Figure 8 Workout Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

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“Dance like Nobody’s Watching! (and Attain Ultimate Fitness)”

Do you want to know about a workout routine that is fun and exciting but at the same time reduces weight in no time?

This is an ultimate guide to Figure 8 Workout. This workout will help you shed oodles of weight in less time. You will find everything here under one roof.

So, let’s get started.

What is Figure 8 Workout?

Figure 8 is a Latin dance-based exercise program which is a combination of simple steps that help with weight loss, building endurance and enhanced flexibility. This workout regime has been popular since 2016. It is suitable for women of all ages. People who are into this workout program say it is fun and exciting.

How Did Figure 8 Originate?

Figure 8 fitness regime was started by a famous Latin ballroom dancer, Janna Kuntiz. It is amazing to know that she is also a renowned choreographer too who is known for developing home exercises and fitness routines.

The most incredible thing is that she is able to create fitness routines which can easily be carried out at home. These home style fitness regimes can actually help women get consistent with their fitness goals. The most common fitness goal for women is to lose weight which can be achieved at the comfort of their homes.

The whole concept behind Figure 8 fitness workout is to allow the element of fun to take control. This way, you are able to workout with a peaceful and relaxed mind. Always remember that if your mind is at peace, your body will perform well. The idea of fun behind this workout has made it exciting for newcomers. 

Best DVD For Figure 8 Workout

Phases of Figure 8 Workout

This workout can be broken down into three phases. Each phase has its own health benefits.

The Learn Phase

The “Learn’‘ phase of the program consists of four days of training in which Jaana teaches you the basic moves. You might end up sweating at first but this is actually good for your body. This “Learn” phase will prepare you well for the next phase. Your body will discover new rhythms but you would need to practice more. Each move has three elements: footwork, hips and arms. You will be taught each part of the move which starts from the footwork and goes up. Some women do these moves effortlessly but for beginners, it may put up some challenges in the beginning.

By the end of the fourth day, you might still not be too confident about your moves but with a little more practice, you will be able to adapt the whole concept. You are now ready for phase two.

The Burn Phase

In this phase, you will be able to learn the basic core cardio movements which are essential for a healthy heart along with burning fat. These moves are very easy to learn and you will be able to do them easily at home. The main focus of these exercises is to keep your heart rate raised while strengthening your core muscles.

Useful Tip: If you feel too worked up by any of these phases and you find that the dance moves are a bit challenging then you can always leave one phase and focus on the other two. Rest, Breathe and then Exercise.

If you wish to learn Salsa,“Merengue”, or any other Latin dances, Figure 8 would help you exercise in the most fun way. In Phase Two, you’ll be able to learn the main cardio moves to match the mood of the Latin rhythms of your choice. These exercises focus primarily on your core muscles which help in burning fat effectively.

Each phase two workout includes an exercise that helps in accelerating your metabolism. This will give a good boost to your metabolism.

The Sculpt Phase

This phase focuses on the fitness method of dynamic cardio training and 3D exercises. It normally lasts for 30 minutes but each exercise is only a portion of the entire program. The main focus is to work up your core muscles including:

  • External obliques
  • Internal obliques
  • Back muscles
  • Transverse abdominus 
  • Rectus abdominus

In the beginning, you may find this a little hard to cope with but with a little more practice, you’ll be able to do it. It will enhance your  endurance, flexibility and resistance.

Benefits of Figure 8 Workout

Figure 8 dance cardio workout is the best solution to burn fat and tone up your body. With this weight loss, you are also able to learn the art of dancing. This program has been proven beneficial to especially women who struggle to find out the best workout regime. This workout can easily be done at home, improving the quality of life of women. When you compare Figure 8 to the traditional cardio-style workouts, you would feel that it deeply builds the muscles and tones up your body.

As this program is fun but it can also be challenging at first. You can always try and work it out in a way that would not put an extra burden on your body. Just go at your own pace and enjoy the essence of this workout.

Additional benefits of this fitness program are:

1. Quickly Burn Fat

In a matter of a few weeks, you are able to burn fat and tone up your body effectively. It is a full body exercise program that can either be done at home or at a gym. It will focus on your core muscles which will help in burning fat quickly.

2.   Improve Body Shape

With these dance cardio exercises, you will be strengthening your abdominal muscles which will help you get in good body shape.

3.  It’s Fun!

You get to dance and exercise at the same time which makes the whole program fun and exciting. This gives peace to your mind and you feel good about your body too. Your body responds in a much better way.

Some Useful Tips for Figure 8 Workout

You need to look at a few tips here before starting Figure 8 workout. These tips will help you cope with certain situations which might put you under pressure.


You need to breathe properly while exercising. Upon muscle contraction, you need to inhale and contraction of muscles would allow you to exhale. This is very important as your body is undergoing rapid changes and you need to breathe well. You should never make your facial muscles tense while deep breathing. Breathing peacefully with the flow would make you more relaxed.


Your abdomen should be compressed while exercising so that your back can be supported. Your shoulders and arms should be relaxed but the tummy should be compressed while you move your body.


You should keep your arms tense while exercising. When you flex your arms, you should be able to feel the tension and upon extending, your arms should relax. Keep doing this with your hip sway motion and this will let you workout in a more efficient way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the results of the Figure 8 Program?

The Figure 8 program has very promising results which are quite visible in 8 weeks. It is believed that you have the potential of losing 12 pounds after 8 weeks. Though the results can be seen after one week, a full toned-up body will be visible after 8 weeks. It depends on each individual how they are able to lose more weight quickly. With diet changes and other lifestyle changes, you are able to see results sooner. The more effort you put in, the more you lose weight.

Can this Program be Beneficial for Men as well?

Yes, men can equally benefit from the Figure 8 Program. When it comes to exercising, there is no distinction between men and women. Men are also able to lose weight quickly by doing dance cardio exercises.

Is Figure 8 good for Beginners?

Figure 8 can be done by beginners too. They can always try first and learn the basic moves and when they feel they are able to carry it out well then they can always work it up a little more. The most amazing part of this workout regime is that it can be enjoyed at home. Nobody needs to go to a gym for this workout. It can easily be done at home so the beginners don’t need to rush to the gym and plan it out according to their busy schedules.

What is included in Figure 8 Basic?

The basic plan teaches you three essential moves that will help you with the whole Figure 8 training; hip sway, hip tuck and hip roll. These moves would help build your core muscles and work your front and deep abs.

Does Figure 8 Workout have Side Effects?

There are no known side effects till now. User reviews and feedback are constantly examined to find out if there are any side effects. This workout plan is developed for women but men can also do it. Most women find this workout challenging in the beginning but they adapt later on. This is the only drawback this workout can potentially have. 

So What’s Next?

Figure 8 has been widely adopted by women worldwide due to its unique blend of dance and cardio exercise. This concept has attracted many people over the years to start their fitness regime at home.

It may not sound very easy in the beginning but as you practice more, it becomes quite relaxing and easy. With easy-to-follow steps, you are able to strengthen your body muscles and increase your body immunity.

You can start this program for under $50 but if you don’t wish to spend this amount then you can use free platforms like Youtube, Android, Apple TV, iPad, Chromecast, PC, DVD and Roku.

After 8 weeks of this workout, you will be able to see yourself fully toned up along with a healthy immune system and fast metabolism. This workout plan will also keep your mind at peace which will make your body rejuvenate. If you wish to regain your body strength and make yourself strong, this is the best way to start from.

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