11 Best Dance Workout Videos For Weight Loss you can try today!

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It’s fun to dance while you sweat it out

Working out can be tiring, troublesome, and time-consuming, especially when you are just starting. Luckily, even kids are exercising nowadays.

Dance workout videos get you sweating without missing out on the fun. 

These dance videos will make you be the star of the movie instead of facing reality, which is the spacious section of your living room.

So here’s a list of powerful fat-burning dance workout videos for weight loss that you need to practice today. Don’t forget to add them to your YouTube playlist in case you want to refer to them later. 

1. Hip Hop Dance to Tone Abs

What’s a better way to burn those extra pounds than to shake them off during a solid hip-hop session, right? It helps you connect with your friends, enjoy your favorite music, and stay creative with your moves. 

The best part about the videos is how easy it is for beginners to follow the dancer Danielle Peazer. With this, you tone your abs and get the curves you have been looking for. 

You can easily squeeze in the 7-minute workout into your busy schedule right after you wake up before you sleep, or during a refreshing afternoon break to keep you pumped up throughout the day. 

This is what people have to say about the dance workout video:

 “the BEST workout video ever. I’m doing this workout twice a day, now it’s been over 1 month – I’ve already lost 5lbs & my abs look better than ever. thank you so much, Danielle 😉 oh btw where’s your top from? love it !!”  

“This actually works!! You just have to be consistent.”

“Doing this for almost 3 weeks, at first i have breathing troubles but now there’s a lot of improvement, i can survive in a 24 mins video compilation of dani.”

2. Best Dance Workout Videos For Those Who Love Afrobeats – Afrifitness

If you are looking to kick off some solid HIIT and resistance training without dreading boredom, this one is your best bet to go! 

The best part? Rachael Okesola’s YouTube channel is ruled with Afro B’s “Drogba” and Beyonce’s “Already” to help you stay motivated throughout the video. Although it is a 15-minute video, her effortless teaching skills make it quite fun to work up your entire body. 

By staying consistent with her videos, you can rest assured of getting toned abs, butt, and thighs in no time. This is what people have to say about this workout video: 

“This was great from beginning to end. Yes, to do more strength training.”

“I really loved how you incorporated the dumbbells into this dance workout. I used 5 lbs dumbbells and my shoulders are on fire. The resistance bands workouts that were incorporated into the workout was something new for a dance workout. I loved it especially since I am working on expanding my hips. My glutes were on fire. I went into this workout with the intention of doing a quick lil dance workout cuz running short on time and time to rest the glutes lol. This workout was beyond my expectations thank u. I got. a good sweat in and completed my 3 days of workout this week 🙂 thank u”

3. Best Dance Workout Videos For People Who Love Ballet – Lazy Dancer Tips

Dance can be tough for people who can struggle with balance problems. And that’s exactly what Lazy Dancer Tips aims to solve. The club-inspired routines can help you slow things down and rhythmically dance to ballerina moves. 

Not only is this dance great for weight loss, but it also offers a combination of other workouts to improve strength and flexibility. In addition, the ballet-inspired choreography by Alessia Lugoboni is wired for people with no ballet experience. 

What makes it special is how with little practice, you will get a hold of the exercise movements to help you improve your overall workout routine. This means it’s an excellent opportunity to cut down on procrastination and do something for your health every day.  

The ballerina starts off the video with simple, easy, and fun steps that will get you pumped up to finish the entire video. This is what some of the watchers have to say: 

“I love all your workouts, but I think the simple Centre Classes are my favorite ☺️ I will practice this one until I look as elegant as I feel while doing it! ? Thank you so much!”

“This is brilliant! Slow and accurate – I can focus on the corrections rather than on the choreo (which is always difficult, if you wanna focus on getting the positions right first) Thank you!!”

4. DANCE #LIKENINA | 40-minute Reebok x Les Mills BODYJAM Workout – Les Mills

Looking for a complete dance video to replace your gym session? Les Mills has partnered with Reebok to create a 40-minute video carrying the highly popular and effective ways to lose weight dancing. 

In the video, you will also get to see your favorite Vampire Diaries’ actress Nina Dobrev collaborating on a BODYJAM workout to make your workouts second to none. And that was just the fun part. 

All the video members are certified experts chosen to deliver a powerful cardio dance workout that you can do right at the comfort of your home. So whether it is a quick break from remote work or simply when you have friends over, this video is the epitome of the ideal video to get your sweat dripping and body jamming to some of the best Hip-hop, Trap, and Bass electronic dance music. 

This is what some of their watchers have to say.

“Doing this workout after getting out of a very emotional and toxic relationship for two years. This made me feel so alive after months of feeling dead inside.”

“I’m a 50 year old man, and I LOVE this dance workout. I just shut the door and freak out all on my own. Probably look completely ridiculous, but what the hell I love it. This is not my kind of music but when I’m dancing to it I love it. I can’t wait for the neighbours to go back to work so I can turn up the volume. I haven’t found anything else on youtube as good as this.”

5. 30-Minute Hip-Hop Glutes and Core Workout With Mike Peele

The goal of dancing is to feel alive, give it your all, and push yourself to be active without judging your moves. This 30-minute Hip-hop glute and core workout is an ideal way to have fun at home and get in better shape. 

The hip-hop-based choreography, if done right, can yield you the results that you have been craving. Once you watch this video, there is no way you are ever stopping from jamming to vigorous workouts. 

You can do this workout thrice a week and tone your glute and core in no time. 

This is what people have to say about Mike Peele. 

“Hip-hop dance lovers, look no further: Mike Peele is motivating and energetic, and he actually uses current music for his workouts. This choreography-based dance workout is best for individuals with at least a bit of experience with dance or dance fitness. The last eight minutes are dedicated to strength training moves like squats and planks, in addition to a cool-down to really round out your workout.” 

“Smiling eyes, encouraging voice, and the best hip-hop technique I’ve ever seen…Well done, sunny guy! Looking forward to the next dance challenge. :)”

6. Disney Mix | At Home Dance Workout With Warm Up and Cool Down | Family Friendly Fitness

If you can’t squeeze in time for gym or dance studio, you can at least get your heart pumping and fat shredding with this outstanding Disney Mix at Home dance Workout video. The studio has been raved by most people thinking of entering the world of fitness and needs to stay consistent to do so.

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As it is Disney-themed, this workout is made for people with every age group. These 40 minutes are packed with high-energy workouts, motivational instructors, and fun themes that will help you stick to the video till the end. 

This can be a great way to challenge yourself without making it a chore.  

“This is one of my favorite workouts ever <3 Please do a part 2 someday, I love your style mixed with Disney, it just makes me feel so happy during and after the workout!”

“I wasn’t feeling motivated to workout today, but this workout made me excited! Love from Texas ?”

7. Best Dance Workout Videos For Zumba Lovers – Zumba France By Alix

Alix’s videos excel at giving you a studio-like experience right at the comfort of your home. The 3-minute long videos are short of grabbing your attention, get you in the mood, and offer you o a wide range of next videos to choose from. 

The inspiring personality of Alix can easily feel motivated to stick to your goals without compromising on your other precious tasks. This is what others have to say about Alix. 

“Wow amazing track and the choreography”

“I love this choreo! I’ll have to add this to my class routine! ????”

8. AFRICAN DANCE WORKOUT 20 min (FUN!!) | Afrifitness | No equipment

The Afrobeats of this video can get you in the mood in no time! Afrifitness delves deep into African-specific dance videos that aim to shed stubborn pounds. From the start to finish, you will get to explore a hardcore cardio workout that triggers many parts of the body. 

As the dance is mainly freestyle, you won’t have much trouble keeping up with their energetic steps. This is what others have to say about the dance: 

“This was the first time I actually had fun working out instead of suffering through it. Thank you so much! :)”

“There is literally no other type of dance that makes me as sweaty and happy like african dance, thankyou soo much for these workouts i love them so much! Bless u and African culture ❤️”


Let Leilah teach you how to do a solid calorie-burning workout in just 20 minutes. From the Shakira-like belly dance to smooth transitions, the dance workout is for everyone trying to gain motivation to get into the fitness world. 

Just like this one, most of her videos follow unique dance experiences that will help you add variety to your dance workouts. This is what people have to say about Leilah: 

“The difference between how I feel before the workout and after the workout is amazing. I can really feel the difference mentally- Your videos make me so happy. Thank you!”

“I’m so happy I’ve discovered this channel! Great videos Leilah 🙂 Due to the lockdown here in NYC I’m unable to get to my belly dancing class that I love and miss so much. I’ve been doing these workouts at home and I find them amazing. This really is the best lower ab workout ???”

10. Best Dance Workout Videos For Barre Lovers – DanceFIT University

If you are looking for a more professional video, this one by DanceFit University can help. It is inspired by Barre and Zumba with its music selection in most pop music. However, this video is for people with intermediary experience in dance. But you can also pull off some of the dance moves as Jessica, the dancer breaks down every single step to make it easier for you to keep up throughout the video. 

This is what people have to say about DanceFit University. 

“This is fantastic!  My first time with Barre and this just speaks to me so much more than the other strength trainings I have tried.  I am also a Zumba/Zumba Gold instructor so perhaps the fusion of dance with strength is why this works so much better for me.  Thank you so much for this!  It is SO important for women to do strength training, but I have hated everything else I have tried. Wishing I’d taken ballet as a child…”

“This has absolutely got to be the BEST barre workout out there on the internet! You work every single muscle in your body and there is a mix of intensities throughout the workout, with a perfect balance between stretching, cardio and resistance moves. I definitely worked up a sweat, but the workout was also upbeat enough so that I didn’t even realise that I’d been exercising for an entire hour. Last but not least, the music was amazing :)”

So, What’s Next?

The benefit of these fun and fuelling dance workout videos will be one of the best things that happened to during a Pandemic. And you can be your next favourite thing once you decide to stay committed to them. You can begin watching the videos and experiment with different dance styles to find out the one that perfectly resonates with your needs. 

Once all that is set, create a playlist of your favourite dance videos and practice them at least five times a week to see actual results. 

Good luck!

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