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As a dedicated gym goer and a fitness enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for high-quality workout clothes. However, finding sportswear that is both stylish and inexpensive is not as easy as a piece of cake.

Yeah,  It may be quite challenging, but you can call me an expert!


I have been purchasing workout apparel for the past 10 years. My wardrobe is literally made up of 80% of workout clothes. I run, lift weights, try workout programs, and perform aerobics— all in my workout apparel.

Well, I was looking to add up a quality pair of leggings to my wardrobe. However, I have spent a couple of months in my search for great exercise leggings, I came upon Fabletics, and I have tried a ton of stuff since then. So, today, in this Fabletics review, I will go over all the information to help you determine if Fabletics clothing is worth it or not.

Read on till the end for Fabletics Reviews and details!

What is Fabletics?

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded Fabletics with the coordination of Kate Hudson. They noticed a need in the sportswear industry and hence created Fabletics in 2013.

Fabletics promises gorgeous yet comfy clothes made to keep up with your lifestyles, such as brilliantly printed leggings, attractively designed tops, and innovative patterns. What’s more? They also have stylish sneakers, sweatshirts, and other sets.


In fact, Fabletics believed that there were lots of premium companies but none of them offered attractive and high-quality clothing at an affordable price specially made for sports.

If you want to check out their collections, you can easily browse the Fabletics collection online or in stores which allows you to purchase any piece you like.

Fabletics membership program

Yeah! Fabletics also offers a VIP membership program for its customers.

To begin, you can join the VIP membership program in stores or online at the moment you want to make your purchase. Once you have signed up for the monthly subscription, you will be able to browse a new monthly collection featuring the whole outfit selected just for you.

Fabletics 2

By the fifth of each month, you may purchase your favorite Fabletics apparel. Do you not require new exercise clothes every month? Don’t worry, the membership is adaptable, just click “skip this month”. If you do not want to skip that month, you will be invoiced for a $49.95 monthly cost for a member credit.

Don’t worry! That amount is credited to your VIP account and may be used for any two-piece outfit or item up to $80 from the Fabletics store or online.

An In-depth review of Fabletics

Okay, now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of how Fabletics works as well as some basic Fabletics VIP membership requirements, what’s next? 

Are Fabletics leggings really that good? How good are Fabletics’ outfits? Is Fabletics worth the money? Is it worthwhile to join Fabletics VIP?

Keep in mind that I will review those pieces only that I have tried.

 Let’s just get started…

1. Lola low-impact sports bra with Ultra high waist pure lux

This Fabletics outfit was by far my favorite in regard to comfort. This 89 percent polyester/11 percent elastane fabric is heavenly. What more could a girl want? Soft, permeable, comfortable, and fashionable.

Additionally,  the fit and the bright color are a fantastic break up from my typically dark palate. I agree that the bright hue is a welcome change from my normal black leggings outfit.

2. Skull Knit leggings

This precisely developed knit mix is Fabletics’ most sophisticated fabric for tailored contraction. SculptKnit leggings have the best shape and contour fit. They’re constructed of 90% nylon and 10% elastane.

Amazingly, because this fabric does not tear, you may cut it to your chosen inseam length without being concerned about sewing. Yeah, I did this too, it was totally fine!

3. No bounce high impact sports bra with Define high waisted short

In these near biking shorts, I felt relaxed and wrapped; they were also kept in place and didn’t climb up. The length of these Fabletics biker shorts is what I liked best about them. Furthermore, the high-impact bra was incredibly robust and comforting.

One flaw in this Fabletics set was that, while the top fits well, the band of the shorts at the tights was a touch too tight for my comfort. I still like this set; it looks pretty awesome, and I guess I’ll continue it.

4. Ultracool leggings

I really adore this outfit for the summer season or just working out in hotter seasons. I live in a warmer region and these leggings save me from feeling smothered and hot summers.

Moreover, they offer mid-rise alternatives, but I have always preferred high-rise. I appreciate having these leggings as a summer alternative so I don’t always have to wear shorts.

5. Belle iridescent high-impact sports bra

This fitness set with a vibrant fuchsia hue was my absolute fave, sweetie. This hue is gorgeous in person and grabs praise, whether you’re wearing it to a gym class or out for a morning run. 

I wore this during a trip to Florida and received a few comments. I WAS FLYING IN THE SKY!

Some more factors of Fabletics

1. Sizing

One thing I particularly like about Fabletics clothing is that you may select various sizes in each item even if you buy two pieces as a set. For instance, if you buy large leggings, you don’t have to get a large sports bra. This is a perfect example of customer value, man!

As odd as it may sound, many retailers nowadays are still unable to provide combinations of sizes for sets.

2. Customer service

Honestly, I’ve only had positive experiences with Fabletics, from the flagship shop to terminating my Fabletics VIP membership after taking advantage of the 2-for $24 promotion.

That being said, Fabletics is legitimate. Don’t be concerned that Fabletics is a ponzi scheme.

3. Ease of use

Not wonderful. The website is simple to use and attractive. And placing your purchase is simple. However, when I consider factors such as product availability, size, and shipping periods, the simplicity of use diminishes. 

When new outfits are produced, popular colors and sizes sell out quickly if I do not order straight away.

4. Value

Reliable. I believe it’s a terrific bargain for what you get for roughly $50. The leggings, which would actually compete with more costly labels, would be priced closer to premium brands.

The only thing that isn’t a good value is the sports bras, which are all low-impact according to my experience. I believe you could get something equivalent from somewhere else. 

However, based on whether you acquire two or three goods and the precise items, you might pay between $49 and $69. It’s still an excellent value.

5. Designs

I’m quite delighted. There is a broad range of designs available, from very simple tops and trousers in solid colors to highly interesting things with cut-outs, sheer materials, and vivid designs.

 I believe that anybody can discover a style that they enjoy. I adore the capris’ surprising style with sheer panels.

Is Fabletics VIP worth it?

In general, it depends. If you keep in mind to skip months when you do not wish to buy an outfit, I believe you’ll enjoy it.

I certainly have a habit of forgetting about subscriptions, so I end up spending for Fabletics every month, which I do not however worry about because I adore their sportswear.  Furthermore, they occasionally have special deals for which I attempt to preserve some member credits.

The only aspect I don’t like about it is that some of their VIP offers do not allow you to utilize member credits, so you have to spend additional money on top of the monthly price to access these offers. 

Whereas first member discounts are unquestionably greater, they are only available once unless they offer a special promotion, especially for members. Don’t anticipate such ridiculously low pricing to last long.

Alternatives of Fabletics

1. Milka yoga wear

This is one of a few websites similar to Fabletics. They feature a large selection of yoga outfits so you may have the most fashionable yoga gear for the whole lesson.

 I prefer traditional shirts, but if you have a more lively and effervescent personality than mine, the unusual glitter tops will amaze you.

2. YogasMoga

All of the fitness clothes on this website are produced in the United States and are environmentally friendly. 

YogasMoga apparel is slightly elevated, pill-resistant, permeable, quick-drying, and designed to keep the odor of vigorous exercises at bay. With YogasMoga gear, you’ll always feel and look as good as when you first started.

3. YogaClub

YogaClub is a trendy monthly sports clothing subscription service. This website begins by asking you to select a plan that corresponds to your specific requirements. 

After that, a team of professionals will carefully select the finest options for you.

FAQs related to Fabletics

Why is Fabletics so cheap?

Fabletics has been on a goal to revolutionize the activewear market by offering elevated styles at affordable prices since its beginnings.

Can you shop at Fabletics without the membership?

Fabletics is a membership-based fitness apparel and accessory retailer for men and women.  However, it’s not necessary to be a member but you will pay significantly higher pricing if you are not.

Can you cancel Fabletics after purchase?

You can cancel at any moment and there is no cancellation charge. Call one of their customer service representatives to cancel your subscription.

Is Fabletics worth the hype?

Fabletics apparel is reasonably priced in comparison to other brands. You will not spend more on their products than on other high-quality exercise clothes.

Is there any catch in Fabletics?

Many individuals question this.  However, there is no trap! Their VIP membership is meant to provide you with the greatest activewear at the lowest pricing.

Now, it’s your turn!

The quality of Fabletics workout clothes has really pleased me. Despite the fact that I just tried on a few pieces, they were all really well built, comfy, and elegant.

Frankly, I believe that this is an excellent service for ladies of all shapes and sizes who want to alter their gym attire without busting the budget. There are several adorable outfits available, and you may choose something that flatters your body type or activity taste.

Now, it’s your turn to try their outfit and give your feedback in comment sections.

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