bowl of chips, heat up some broth to keep you satisfied in between meals.

You can even add some spices and veggies to spruce up its flavor and fat-burning capacity!

24. Unsweetened Tea

Now, as long as your tea contains no added sugar, you’re pretty much good to go with this beverage.

Enjoyed as both a cold and hot drink, tea will not just keep you feeling full. Many kinds of tea contain extra, fat-burning benefits!

My favorite tea, one that I actually can’t imagine living without, is green tea. Whenever I feel hungry, or simply the kind of bored where I know I’m just gonna start eating everything in sight, I boil some water and have a cup of green tea.

I prefer matcha or jasmine, but it’s up to your preference! It’s a calorie-free liquid, so it’s sure to keep you full!

Though green tea on its own hasn’t been proven to burn fat, a Consumer Reports study backs its metabolic boosting powers, which could also help you lose fat when paired with a healthy diet!

It also contains antioxidants, which clean out toxins from your body!

25. Seltzer

This is a great option for those who love the bubbly greatness of soda but don’t want all that sugar anymore. Not even diet soda can boast the same benefits as seltzer.

Diet soda, though it has no calories, contains harmful sugar-substitutes that have been shown to be a link to cancer and other irreversible diseases.

Seltzer offers burp-inducing bubbles while also keeping your fat levels low!

Again, as it’s a carbonated beverage, it’ll make you feel full!

Not to mention, it comes in a slew of refreshing, non-sugary flavors!

26. Apple Cider Vinegar

Now, this one is normally meant to be added to water as it’s very acidic. However, I’ve been known to drink a tablespoon of straight apple cider vinegar every now and again!

Although it hasn’t been proven to burn fat, I find that apple cider vinegar is excellent at staving off hunger.

A few hours after dinner, I tend to get hungry again. But, reaching for a midnight snack isn’t exactly a fat-burning exercise, so I go for some apple cider vinegar instead.

This makes me feel full REALLY fast, and therefore, I don’t find myself looking for snacks that my body won’t need to use as energy while I’m asleep.

27. Coffee (in small amounts)

Now, I say in small amounts because, if you’re anything like me, just a few too many drops of coffee every day will wreak havoc on your sleep.

I also certainly don’t mean those sugar-filled coffees we all love from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

When I say coffee, I mean straight black coffee. Not only does it keep you feeling full, especially cold brew I’ve found.

A ScienceDaily study shows that coffee stimulates something called “brown fat,” which generates heat within the body, effectively burning calories and fat!

28. Vegetable Juice (Preferably Spicy)

Although we’ve specifically told you to stay away from fruit juice, vegetable juices don’t tend to be as bad for you. In fact, if you find one with no added sugar – which shouldn’t be too hard – vegetable juice can be an awesome fat-loss option!

Veggie juice combines all of those great benefits we spoke of before in relation to vegetables while providing the convenience of a beverage!

Some brands even sell spicy ones, which can help boost your metabolism and burn fat even faster!


Whether you’re interested in a more plant-based diet or simply want to add more fat-burning foods to your meat-based diet, you must consider legumes!

These include nuts, beans, and seeds, and their buttered versions!

Studies have shown that adding just a cup of legumes to your daily diet could help you lose body weight!

food 5

29. Chickpeas

Chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo Beans, not only taste amazing.

They are chock-full of fiber and protein. That means just a few will keep you feeling full for quite a while!

So, instead of reaching for a piece of bread to hold you over before dinner, why not have some nutritious chickpeas, instead?

30. Fava Beans

Just like all legumes, fava beans contain high amounts of protein and fiber.

However, they are also quite low in calories and carbs compared to the others, making them an excellent choice for a filling, low-maintenance snack, or substitute for meat in vegan diets!

Plus, fava beans may even help strengthen your bones, boost your immunity, and help check some symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and Anemia!

Though not directly linked with fat loss, all of these impressive benefits can make it easier for those who suffer from such ailments to participate in fat-burning exercises.

31. Black Beans

According to Medical News Today, black beans’ high fiber and protein content both aid in fat loss and prevention. But, you may not have known that black beans also have no cholesterol, which is good for your entire body.

Therefore, switching from refried beans to black beans on your family’s taco night can help you stay away from the carb-heavy rice that’s most likely made with the meal!

32. Almonds

Though almonds may be considered a boring member of the nut family, they actually have some awesome fat-burning benefits.

Not only do they contain fiber and protein, but almonds contain a certain chemical that prevents excess fat from being stored in the body!

The Journal of American Heart Association actually suggests that “substituted for a high‐carbohydrate snack, [almonds] may be a simple dietary strategy to prevent the onset of cardiometabolic diseases in healthy individuals.”

Plus, they’re super versatile! Almond butter can be a great substitute for peanut butter in those allergic to peanuts, only!

Again, many almond brands now sell flavored almonds, which are all fine for your fat-loss goals as long as they aren’t coated in sugar!

33. Chia Seeds

Out of all other seeds, chia seeds are linked most to boosting fat loss! They’re no longer just a nice pet plant for your room (remember? Cha-cha-cha-CHIA!)

Chia seeds are tiny little seeds that pack a huge protein punch! Just 2 tablespoons contain nearly 40% of protein recommended for daily consumption!

And they’re not just filling! They also contain muscle-building properties, thereby reducing the amount of fat in the body!

34. Lentils

Perfect for hearty soups, lentils are excellent at what they do.

Of course, they contain protein and fiber like all other legumes.

In fact, The Journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism found “that lentils have an appetite-lowering effect.”

But, lentils are also a lot quicker to make! That means you’ll be able to enjoy a highly filling, highly nutritious snack in a snap!


Now, you’re going to want to be careful with grains in your fat-loss-focused journey.

Although in moderation, the following grains could be helpful, if overeaten or mixed with high levels of sugar, their benefits could end up becoming detriments!

food 6

35. Oats

Ever made oatmeal?

Well, if you have, you know how much oats expand when mixed with water.

This is exactly what happens when you eat oats! They expand in your stomach, coating it while making you feel like you’ve eaten more than you actually have!

That’s why, when consumed in moderation, plain cooked oats are an excellent source of soluble fiber, which will help you feel full and lower your bad cholesterol!

Just make sure you stay away from that sugary stuff, you know, instant oatmeal filled with brown sugar and fruit flavoring? In fact, the Harvard School of Public Health encourages the consumption of steel-cut (or Irish) oats over the others for their low sugar content and weight loss benefits!

36. Quinoa

As opposed to oats, quinoa contains insoluble fiber, which means it can’t dissolve in water.

It’s also awesome at reducing the amount of sugar in the blood and aiding in digestion! However, it is not carb-free as some may have you believe.

But, quinoa is a great substitute for white rice with a meal! It contains fewer calories, carbs, and more protein than rice! In fact, Live Science points out that quinoa is “one of the only plant foods that supply complete protein, offering all essential amino acids in a healthy balance.”

So, replacing a ⅓ cup of white rice with a ¼ cup of quinoa will keep you just as full while also aiding in your body’s fat-burning activities!

37. Sorghum

Just like the other grains in this list, sorghum is an excellent source of fiber.

It’ll keep you feeling full while also lowering your glycemic index.

Both of these will help you eat less and burn more fat! Plus, a medically reviewed report by Healthline also points out that sorghum contains many B vitamins “which play an essential role in metabolism.”

However, sorghum has more fiber than most other grains found in your commonplace cereal mixes.

Further, it contains 22 grams of protein per cup! That’s nearly as much as you’ll find in the same amount of chicken.

Along with its fullness-inducing properties, sorghum also gives you energy while promoting bone and heart health, allowing you to participate in fat-burning exercises more easily.

Cooking Condiments

No, unfortunately, you’re not going to see ketchup in this section. That being said, there are other condiments that aren’t packed with sugar that’ll help you burn some fat while flavoring your food.

food 7

38. Hot Sauce

I know, I know! Some people’s tongues simply cannot handle such spice! But, for those who can, you’re gonna want to try using hot sauce instead of other sugar-filled condiments.

Hot sauce has no carbs, basically no calories, and actually speeds up your metabolism. Remember capsaicin from earlier? Well, since the hot sauce is made with peppers, it contains this all-powerful fat loss booster!

Adding just a few drops of hot sauce to your favorite meals will help speed up your metabolism, suppress your hunger, and send you running for water!

39. Spices

As is supported by research published in the U.S National Library of Medicine, basically any spice you have in your cupboard will have some medicinal, anti-inflammatory and fat-burning properties. So, let’s go through a few you can easily add to your diet!

Turmeric is a beautiful yellow spice that has actually been shown to halt the growth of fat in the body.

Fragrant cinnamon and cardamom are not just must-haves for fall; they have also been shown to burn visceral fat, boost metabolism, and lower blood sugar levels! And garlic powder is known to help you gain more energy and quicken your metabolism, thereby burning calories and shedding fat!

40. Mustard

Remember ketchup’s less popular cousin? Well, although mustard is usually not the preferred barbeque condiment, you may want to replace it with the sugary red one we all love so much.

Mustard is free of carbs and added sugar (unless it’s honey mustard, which in that case, you should steer clear of) and very low in calories, making it a much healthier replacement for ketchup.

But, it’s also a bit spicy and contains capsaicin, so, according to Dr. Marylin Glenville, a published nutritionist, “mustard can accelerate thermogenesis, which is the process your body uses to convert fat stores into heat.”

41. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great addition to a meal for anyone, not just those looking to lose fat. According to a Healthline [] article published by Dr. Ruairi Robertson, it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which actually help you burn fat!

And, it’s good for your overall heart health and levels of sugar in the blood!

But, whatever you do, DO NOT use this for cooking.

Although you may think olive oil is a great substitute for cooking oils, its chemical formula is simply not safe when heated.

As it gets hotter, olive oil releases carcinogenic gases into the air, which can potentially lead to cancer as you breathe them in.

So, if you’re going to add olive oil to your diet, make sure it’s only as a drizzle for salad or on top of an already-cooked meal!

Fatless Finish


You did it!

Now you know all about the awesome foods (and drinks) you can try to burn off that stubborn belly fat you hate so much.

Whatever it was that caught your attention, feel free to try it in place of those fatty, sugary snacks we’ve all been programmed to love.

1First, Just remember everything in moderation, even healthy snacks.

Second, you have to make sure to pair these new foods with a sufficient amount of heart-pumping daily exercise and restful sleep.

So, without any more fuss, go grab your reusable shopping bag and head over to the grocery store to try out some of these delicious, fat-burning foods!

Happy Fitnessing!

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