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I finally completed the first month of PiYo with some buddies, and I decided I’d write a review for y’all.

As I love group fitness programs, I was enthusiastic about this program. I was ready to take on the task of a century. I decided to give PiYo a try as I knew it was low-impact.

I’ve done all of the PiYo exercises, and I’m going to tell you precisely what to try and predict, who will enjoy (and who won’t) PiYo, and everything else you should learn about the sequence that you might not even think you should know.

They said that finishing Piyo would be simple. Is it so? Let’s extract the answer!

What is PiYo?

This review will stick to a specific framework, so let’s get started.

Chalene Johnson of Beachbody launched the Piyo exercise. She is a best-selling author, fitness instructor, and designer of sportswear. Hey, did I forget she’s a mom of two? She has a high level of energy.

Chalene developed this workout some years ago as part of her practice as a group fitness instructor.

Piyo, as a low-impact exercise routine, addresses the fitness needs of people of all ages. It is simply characterized as a 60-day training regimen.

Rather than the usual push-ups, jumping jacks, and crunches, it provides something altogether unique. PiYo is a hybrid of yoga and Pilates, with bits of dancing and martial arts thrown in for good measure. Pilates advantages are obtained while simultaneously employing dynamic standing motions.

What’s the main attraction? PiYo is a structured fitness routine. The program’s intensity level may be adjusted to meet your requirements. AMAZING!

You can alternate between 7 complete workouts, each focusing on a different region of your body to enhance shape and strength. Each PiYo workout lasts between 20 and 40 minutes.

The whole package of PiYo

The PiYo basic DVD package has:

  • 3 DVDs of eight PiYo workouts
  • Measuring tape
  • Quick start guide
  • Lean eating plan
  • 60-day workout calendar

Why did I choose PiYo?

I’ve been experiencing back discomfort on and off. It hurt so bad you wouldn’t imagine it.

When I saw that Beachbody was releasing a programme that incorporated Pilates and Yoga, I was really eager. 

The program appeared to be something I could accomplish. There were certain movements that concerned me at first. I’d just do a modified form of those techniques. These motions were simpler for me as my strength improved week by week.

 In truth, after seeing the physical therapist, they told me that my core was strong and that I should simply keep doing what I’m doing.

Who should try PiYo?

  • Someone who is new to fitness or has recently returned to working out
  • People who wish to practise pilates or yoga but also work up a sweat.
  • One who wants to reduce weight but does not want to perform a lot of jumping
  • Regular exercisers looking for variation 
  • Somebody looking for an enjoyable workout
  • Those who are suffering from joint pain (after discussing with the therapist)

Review of each PiYo workout

While other plans are simply variations on the same old, Piyo’s routines indicate a significantly more comprehensive approach to training. 

Rather than a shotgun, consider a sniper rifle—each motion is laser-focused and has a precise function.

Piyo’s routines are actually pretty lively. They proceed in a logical order. Sequences appear simple, but I thoroughly liked going over each one. You’ll enjoy the moves and the never-ending flow.

I strengthened my posture and felt more nimble as a result of increased flexibility and control over my body. Slow movements, I believe, train you about control. 

Check out what each workout is about

1. Align—The fundamentals

This one lasts 43 minutes, so consider it warm and inviting. it concentrates on refining your form while training you in the fundamental motions. Chalene explains each motion, and you’ll have plenty of time to focus on perfecting your form.

 It won’t seem like an effort at first, but believe me when I say you’ll burn a number of calories.

2. Defining—Upper body

There are several push-up variants to begin trimming down your upper body and defining your arms, triceps, and shoulders. Everything was finished in 19 minutes.

When this one ended, I was left wanting more. It seemed quite brief to me!

3. Defining—Lower body

This 20-minute workout is a novel technique for exercising your legs and lower abdomen. It has a strong flow and several interesting manoeuvres that you will undoubtedly like. 

With this workout, you can start shaping your legs from your glutes to your calves. It’s as though every movement leads to increased core strength.

4. Sweat

A somewhat more typical PiYo workout that incorporates dynamic yoga poses and resistance exercises to facilitate a smooth cardio/strength exercise.

It is completed in 37 minutes.

5. Drench

This is my personal favourite. It is an intense ride that is probably more difficult than the other. The idea is to never give up and throw in the towel. So keep on pushing, and if necessary, utilize the modifier.

 The period is 48 minutes, and this is the most difficult workout in the programme.

The first time I finished this workout, I was soaked in sweat and my legs were on blast.

6. Buns

This was a HIT. This one included a lot of squats and sumo burpees, which raised my pulse rate and brought me a great burn.

The timeframe was 28 minutes.

7. Sculpt

This 26-minute magic alternates between several tempos. Using different tempos puts your muscles under strain for varying lengths of time, providing you with a muscular workout that completely alters your physique.

A glance at the PiYo diet

Honestly, I don’t believe the PiYo nutrition guide. They claim that it is an ideal and healthy habit but I don’t think so. It simply isn’t comprehensive enough.

It is similar to the famous 21 Day Fix diet.

The PiYo nutrition plan includes five food groups. Based on your calorie requirements, you will receive a varying portion size per group:

  • Vegetables (primary)
  • Grains and secondary vegetables
  • Fruits, lean protein, and good fats

I did not personally adhere to her meal plan, instead only watching what I ate and controlling my portions. Yes, I ate clean and healthy but that doesn’t mean I was exactly following the PiYo diet plan. I think eating clean and balanced is everything you need to live a happier and healthier life.

What did I like about PiYo?

I like that the routines aren’t too demanding, so someone who is just beginning out won’t have a hard time finishing the programme. Similarly, there is some pace, so somebody who is somewhat more skilled will still achieve the desired benefits.

The program’s growth is appealing to me. PiYo was also a terrific addition to my jogging regimen. It helped me enhance my cardiovascular endurance by strengthening my core muscles (and buttocks), and it also helped me stretch out my muscle stiffness!

The continuous rhythm was appealing to me. It may not appear seductive at first when you can’t exactly do each motion with the ease Chalene does, but it aids in sustaining the tempo and going ahead.

What I didn’t like about PiYo?

I dislike how short some of the exercises are. It feels fantastic to be in the flow, but it may be disheartening when there are just 2 minutes left on the clock.

Furthermore, there are so many advertisements in between fitness classes that it is quite irritating. I believe it is unethical to charge consumers a high price for a product that will be filled with adverts.

What do people have to say about PiYo?

In addition to my opinion, I also gathered some of the customers’ reviews so you get a clear idea of PiYo’s performance.

Basically, these are amazon reviews;

Good workout with a lot of variations so I don’t get bored. I have sore knees so I have to adjust some moves to compensate. I definitely noticed an improvement after just a couple of weeks.


I love this program! I have only used it for two days and I can already see results. Originally, I was not impressed with the shipping as there were no updates and it came two days late but now I’m satisfied! I would have given 5 stars but I want to see if this is a program I can keep up with in the long run!


This is a great workout program! It is quick, most workouts are 20 mins and you definitely get a great workout in! I can tell the difference in my body for sure! One thing I like about it is that there are different people you can follow along with depending on your experience level. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new, fun and different workout! It is definitely worth the investment!


This is a great workout program! It is quick, most workouts are 20 mins and you definitely get a great workout in! I can tell a difference in my body for sure! One thing I like about it is that there are different people you can follow along with depending on your experience level. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new, fun and different workout! It is definitely worth the investment!

The results I got from PiYo

During the first month, I dropped 5 pounds. Then lost another 12 in the second month. Muscles must have finally begun to burn the excess fat.

My thighs appear much thinner and toned than before, and my lower abs complement them, making my legs appear longer. The back discomfort was gone! My suppleness is greater than ever, and I can now perform some outstanding balance movements without burning a sweat.

I was worried that exercise would take up valuable time in my schedule, but it has turned out to be exactly the contrary.

I missed seven days out of the entire programme, therefore I expect many good outcomes if I was more consistent. But somehow it occurs, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about it.

When I flex, I can even see the muscular strength in my legs, and I’ve shed inches off my thighs and ankles… It’s fantastic!

So it’s not only that I am visually appealing; I also feel a whole lot better.

Is there any alternative to PiYo?

Although PiYo has a lot of features, you can switch to Yoga Burn which comes in a course form. Yoga Burn employs active sequenced yoga and class rhythm to help you gain flexibility and gradually progress through each level of the program.

FAQs related to PiYo

Does the PiYo workout really work?

This is a very complete total-body exercise that you will most likely appreciate. Piyo is revitalizing after a shift from typical exercises and routines. It’s not difficult or time-consuming, which is perhaps the largest advantage. So it succeeds if you put in the effort.

Does PiYo help in weight loss?

Yes, it does. In fact, it does for me. Consistency is the key. PiYo helps in shedding fat and tightening muscles. Also, its meal plan helps in cutting bad fats from your daily diet.

Is PiYo good for beginners?

Absolutely. In fact, If a beginner feels any of the motions are too tough or rapid, he or she can use the modifier to increase strength, stamina, and experience with the techniques.

Can you stream PiYo for free?

Not actually, but, you can use its few days free trial so you can get an idea if it’s a good fit for you or not.

How many days a week should you do PiYo?

Whereas the program’s schedule encourages doing out six days per week, you are free to work out whenever you like. You may go through the schedule at your own pace or include PiYo activities into your regular workout programme for added cardio, stretch, and weight exercises.

It’s your turn

Overall, I like the exercises and felt it was a nice way to mix things up. Mixing things up is sometimes all that is required to keep focus. However, I don’t feel you can go mistaken by including PiYo into your training regimen provided it keeps you motivated and persistent in accomplishing your fitness objectives. It’s also an excellent travel workout because you don’t need any equipment and it’s low-impact. So why not buy its basic DVD package and start now!

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