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A few months back, I was scrolling my Facebook and saw an ad for Tracy Anderson. Tracy Anderson is undoubtedly the most fascinating character in the world of group fitness. In my opinion, she is one of the famous celebrity trainers. 

As I was searching for some fun workout plans, I was eager to try Tracy Anderson’s workout DVD. It’s worth it or not, I will tell you later.  

In this review, I will give a detailed review of Tracy Anderson’s workout plan. I’m here to address your burning concerns regarding Tracy Anderson Online Studio for home exercisers, such as why this on-demand subscription costs $90 per month.

This streaming service has long been on my list of essential home fitness programs to investigate. I formally settled up for it and am pleased to share my ideas with you.

Roll your sleeves, and read till the end!

The approach of Tracy Anderson

The fitness field has expanded in recent years. Everybody appears to be keen to work out, get in shape, and look more attractive in their own skin. 

However, there are several programmes available for ladies who wish to lose weight for their special event, eliminate baby weight, or simply lose weight in general. One such programme is the Tracy Anderson Method.

Gwyneth Paltrow hailed her training and diet regimen for helping her reduce the “baby weight” she suffered following the birth of her second child, and from there the Tracy Anderson Method started to buzz off the market.

I hold her in high regard as a fitness industry leader. Tracy developed her training routine as a blend of muscular work and cardio after conducting an extensive study. In my lifetime, I’ve attempted a variety of workouts. Tracy’s programme has stayed with me and my body. I AM HAPPY ABOUT THAT!

Why did I choose Tracy Anderson?

I’d gained a lot of weight as a result of work tension. I was approximately 160 pounds. I was dissatisfied with my figure and realized I needed to make a change. I began to work out, doing cardio and some strength exercises. 

One day I saw Tracy Anderson’s Ad. It claimed that in one hour a day for 90 days, I could acquire a ballerina physique that was long, slim, and feminine—everything I desired.

For the price of $90, you receive a tailored fitness plan, and you can choose one of four body types based on how you acquire weight. You also get an eating plan, a tape measure, and a calendar to help you keep track of your progress. I felt I had to attempt this workout right away.

Structure of Tracy Anderson’s online studio

The online studio of Tracy Anderson has 6 different segments. Also, Tracy updates her Online Studio website every Wednesday with new training regimens for each of the following levels. As a result, the program is constantly expanding.

  • Start segment which is specially designed for beginners
  • Fundamental—for intermediate users
  • Attain—for advanced users
  • Cardio
  • Multitask
  • Bonus content

Muscular structure exercises

Beginners level

The start or beginner level teaches you how to use her online method. This level assisted me in learning methods. Tracy Anderson basically urges newcomers to fitness or her programs to begin here.

Intermediate level

The intermediate or you can say the fundamental level is concerned with developing form and performance. At this level, I experienced a considerable improvement in my strength as well.

Advanced level

The attain or advanced level I intended for individuals who have extensive expertise with the Tracy Anderson Method. I, at this level, easily found integrated sequences, mastered my exercise, and strengthened the connection between my mind and body (as I frequently do exercises and workouts).

Cardio Workout

Tracy Anderson’s cardio routines are appropriate for all fitness levels, however, beginners may struggle with some of the dancing movements, SORRY!

The cardio video series is periodically updated, and the videos are saved for users to view on a seven-day cycle.

Tracy, on the other hand, prefers dancing, which I can appreciate. It’s a great full-body aerobic exercise!

Another thing I noticed about the dancing cardio was the intensity, which, considering the buzz around Tracy Anderson, I anticipate to be higher. As an active working woman, I didn’t feel out of breath throughout the dancing video. 

Likewise, if you understood the dances well, you would be able to throw your entire body into the moves rather than simply attempting to keep up and guess what’s next.

Multitask segment

Doing each workout level separately can be tiring or too much for some people as it consumes time as well as effort. So yes, the Multitask segment is a solution for that hectic life.

The multitask exercises last 50 minutes. They include 25 minutes of muscle definition exercises and 25 minutes of catalyst cardio videos.

Furthermore, Tracy created multitask workouts for persons of varying fitness levels.


I want results immediately. After a week, I noticed that my muscles were changing. Tracy excels on all levels. I stayed true to my muscular structure. I spent most of my time doing aerobic DVDs. I completed metamorphosis for the whole 90 days. I began at 160 pounds and by the end, I dropped approx 40 inches and 30 pounds. RELAXED!          

It is a low-impact workout that, without any doubt, provides effects with constant practice. Not only are you becoming stronger, but the warm-up and cool-down periods aid with mobility and flexibility, all of which are essential regardless of age!

I am athletic, and this is not an exercise for beginners, in my view. She emphasizes muscles you didn’t know you had, not the conventional biceps, triceps, quads, and hammies, but all the small muscles that link them, which is just fantastic. 

 If you can go through the workout and put in the time, you will see THE MOST AMAZING results.

My favorite parts of Tracy Anderson’s workout program

My favorite part of the workout has always been the muscular structure training. It didn’t take long for me to adjust to the new styles.

Tracy, unlike other workout programs, utilizes a voice-over to give recommendations rather than walk you through each activity. The goal is to start linking your thoughts to your body. 

Tracy wants your motion to be runny as if you were a dancer. That was my favorite part of this workout. Anderson believes that too much conversation is distracting, which is why she likes to instruct in this manner.

A thing to keep in mind: if you rely on verbal support and coaching throughout a class, this is probably not the workout for you.         

How often and for how long do I follow Tracy Anderson’s workout?

So, specifically, Tracy recommends following the workout four to seven days a week. Basically, she believes in exercising each day of the week. 

However, sometimes, I skipped one or two days, but SOMETIMES. 

Alternatives of Tracy Anderson workout program

Yes I know Tracy Anderson workout program is paid and expensive, so for you I have also brought some alternatives that are not fully free but have free trials. 

1. Obe fitness

This online studio provides a free month of exercise lessons. These programs vary from beginner to intermediate, with a variety of instructors and toning alternatives you can perform in your living room or bedroom.

2. Planet fitness

Planet Fitness, one of America’s largest gym companies, is providing free online lessons to everyone, member or not. If you’re new to exercise, Planet Fitness is an excellent program to start.

3. Alo yoga

Alo Yoga offers free yoga lessons on their Youtube channel, allowing you to practice a 30-minute invigorating power vinyasa sequence in the comfort of your own home. It’s an excellent time to take advantage of this deal because some of the lessons they offer are from their app, which you usually have to pay for.

FAQs related to Tracy Anderson workout program

Are Tracy Anderson workouts worth it?

As I said, Tracy Anderson is $90/month, so if you’re really passionate about workouts and fitness then yes, it’s definitely worth it. It has effective results to show.

How long does it take to see results from the Tracy Anderson method?

Tracy Anderson method takes 90 days to show up results, as per Tracy. That’s the length. If you are doing it consistently then you should see results in 90 days or maybe 100 days.

What is the Tracy Anderson diet?

Tracy Anderson workout encourages you to eat gluten free, low carb, lactose free, green and clean diet. However, you can eat anything healthy with good fats along with controlling your portion size.

How many calories Tracy Anderson burns?

It depends on the duration of activity. Such as;
10 minutes—50 calories
30 minutes—150 calories
60 minutes—300 calories

How hard is Tracy Anderson?

To be very honest, yes, the Tracy Anderson workout method is hard. If you are a very fresh entrant to the fitness field, you may find it difficult. Those who are intermediate, and experts can easily adjust with the Tracy method.

What type of workout Tracy Anderson?

Anderson emphasizes basic aerobic workouts such as sprinting in place and jumping jacks. In others, she employs a dance-based technique, so that various muscle groups are continually worked.

It’s your turn!

This tape appears to tighten you up, particularly your arms and legs, which I enjoy, love, simply adore!! I believe that increasing the intensity of this exercise by completing more reps or adding ankle weights, for example, would yield results over time.

I believe that increasing the intensity of this exercise by completing more reps or adding ankle weights, for example, would yield results over time. Now, it’s your turn. Do try this workout program and share your thoughts in comments.

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