Jane Fonda Step Aerobics: All You Need to Know!

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“The body achieves what the mind believes”

Exercise is not a chore but a choice for those who truly believe they are on the right track. When you decide to take the healthy route, you first need to start off with the basics.

The most popular style of workout has been the Jane Fonda Step Aerobics. It may be the traditional method of working out but it is one of the best group workouts.

This article focuses primarily on how to do a “Jane Fonda step aerobics workout”, especially for beginners or people who want to know everything about step aerobics. 

Who is Jane Fonda?

Apart from being a fitness guru, Jane Fonda is a producer, actress, writer and fashion model.

Jane Fonda became a household name just by her first film appearance. Throughout her acting career, she has had remarkable achievements to her name. One of them being the fitness maestro. It has made her reach the peak of her popularity. She has been given Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmy’s and BAFTA Awards.

Jane Fonda Step Aerobics

Jane Fonda’s 1982 Workout Routine is still the best exercise routine to date. The Oscar-winning actress released a VHS known as Jane Fonda’s Workout which was solely based on her New York Times bestseller exercise book for two years.

This tape went on to become so popular that it sold more than 17 million copies worldwide. It was welcomed by women, especially those who found this workout routine easy and best as compared to others. Similarly, Jane Fonda’s step aerobics have gained equal popularity which has made a new revolution in step aerobics routine. 

When the tape came in the form of DVDs, these became even more popular as it reached out to more women (though men can do these workouts too).

It instantly connected with the audience and explained why it was such a huge success back in the ’80s. According to Jane herself, ” most gyms were primarily for men.” She raised a very important issue that backs in those times, women were reluctant to go to the gym as they thought it was more a men’s domain. Jane has broken the shackles and revolutionized the concept of women’s workouts.

Benefits of Jane Fonda Step Aerobics

There are numerous benefits of this type of workout routine which promises to be one of the best kind for women. 

  • It doesn’t put pressure on your joints
  • Improves overall body fitness by building strength
  • Reduces fat in less time and burns calories to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Boosts your cardiovascular health
  • Increases your immunity to fight infections and diseases
  • It builds up body resistance and endurance
  • Helps in managing blood pressure and diabetes
  • The conditions of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia can be reduced as it strengthens bones
  • The social connection with the class would help you motivate and encourage you to deal with your problems

Some tips while doing Jane Fonda Step Aerobics

There are some tips that should be kept in mind before proceeding with the Jane Fonda step aerobics. These tips will help you extract the maximum benefit out of this workout routine.

Always use a non-slip surface

For safety purposes, a non-slip board needs to be used so that you are not able to slip.

Don’t use the step if uncomfortable

Initially, if you feel that these moves are putting pressure on your body, making you uncomfortable then you can always leave the step and do them on the ground.

You can still carry out a great workout without the step. When you start feeling comfortable with the moves, you can slowly and steadily include the step in your workout.

Adjust the step height

 The regular height of the step can range anywhere from 4 to 10 inches, depending on your fitness level. If you feel your fitness level is not high then you can always lower the height of your step. There shouldn’t be any pain or discomfort while using steps so watch your body how it behaves after using them.

Always use a height that doesn’t allow your knee joint to bend more than 90 degrees with the weight on this leg. Try not to extend your knees and spine too much.

Practice your posture

You need to maintain a good posture and alignment by engaging your abdominal gluteal muscles gently. Your chest needs to be lifted while you draw your shoulders back and down which will help tuck your pelvis a little slightly under. Your neck should be straight and poised.

Use your ankles and legs

When you need to step up, you should bend from your ankles and not your waist. Your grounded foot should be pressed firmly as you lift the other step up. This would help reduce the stress you may put on your lower back.

Take a full and complete step

 You need to place your whole foot on the step without hanging it anywhere on the edge. This way, you will not lose your balance and fall off.

Step gently

Use gentle steps while stepping and don’t pound your feet.

Take small steps with step down

When stepping down, you need to place your feet not more than one shoe length away from the platform and for shock absorption, gently press into your heels.

Allow comfort to control your footwork

Getting comfortable with your footwork will make a huge impact on your step aerobics workout. You need to get used to the footwork which may be difficult in the beginning. You can always go for a beginner class for easy moves.

What is Step Aerobics?

Step aerobics is a very well-choreographed routine of using a rectangular, square, or circular platform while stepping up and down. Step aerobics also promote body sculpting, sliding, or jumping rope.

This kind of workout helps you balance yourself properly and makes you tone up your body well. As aerobics has been known for making you fit and putting your body in shape, step aerobics has taken it up a notch. Your body manages to balance well while shedding tons of weight.

Main Features of Step Aerobics

When you decide to get into step aerobics then there are a few things you need to consider first:

What does Step Aerobics do for you?

Step aerobics helps get your heart and lungs in good shape. It also tones up your hips to a perfect shape. It is a wonderful cross-training activity for cyclists, runners and simple walkers.

Exhaustion Alert

It totally depends on the nature of your workout and your stamina as to how much you can extend this workout. The choreography, pace and height of your platform determine the index of your exhaustion. You need to make sure that the platform you are using should not be too high.

A high platform with complex choreography would make the workout tough for you. The platform should not be high enough for your knees to be higher than your hips when you step up. In some classes, you may even have to hold weights while stepping up and down so be careful when choosing the platform for your workout.

Who can do Step Aerobics?

Almost everyone. Step classes can be taken by everyone including men who want to shape up their bodies. Women tend to like steps more as it is a great toner.

If you have any issues with the knee, back or ankle then you may want to switch to another type of class that doesn’t put too much pressure on them. If you still want to carry out with this then at least ensure your platform is very low.

What should you wear?

Many shoe brands have started making customized shoes for stepping. These specific shoes have strong ankle support, have stiff sides and plenty of flexibility at the ball and the area along the heel of the foot is properly cushioned.

It is not advisable to wear running shoes as you may stumble if the bottom of your shoe touches the top of the platform.

Smart Instructors

 A sharp instructor would first ask about knee, ankle and back problems so that the exercise pattern can be changed accordingly. Newcomers are always accommodated by walking them through the basics such as how to place their foot on the platform. With any changing routine, the instructors would give a heads up. 

Ideally, good instructors would ensure that you don’t use the same foot for more than a minute or two. The choreography shouldn’t be too complex which could make it difficult for you to catch up. Calf stretches are included at the end of the class.

What beginners should know?

You should always start off with the lowest step even if you are physically fit. You shouldn’t get intimidated by people around you who you think maybe doing better than you. When you feel comfortable with the step workouts, you can raise your level by adding a riser underneath. Now that you are familiar with the basics of aerobics, you would find the rest of the article even more interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of Jane Fonda Step Aerobics?

As step aerobics is a cardio workout, Jane Fonda step aerobics is best for beginners who want to start this workout routine. It boosts your heart rate and helps with breathing along with strengthening your bones and muscles.

How often should Jane Fonda Step Aerobics be done?

It is recommended by The American College of Sports Medicine that healthy people without any underlying conditions should do continuous aerobic exercises like cycling, walking, swimming, running and step aerobics 20 to 60 minutes per day and three to five days a week.

Can you do step aerobics without a step?

If you have any knee injury, pain or discomfort then you can easily avoid the step. You can equally enjoy the workout without the step which will put less pressure on your knees and ankles.

How long is Jane Fonda Step Aerobics?

The whole workout is around 45 minutes and then stretching and abs are done later. It is very easy to follow the moves but it may be challenging as you would be sweating after 25 minutes.

How effective is Jane Fonda Step Aerobics workout?

You will be able to see visible results within three to six months. There will be 25% to 100% improvement in muscular fitness. Your body gets in a good shape, all toned up.

Alternative to Jane Fonda Step Aerobics VHS

Jane Fonda’s Step and Stretch VHS is available on Amazon for just under $50. The duration is 1 hour and 10 minutes with easy to difficult moves for beginner and advanced level respectively.

If you don’t wish to spend this much on the workout VHS then there are alternate links which can help you watch it for free. The resolution may not be very good but it would be good enough to try it at home. The most popular video is the basic step aerobics workout which helps beginners with their step aerobics. You can find plenty of Jane Fonda step workout videos online which will help you achieve your desired fitness goals. 

If you don’t want to use steps for this workout, you can easily avoid using it. There are plenty of exercises that can be done without any platform and are equally effective. These moves will allow you to move in a gentle way, putting less pressure on your body.

Now it’s your Turn 

Jane Fonda Step Aerobics is one of the best workout routines for women. It enables them to workout at the convenience of their own homes. If step aerobics is done properly, you will be able to lose weight and enhance your body endurance in a matter of a few weeks.

Those who want to start following a healthy lifestyle, Jane Fonda Step Aerobics is the platform to start from. With easy workout moves, you will be able to learn more in less time.

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