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Today I am reviewing the Core De Force workout program. There is something about this program that makes you feel good if you are just starting out on your fitness journey— just go at your own pace. That’s the thing I love about this one.

You can make it as intense or as easy as you want based on how fast you move and how much you engage your muscles. Yahoo!

Do you know when Core De force was first announced I wasn’t sure if I was gonna do it or not?  But I decided to give it a shot and I am glad I did this. It has been one of the funniest programs I have ever experienced.

So, in this post, allow me to explain…

Will these exercises be the trigger that transforms your life?

 Will this regimen make your apps appear lifeguard happiness and your ass look like a grenade? 

Is Core De Force entertaining enough to hook you on a wanna work out routine that will have you coming back for more? Is this workout a good addition to pre-existing strength training and cardio routine?

 Let’s explore all the answers and keep reading till the end.

What is Core De Force?

Corps DE force is a one-month training program which is inspired by mixed Martial arts, yeah, one of the most demanding and energetic sports on this entire globe.

If we talk about its invention, Core De Force by Beachbody is a program developed by Joel Freeman and Jericho Matthews.

 They insist on marketing Core De Force as a one size fits all weight loss treatment. Well, the principle is very simple to understand— all of the routines are rotational and they are all meant to work your belly, basically.

Each exercise combines kickboxing, Muaythai, and interval training to help you burn calories and gain muscular definition. As a result, your core is stimulated throughout the whole training period.

It is, however, a very dynamic program or you can say a very lively and energetic program with many powerful movements and a wide range of series.

What’s the package?

In the package off or they force, you will get:

  • All 16 core force workouts
  • Diet plan
  • Food tracker
  • Quick start guide
  • Deluxe and hybrid calendar
  • One-month workout calendar
  • Online support from your coach

Duration of Core De Force

It’s a 30-day program as I already stated. The workouts lasted from 30 to 45 minutes. You will have to work out six days a week, with recovery day on the seventh. 

However, I advise finishing two rounds since you will be stronger and able to push yourself harder in the second round. Do you know? After the first time I completed strength training, I had to alter everything. I could accomplish a bit more each time I became stronger.

The 10 Core De Force Workouts

To be very honest, The program appears to be highly professional. 

They have mastered video production to Hollywood standards. The mood is lively, and the rounds and movements come and go quickly. 

There are fewer smiles and more press enthusiasm. Joel and Jericho are both guiding you through this, and the camera is breaking every moment very finely. You can easily perform every move at your own pace rather than to the beat.

However, from the program, you can expect:

  • Total 10 workouts With a duration of 27 to 47 minutes.
  • Less difficult moves at the beginning and then adding complexity when you reach the third week
  • A lot of kicks, punches and power moves 
  • Low to medium impact moves

1. MMA Speed

This establishes the tone for the first half of the program, which begins slowly. MME speed was not unexpected. It’s all jabs, crosses, punches, knees and hip rotation. There are six rounds totalling 27 minutes.

I honestly don’t think this one appeals to me because the punch combo portion of many MME workouts is so identical, it seems like another drive around the old practices.

2. Dynamic Strength

This begins with a number of squat variations, and pushups, as well as some balancing routines in between. As the rounds repeat, the complexity grows. It’s a full-fledged resistance session.

Moreover, there are 12 rounds totalling 37 to 40 minutes. One of my worries with Core De Force was that there were no weights in the program, but with Dynamic Strength, you receive the much-needed strength training workout. Enjoy push-ups!

3. MMA Shred

MMAA shred is a Muay Thai exercise that includes a lot of elbow motions and kicks to help you get leaner. With the addition of the kicks, you will have a lot more action going on. I suggest that you stretch well before you start. 

 I anticipate having aching shoulders as a result of this workout. Regardless this is entertaining and I am forward to seeing to strengthen my stance overtime

4. MMA Power

Things are starting to heat up at this point. Cardio is increasingly faster paced, routines are becoming more difficult, and there is a lot of variety being added. You will learn some new kicks and put them together in three-minute rounds.

5. 5 Minutes Core On The Floor

The name almost entirely speaks for itself. Just Keep in mind that this is a core workout rather than an abs workout. 

It’s very short— five minutes, yet it’s inventive and energetic, with several plank variants. If you can complete the planks on your toes you have done well.

 I like the side playing so much that I took a little break at the conclusion of the conventional plank, where the legs are pushed out to the side one at a time. My core was completely burnt and my arm and shoulders were on fire. Ah! It was fantastic.

6. MMA PIyo

I have never done that many circular exercises in my workouts before. It’s interesting to see how fundamental sessions may be spiced up and done in new ways.

 PIYO in the title led me to believe that this would have more leaping than anything else, however, the contrary is true

7. Power Sculpt

In nine 3 minute rounds, you will do a lot of low-impact Polymetrics. This one excels in improving core mobility by transitioning from lying down to rapidly rising into a poster. It may take a few tries before your body chooses to cooperate with this one.

8. Core De Force Relief

This is only five minutes long, luckily, and goes over stretching. It mostly targets your hamstrings and it will help you improve your flexibility. 

9. Core Kinetics

This workout is your appreciation gift at the end of a long week of hard work. A 16-minute exercise designed to build your body with innovative MMA-inspired movements. 

The routine is intended to help you shape flat abs and tight abdominal muscles. One-of-a-kind workout that focuses on core isolation through controlled motions. Fortunately, the workout is not too intense, so your body won’t be too exhausted to begin the next week’s routine.

10. Active Recovery

Active recovery is meant to be done after numerous Core De Force sessions. I like active recovery but I don’t think I will do it very frequently. Once you have mastered all of the techniques, you won’t need to do them in slow motion for 10 minutes.

The Results

This workout piqued my interest, and it did not disappoint!

I was sweating profusely throughout the workouts and my muscles were tested in unexpected ways during the strengthening sessions.

I was worried that the three-minute rounds would grow boring but every time I performed a workout, I learned something new and grew a bit stronger, allowing me to do more. 

Don’t expect to bulk up because there are no weights throughout the sessions. 

People also said that to me, I increase my flexibility as well as coordination while also enhancing my posture. I approximately lost 3 pounds in a month but keep in mind that I’m already lean and in great form.

Another significant shift I experienced as a result of this training was my mindset, my confidence, and my ability to achieve more. Completing an MM workout, punching and kicking the air gives you a total badass vibe. I felt more confident, empowered and bold after each workout. GOOD FOR ME!

What I Didn’t Like About Core De Force

One thing that annoyed me every time was the duration of the session. This program’s exercises are significantly longer than most of the programs I’ve experienced, typically 35 to 60 minutes. It’s too long. 

Just keep that in mind when you go in and schedule time for it!

I had to frequently check the work outline for the next day and then schedule accordingly.

Alternatives Of Core De Force


A complete cardio conditioning exercise program developed to be completed in time with music in a classroom setting with the finest trainer. It is a 90-day fat loss and body slimming routine that tackles nine times more than traditional aerobic activities.

21 Day Fix

 Autumn Calabrese devised a 21-day fitness routine that will help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days. It consists of a simple exercise plan mixed with a simple diet that includes the portion control eating system and 7-30 minute workouts each week.

FAQs Related To Core De Force

Is CORE DE FORCE effective?

Core De Force is ideal for anybody searching for a low-impact (mainly) workout. There are a few high-impact workouts, but they are regulated movements.

Is CORE DE FORCE good for weight loss?

Following Core de Force helps in weight loss, fat loss, and overall improved body tone.

How long are Core De Force workouts?

The workouts last 30 to 45 minutes. For 30 days, you’ll perform one workout every day, seven days a week

How many calories can be burnt during CORE DE FORCE?

Everybody is different, but I burnt between 100 and 400 calories with the brief recovery sessions and MMA Plyo!

How long is MMA Speed?

It takes about 27 minutes. This is the essential Core De Force workout. It incorporates a variety of knee and punches motions, as well as some plyometric “spike” exercises.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

I hope my Core De Force review was helpful and that I was able to adequately express my experience with the program.

 Overall, I would suggest this curriculum to anybody —beginners or more experienced users. It’s very incredible!  Core De Force has a learning curve but it’s enjoyable with kicks and punches.

If you’ve had a long day at work, practicing MMA-style workouts might be a wonderful stress reliever. And with the money-back guarantee, I would say you have got nothing to lose with this program. So when are you trying this and sharing your opinion with us?

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