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Echelon EX5 Smart Connect

The Echelon EX5 Smart Connect bike is a capable machine. It looks great and delivers exemplary performance and capabilities for its price. In this article, we’ll dissect all its intricacies.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover:

  • About the “Echelon” brand 
  • Pros of the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike
  • Cons of the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike
  • Buyers guide 
  • Benefits of using the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike
  • What others are saying about the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike
  • 3 alternatives to the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike

Let’s begin.

Echelon EX5 Review

Echelon EX-15 Smart Connect Fitness Bike
Echelon EX-15 Smart Connect Fitness Bike
Echelon EX-15 Smart Connect Fitness Bike
  • Enjoy a FREE 30-day trial of the Echelon Premier Membership with access to more than 3,000 live 
  • DESIGN: This bike is designed for everyone and every home. With a modern design and small footprint, the EX-15 Bike provides a high intensive work out without taking over your space
  • FEATURES & PERFORMANCE: 32 levels of silent precise resistance lets you vary your workout intensity 
  • MUSIC: We Don't Play Elevator Music! With a membership, you'll stay energized and motivated with the best music in the industry. 
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We fully stand behind our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our quality or your experience, you are covered for the first 30 days with our satisfaction guaranteed policy and 5-star customer service. 

About the “Echelon” brand

Echelon was an American company founded in 1988 in Santa Clara, California, United States. It’s currently owned and operated by Adesto technologies. It was in the power metering business until late 2014.

It then moved to IoT and fitness products like the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike. The brand is very successful locally and internationally.

Special Features (Pros) of EX5 Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike

1) Form factor

The EX5 is a familiar bike from the Smart connect lineup. It has a heavy-duty steel frame. It measures 53”*20”54”. This compact construction does not compromise your experience!

Instead, every important aspect of the bike is taken care of. To get you a real-like workout, the bike had to be stable.

This is partly the reason for the use of a 13KG flywheel. It’s strategically mounted on the back to enhance stability. It’s heavy and runs almost silently. So you won’t have to worry about disturbing people during those late evening or early morning workouts. It also creates a bold sense of presence.

All the controls are within reach. A light glows to confirm the Bluetooth connection and flickers to indicate disconnection. The bike weighs 122lbs.

It’s hard to single-handedly lift it out of the box. You may need an extra hand. Once on the floor( unless deep-carpeted), it’s easy to move around.

There’s a new smart device holder that replaces the old bracket on the EX3. It looks sleek and holds your phone or tablet in place across a 180-degree angle of freedom. This allows different users to find comfortable viewing angles.

2) Adjustability and Customizability

It was clearly within part of Echelon’s “manifesto” to make the same bike usable for different people. Starting with the handlebars. They are now competition aero-style. Replacing the good old ergonomic-style from the older EX1 and EX3 bikes.

It allows for forward and aft movements. This provides a greater range of motion for most users.

It also makes it easy to extend your arms and legs out. The handlebar height can be easily adjusted. Thanks to a single lever placed along the stem that holds the bars.

It’s easy to use and switching positions typically take under a minute. This allows riders of different heights to enjoy the bike.

The EX5 can support up to 300lbs. This is well within the weight range of the average Joe. The seat is competition-style and well-padded.

This further improves the comfort levels on the bike. It’s also tiltable across 6 inches. Two levers are located right below the seat. They are meant to adjust their horizontal and vertical position.

There are 32 resistance levels. Thanks to the brand new magnetic resistance motor. It’s highly precise and the adjustments are easy to make.

This further accommodates users of different levels. Finally, you get the option of using an adjustable toe cage or SPD-compatible riding shoes. This serves most people.

3) Extras

When momentum picks, so do the levels of endorphins. No one ever wants to pause at this point. You just want to go on and on. Well, the EX5 does its best to help you bring all you need onboard. Firstly, you get a weight holder mounted on the rear. Plus, a pair of FREE dumbbells.

Brand new for this model is a pair of water bottle holders. They are mounted right under the handlebars for easy reach. You also get a detailed user manual that outlines all you need to know about the bike. There’s also some extra “unofficial” real estate to throw in one of those soft microfiber towels.

4) The Echelon Fit App

Echelon is in a very tight spot between budget and industry trends. On the one hand, they push for cheaper hardware. Then again, they also provide a companion app.

This is essential to compete with the likes of Peloton. The app has come a long way. It now offers a better user interface, order, and responsiveness.

You’ll find live, pre-recorded, and on-demand spin classes. You also get access to their Fit Pass program. It packs content that is used off the bike.

These include meditation and yoga. Thankfully, the smart gadget holder can tilt across 180 degrees for better viewing angles off the bike.

Top-in-class content quality and competitive personal trainers smoothen the experience of using the app. There are thousands of videos on the platform.

Each with a special feels to it so that you never miss a challenge. Most of the instructors are audible and easy to keep up with.

The app also opens up an array of inter-device connectivity options. All accessories can be easily paired with the bike. This unlocks more utilities for the bike.

5) Price

The Echelon EX5 is hundreds of dollars cheaper than its main competitor, Peloton. In terms of hardware, it’s really at per. Given that Peloton has been in operation longer, the Peloton app has more content. However, the Echelon Fit app is catching up. Even in price.

They charge the same $39.99 monthly subscription fees for unlimited spin classes and fit pass access.

I think you will likely find all the videos you are looking for on the app. Here’s a list of all Echelon Fit app offers:

  • Monthly FitPass Classes- $19.99
  • Monthly FitPass + Live Classes- $39.99
  • Yearly FitPass Classes- $199.99
  • Yearly FitPass + Live Classes- $399.99
  • 2-Year FitPass Classes- $399.99
  • 2-Year FitPass + Live Classes- $599.99

Echelon also supports payment plans. They have a package for zero deposit and a sub $50 monthly installment. I don’t know about you, but this seems to be a great deal for all our salaried folks.

Drawbacks (Cons) of EX5 Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike

1) Lacks an in-built display

Contrary to most ad pics, the EX5 does not have its own display. Instead, you have to hook one of your own. This may be a deal-breaker for some people.

EX5 Echelon Smart Connect Bike Buyers Guide: Things to consider before buying an Indoor Cycling Bike

We are here to help you get the best smart spin bike for your budget. To this end, let the following factors guide you to an ideal smart spin bike:

1. Price

With smart spin bikes, the quality of components and the software experience largely dictate the price. Higher prices dictate the best of both worlds. The opposite is true for cheaper models. I recommend reputable brands. Largely because they have proven quality, innovation, and customer service.

2. Assembly

A smart spin bike should be easy to put together. The required tools should also be easily available. Fortunately, most manufacturers do include the tools in the box. If you can’t do the assembly, confirm that a trained expert can be found near you.

3. Space/Storage

A spin bike should have extra storage for items like water bottles, weights, and possible towels. This allows you to stay on the bike throughout your sets. It should also occupy an area you can create in the house without much inconvenience.

4. Build & Construction

An ideal smart bike should be made of strong materials. Preferably steel. It should also have a nice paint job. The handlebars and seats should be easily adjustable to tend to different users.

5. HD Display

Depending on your budget, a smart spin bike may or may not come with an in-built display. These screens are typically large and immersive. However, they cost hundreds of dollars more than similarly-specced models that don’t. If you already have a tablet or think getting one would be cheaper, then you don’t need a stock display.

6. Weight Capacity

A spin bike’s weight limit should exceed your weight. This ensures that you don’t distort the frame during high-intensity workouts.  Assuming you already know your weight, check the bike’s limit on the vendor website.

7. Resistance

The flywheel should offer wide resistance levels. This eliminates the need to upgrade to another bike should you get “too fit”.Lol. It also ensures that you can continually challenge your body.

8. Warranty

A free-return policy and at least a 1-year warranty must be part of the package. This signifies the company’s confidence in its products. It also just gives you peace of mind and cuts unnecessary costs.

Benefits of EX5 Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike

  1. It’s stable
  2. It’s well priced and delivers great value
  3. The Echelon Fit App widens your experience ‘
  4. Occupies a small space- can fit in small homes
  5. 32 resistance levels keep you challenged all the time
  6. All important parts are adjustable to suit different individuals

What Others Are Saying About the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike

After scouring the internet for user feedback, I found the general response to be rather positive. Here’s a snip of what some verified users had to say about the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect bike:

One customer said:

Another customer said:

Another customer said:

Alternatives to the Echelon EX5 Smart Connect Bike

If the Echelon EX5 doesn’t fit your bill, the following are other bikes you can opt for:

1. Echelon EX1 Smart Connect Bike- entry alternative 4.5/5

The Echelon EX1 was the first model in the Smart Connect lineup. It is slightly smaller than the EX3. It has a simple outline with beautiful curves. You get a steel frame with a nice black and red paint job.  The bike comes with a 13KG flywheel with 32 levels of resistance. It offers a variety of seat and handlebar positions with simple adjustments.

If you are in the market for a beginner spin bike, then the EX1 is certainly a place to begin. You have an easy-to-use knob-style tension adjustment mechanism. The bike is stable and runs silently.

Key features of the Echelon EX1 Smart Connect Bike

  • Stable
  • Well-priced
  • Durable frame
  • Great build quality
  • Wide resistance levels

Notable differences between the Echelon EX1 and the EX3 Smart Connect bikes

  1. Cheaper
  2. Smaller and lighter
  3. Has no water bottle holder

2.Echelon EX3 Smart Connect Bike- Cheaper alternative 4/5

The EX3 is a worthwhile mid-range smart bike. It comes with a larger seat and wider adjustment angles. It’s small enough to fit in small spaces. At the same time, it also comes with a few extras.

Like the two water bottle holders mounted on the handlebars. It also has an adjustable console to gold your display device- preferably a tablet or large smartphone.

You get ergonomic handlebars with an excellent grip. It’s also fully adjustable to any riding height. The seats are competition-style and can be fully manipulated.

The bike pairs with the Echelon Fit app to expand its capabilities. Overall, its a great equipment for its price.

Key features of the Echelon EX3 Smart Bike

  • Stable
  • Comfortable
  • Echelon Fit App
  • Durable construction
  • A convenient resistance adjustment knob

Notable differences between the Echelon EX3 and EX5 Smart Connect Bikes

  1. Cheaper
  2. Has an older device mount
  3. Has ergonomic in place of competition handlebars

3. Echelon EX5s Smart Connect Bike- Premium alternative 4/5

The EX5s share the same steel frame as the EX5.It also has identical handlebars, pedal system, flywheel, adjustment mechanisms, and seat. The only difference is the 21.5” HD display. It’s touch-responsive, sharp, and bright. From here you can access the Echelon Fit App that connects to the bike via Bluetooth.

It’s a little pricier than the EX5. If you like massive displays, then the EX5s is for you. Otherwise, you can get the cheaper EX5 if you already have a tablet.

Key features of the Echelon EX5s Smart Connect Bike

  • Silent
  • Stable
  • Echelon Fit App
  • Large touchscreen
  • Wide resistance levels
  • Wide power input range from 100V-240V

Notable differences between the Echelon EX5s and EX5 Smart Connect Bikes

  1. Cheaper
  2. Has an in-built display
  3. Check out its current price on Amazon.


Smart spin bikes provide diverse, truly impactful workouts from the comfort of your house. They open up a world of diverse videos, interconnected devices, and varying exercise intensities.

A great smart indoor bike should be strong, stable, and have wide resistance levels.

The Echelon EX5 Smart Connect is made of a strong steel frame. It has a heavy flywheel that keeps it rock solid. It seamlessly pairs with the Echelon Fit app to offer a ton of tutorials and routine videos.

All the while, delivering high value for the dollar. I would recommend it as a primary spin bike.

Congratulations on reading to the end. Do check out more tech and fitness content on our site. Thanks and stay safe!

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