12 Drinks that Burn Fat While Sleeping!

A bulging belly poking out of your favorite partywear is probably your worst nightmare. We are often told to follow a rigid eating plan and lift weights to lose belly fat but it’s easier said than done.

Recently, a lot has been published on losing belly fat while you sleep. Now, that sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

I mean you don’t have to follow any diet plan or an extensive workout routine, what could be better than that?

I’m sure you’ve heard of numerous ways you can burn fat while sleeping. From advice to recipes, it’s all over the internet. But the real question is: do they really work?

A simple answer would be: yes, of course, they do.

Having a soothing beverage before you hit the bed can not only calm your nervous system but surely help you lose stubborn fat as well. How you may ask?

When you don’t get enough peaceful sleep, your metabolism speed rate decreases, which, as a result, drains your energy throughout the day.

Having an improper sleeping schedule can also affect your blood’s insulin and sugar level, causing you to overeat and decrease the total number of calories you burn each day.

Here, we have created a list of drinks that not only elevates your sleeping experience but are also packed with nutrients that can help you burn fat while sleeping.

So, let’s have a look at these.

Burn Fat While Sleeping with these Drinks

1. Chamomile tea

This drink has probably more benefits than you may think. The sedatives present in the chamomile tea has made this drink an official drug in the pharmacopeias of 26 countries. It works by making you sleepy right after you finish your teacup.

Chamomile tea increases the body’s glycine level which is a neurotransmitter used to relax your nervous system and eventually calm your body into sleeping.

In addition to that, researchers have concluded that camomile tea contains certain components that modulate carbohydrate digestion and the absorption of sugar. As a result, it controls glucose levels and gradually leads to weight loss.

2. Cucumber, Lemon, and Parsley Water

What distinguishes this drink from the rest of the detoxifying waters is the fat-burning properties of the ingredients. Firstly, parsley is a natural diuretic which helps to combat water weight and retention.

Vitamins A, B, C, and K present in parsley adds an extra layer of goodness to an ordinary drink.

Cucumber, on the hand, has few calories and carries zero fat whatsoever. By adding a squeeze of a citrusy lemon to your drink, you will not only speed up your metabolism to shed rapid pounds, but it will elevate the overall taste of the drink as well – making this an ideal choice to drink right after dinner and before sleeping.

3. Kefir

If you have heard of kefir, you definitely must have known it by countless benefits this drink can yield to your body. However, if you haven’t, there’s a lot you’re missing out in life.

This milk has gone through great researchers to come to a conclusion that the probiotics present in kefir can modulate gut microbiota and inhibits lipogenesis and activates fatty acid oxidation – result in a dramatic fat burn.

The rich thinner-than-yogurt-like texture is packed with probiotic bacteria and calcium to give the healthiest way to lose weight while sleeping.

It is recommended to make low-fat kefir a part of your daily diet if you are serious about losing belly fat. But be careful with this remedy as too much kefir can actually do the opposite and make you gain weight!

4. Ginger tea

Ginger tea can be a great way to calm your mind before a good night’s sleep. If you are someone who is prone to feeling bloated right after dinner, it’s essential to incorporate a piping hot cup of ginger into your diet.

The drink works by improving your digestive health, which, in turn, gets rid of wasteful toxics that accelerates your weight loss journey. However, if you are someone who suffers from high blood pressure, ginger tea may not be the best option for you.

If you add a little lemon to your ginger tea, it will be even more beneficial for your metabolism. It has been found that both these ingredients act as appetite suppressants and hence aid in quick weight loss.

5. Protein Shake

Modern-day protein shakes aren’t just for bodybuilders. Protein shakes are filled with amino acid tryptophan which is responsible for decreasing cortisol levels (in effect, reduces fat content in the body).

By drinking a glass of protein shake every night, you can increase the slow metabolic rate to make your body shed fat even when you’re sleeping.

This effect is actually backed by scientific studies in which soy was compared to casein, which is a type of slow-digesting dairy protein. However, you might have to wait for 6 to 12 months before actually seeing any solid difference in your weight.

6. Water

While drinking any tea, coffee or juice can increase a few calories, water, on the other hand, doesn’t affect your calorie intake at all. In fact, drinking water is known your speed up the general functions of the body and give a more restorative sleep.

One of the many reasons why you feel sleepy during the daytime can have a lot to do with dehydration. Therefore drinking water will enable you to stay active throughout the day and help you sleep like a baby at night.

However, make sure you don’t gulp a full 1-liter water bottle at once before sleeping, that way, you may have to take a few (or maybe more) trips to the bathroom after 20 minutes. Hence, drink small frequent amounts of water throughout the entire day.

7. Grape Juice

A 100% fresh and pure grape juice contains a pack of antioxidants and simple carbs that can trigger insulin secretion and turn calorie storing fat into calorie-burning fat overnight.

Regulating your insulation level can improve your circadian rhythms that are responsible for everything your body does from making you feel sleepy to when your immune cells are most energized.

8. Aloe Vera Juice

According to Ayurveda experts, aloe vera juice had the potential to eliminate several illnesses and nourish your body inside out. Drinking aloe vera juice at bedtime will help you shed extra fat naturally.

A book published about Healing Food states that the properties present in aloe vera juice can balance intestinal flora which, as a result, help combat parasites from the digestive tract.

As it does this, you alleviate any chances of weight gain that can occur due to digestive problems.

9. Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is loaded with unlimited beneficial properties like detoxifying antioxidants and antibiotics to give a rapid metabolism boost while you sleep.

This convocation works to detoxify the body and burn fat while you peacefully sleep at night. For an added flavor, you can combine it with a dash of honey too.

Cinnamon not only gives your metabolism a healthy boost but also serves to regulate blood sugar levels.

It is recommended to drink it in large amounts to actually see some positive results. But as an excess of everything is bad, you have to be extremely careful with this beverage.

10. Pineapple Juice

There is no way on earth you can ever list down the benefits pineapple juice can add to your health and, not to mention, the mouth-watering tangy taste which will naturally entice you to drink it every night.

This fresh fiber rich, low-calorie juice adds a proud value to your weight loss goals. You can also add a squeeze of lemon and a few slices or chunks of pineapple juice to amplify the overall effects on your body.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that is used to trigger weight loss by accelerating metabolism, lessening appetite and burn stubborn fat (especially in your waist)

Reachers have done a study of vinegar on 144 obese adults by asking them to consume 2 tablespoons of diluted vinegar per day.

After 3 months, the obese adults noticed a significant difference in their fat and waist circumference.

12. Vegetable Juice

Just like fruit juices help promote a healthy weight gain, vegetable juices have the opposite effect.

If you drink a glass of vegetable juice every night, you can decrease carb intake and increase vegetable consumption giving you a healthier choice to reduce weight.

Most vegetable juices are low in calories and high in fiber content. This combination is ideal for losing weight at a much faster rate.


Incorporating fat burning drinks into your healthy weight loss regime can surely amp up the process of reaching your fitness goal.

With the help of the drinks mentioned above, you not only lose a tremendous amount of weight while sleeping but will add a nutritional boost into your daily diet as well.

So what are you waiting for, pick your favourite drink and hit the kitchen right away!

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